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  1. Didn't like the orange in her hair until I figured out that it's the light/reflection/glow of the fire...really like the icing effect on the other side as well. Love the orc conceptual conversion as well!
  2. Very nice color scheme. Love the basing work.
  3. That's similar to what I was thinking. I used to tie flies (as in fly fishing), and I have some really cool feathers somewhere in storage that I want to cut the tips off of for the plume.
  4. Spectactular! There is an amethyst dragon in the back story (and hopefully future story) of the wizard I'm playing in a C&C campaign. I've got to get my hands on this mini to paint it. Are these pretty hard to find?
  5. I would really like to add a plume to his hat. Any ideas?
  6. Wow...the jewel really does look fantastic!
  7. Sorry about the bluish light reflection...I'm going to stop using LEDs to provide more light for the shoots.
  8. Running joke in our C&C group made me buy these and paint them. Can't wait to get into a skirmish with them!
  9. I love the way you shade skin. I am never bold enough to use such contrasting colors...got to get over that!
  10. I love the rust and aging on the metal parts...how do you do that?! Dark brown wash??
  11. I've..never..seen anyth....yeah I love the skin tones.
  12. That's the first time I have liked purple hair - on miniatures or in real life. I love the way you used rich earth tones and bright purple hair and made it work beautifully together. So believably real looking.
  13. I put really wet glue on the place where I wanted the burning to stop and then just held my mouth right, lol. That grass (actually hair of some sort) is highly flammable so it didn't take getting very close.
  14. This is my third miniature ever. It is for a C&C campaign. I got the inspiration for the runes from the painted example on the page where you buy this mini. That's a much better job, but I've not tried blending yet. I wish I would have known not to ink wash the face and arms. (60098 - Khalib, Runelord Apprentice)
  15. Yeah...I used field grass from a diaroma project kit (is that childish?). Anyway...it was my roommate's idea, and I think it turned out nicely...for an amateur! I didn't have anything to cut the strings with once I got them glued on so I had to burn them off with a match, lol.
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