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  1. Hey it is coming together, I can see one or two areas that you can play with on your mecha thingy. First off I would suggest you try a purple was on the big ball whatsit, the old Citadel was perfect for this. Not a heavy wash (you can always do a second) and have a look at what the effect is like, I would then flow this up with a heavier sepia coloured wash. I can do a test my end if you like to compare it against.
  2. So much good advice in this thread, I'll start by saying experimentation or just trying stuff out is a great way to learn, however you must stop after each swoosh of paint and look at the effect, take note of what happenned. All too often we put some paint down and then follow up straight away without taking into account how it worked or not, I guess I'm saying don't rush. Good brushes aren't necessarily expensive brushes, I use some quite cheap synthetics as well as uber sables, it is the condition of the brush that is important. If the bristles/hairs are going in their own direction reti
  3. A few more troops for the English Civil War (ECW) army officers, two standard bearers and an important looking chap, and some shotte in a mock up of the basing. Ye Kings Foote Regiment of the Lifeguard.... or sumpin like that.
  4. Baroque by Dadi & Piombo, we have been using their Impetus rules (ancients and medieval) and like them a lot. Foundry wouldn't have been my first choice but the figures had a reasonable paint job so saved me a lot of time under painting and they were a reasonable price. There is also the odd Essex and Perry mixed in as well.
  5. Actually Rupe was a cavalry commander but I didn't want him hanging on his lonesome. Part of the preloved horde I purchased, I have had to take them off of their single figure basing (for a different rule set) and while they were free from earthly (mdf-ly) constraint I decided to jolly them up a bit and repair chipping and other battle damage. So there it is, I have been painting OK one more.....
  6. Yep, I think I have to, it's going to be a gaming piece and TT usage combined with the weight of the mini dictates (the feeder has bowed a little during painting!). I'm thinking of making it part of dilapidated fencing....
  7. OK, time to get a base organised before I get sick of it, I'm calling the painting finished!
  8. Time for Rupert to mount up...... with the help of some araldite.
  9. While I wait for a bolt of inspiration to strike re the winged succubus. I'm getting started on some personality figures for my English Civil War/Thirty Years War forces. It is the Prince Rupert figure but he will be pressed into service as a senior officer with what ever army I happen to be using. Horse is half way there The Prince has a way to go yet, boots done
  10. Excellent.... yep that about covers it for me.
  11. Yep, you got it. Metallic's are the loose pots, to the side 4 x white and 4 x yellow (couldn't justify the full sets) and I already have the full copper set, so's I'm done other than a couple of my fave Reaper triads (I kept all my HD series) and loose pots which I found were my essentials for horses and a few odds and ends.
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