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  1. Ok, so I'm officially bummed. I came across a dragon when I was rooting through some old boxes in the basement. This thread came up, and I put it in the back of my mind. Then I thought "Why not, I've had him for decades, may as well slap some paint on him!"


    Went back down today and uncovered his box...and he's missing a leg, at some point in my moving around the country it was snapped off and the leg portion got lost. Spoiler'd for size.






    I was looking forward to that! Now he'll have to wait for me to develop some kind of sculpting skills...


    Anyone know what dragon/manufacturer/etc he is?

    perhaps if you lose the base and just remove the arms and legs carfully you can pass it off as an old war dragon thats been put to pasture after being maimed in battle.

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  2. One of the things I like is the cobblestone on the base, I also like over all color scheme but the bra strap sticks out so much since its not on the back. I cant see the flash line you had trouble with but perhaps you could have made it look like a scar on her shoulder instead of adding a mystery bra strap.

  3. I will buy tickets but I wont be able to arive until fiveish on friday at the soonest (friday morning classes)


    Other than that my rent may be going up significantly due to some problems with my current landlords so I may not be able to go at all.


    5 hours and some change from one side of tx to the middle gotta love it.

  4. I just got a Princeton Art & Brush Co 2/0 bright and i am loveing it


    From the left

    Princeton Art & Brush Co 2/0 bright

    Da Vinci 2 bright

    Hwa Hong 2 flat


    Blick Master Sable 5/0 round

    Princeton Art & Brush Co 2/0 round

    Da Vince 0 round




    what else can you and do you use the green stuff for?

    So far, in my fairly short time in this hobby, I've fashioned tiny wine bottles, little mushrooms, flames, a cobblestone floor, a brick floor, a torch, a moustache... yeah I think that's about it so far.


    LOL a moustache, for yet another question this time about how to sculpt the stuff I dont wanna go ok now I need to do x when it would ruin the look or whatever I would like general advice and perhaps some spesifics on say stone scales and fur.

  6. I think three months would be a bit long for a single mini contest month would be good. One of the things that keeps me from doing alot of contests is (other than my being a beginer) money I never seem to have enouph so if I see a cool contest that I would like to do but dont have a mini to paint for it then that kills my chance to participate. How to fix that there is no way thats entirely on me.

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