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  1. Any one else looking for a roommate to split costs? Work just decided to send me nearish to Dallas (which is awesome because I live in Europe). And I was able to negotiate Thursday and Friday off. But boy are rooms expensive right now. I’ll be there from late Wednesday to early Saturday.
  2. Now that I've gotten past the inital Amazon payment failures, it's time to see what I pledged for!
  3. Take a look at this WIP. The author wanted the same thing, so he cut some notches into the wing joint so the would sit at a diagonal. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/50407-rawr-wyrmgear/#entry744631
  4. Just got mine in, and thought I would share with the rest of you. Overall, I'm extremely pleased. It came in on-time, was well packed, and they look great. The level of detail is really, really good. Only two mini's have any noticeable flashing (the familiars that are connected to the sprue, and a little bit under the arms of the Myconid King (which I didn't even notice, until after I looked at the picture of it). Put nothing that a very little bit of rubbing from my hobby knife won't take care of. And no mold lines that I have been able to spot yet. Below are some pictures I quickly took to share:
  5. Well, depending on how he does stretch goals, it might end up being mostly free additional videos. which then might bring the overall prices down. Bringing in new people as the value per dollar increases.
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