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  1. Thanks guys, should probably get a little more light on the model next time :-)
  2. I think you could even add a little more blood splatter onto the bat :-) nice work.
  3. I had this reaper model sittin' in my paint drawer, so I added some quick paint to it after work yesterday evening. Turned out Nice, needs a little more here and there (base) etc. but not bad I thought. Maybe some of you will go buy another Mize sculpt for yourself; I've still got a thing for his work. Now I can at least remove it from the drawer and put it out for my pet dogs to admire :-)
  4. Thanks for the great feedback guys. Yeah, me too, sometimes I like that orange, but then sometimes I cover it with my thumb and then the whole min seems to tone down. Not sure if I wll keep her this way. Will probably build up the base though.
  5. wOW, you are completely right.... who the heck am I thinking of... I never even watched He-Man..... WTF... Ugh... She just Looks Like soooomebody.... Er... well, I guess everyone looks a little like somebody. Wha, I'm starting an debate with myself
  6. 02698: Melorian, Female Ftr This sculpt looked a little plain to me for some reason in it's bare metal state. But, the more I worked some color onto it, I realized that it was actually more dramatic and I think very rad, in contrary to what I thought going into it. Dennis Mize sculpts are that way with me sometimes, I've noticed. Maybe something about a subtlety to his sculpting style.... I dunno I think maybe she turned out like He-Man, you know, color-wise... but a chick. Whoah She-Man..... No way! She-Man channeled him/her-self onto the model through me! Undoubtedly
  7. Got a good opportunity to lay down some source lighting there around the ball :-)
  8. Wish I could capture her in better lighting....
  9. Nice job. Like the leather, really looks like leather. And yay, see the candy canes. Only selfish gripe I would make is that I want more ornaments on the tree :-D but hey, you could put a box of ornaments on the base, or something like that. Ok, just planting the ornament seed in your head.
  10. Might be fun to decorate the books, antiquish, gilded or something.
  11. Nice, very cohesive looking unit. But one thing that I gotta say is: straighten those spears! Hehe
  12. Ah! 03531, nalani dancing girl :-)
  13. Very clean. Those next 20 years won't be so hard going, you'll have some nice models to sit on your shelf at the end of it. And then it will..... Um.... Feel worth it.....
  14. Jabber, I'm not exactly sure. I Mix from primary colors. But, I use this chart to mix sometimes: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&safe=off&client=safari&tbo=d&biw=768&bih=928&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=black+skin+tones&oq=black+skin+tones&gs_l=img.3..0l2j0i24.11706.12696.0.13534.|2;d|HAYSTM0w31YdLM:
  15. Painted her today and, guys, I think everyone should own this sculpt (I'm not an agent of reaper btw). She was a joy to paint, really elegant green-stuffing (I assume) by the hands of Jeff Grace.
  16. But, I don't think the sword hilts came out successfully, that's the only thing, feel like if you maybe rework them more simply it might look better, not sure. Area from the thumb up is the prob I think.
  17. Oo, like the look of the steel, different than I would do it so cool to see it come out looking like steel but by using a different style. Nice :-) that elf skin tone is great too.
  18. Looks like you might need to mix some darker and lighter yellows and gray to emphasize the metal, try your best to match it to some reference pics. Looks like you've hit good mid tones for it though.
  19. And I might be wrong obsidian, bit I think the inspiration gallery link on your posts might be linked to a different user? "Calilite". Dunno, I'm new to this.
  20. Thanks obsidian, I'll try that with my next batch :-)
  21. Buglips: I think you are right, I was going for blonde. I had trouble with her, she was sooooo small. Awesome sculpt though. Off the top of my head I forget the sculptor of the mummy, but I really noticed he/she had put in a lot of fine detailed sculpting with lines, little designs and such, takes out the need for freehand and you can get good detailing with a quick wash. Wreckage: :-p
  22. Showing off here! I included a miniature here from a previous post, but I had challenged myself to get a miniature done each day (last week) and I did it almost.... kinda had a couple bleed into the next morning from the previous night, but sat under my little light and dissapeared into reaper sculpts. I'd estimate I put in about 7-9 hours into each, I'm starting to develop an Igor hunch in my back I think.... So, here they are fellas, some I am more proud of than others (most proud of the pit fighter), I think they are all 90% done, could use some basing etc... my poor knight has a bent base... Cry, my fault. Helpful or hateful criticism is welcome :-D If anyone has some good advice for an affordable but sharp camera, I'd be very grateful for it. I'm using a pentax SLR digital camera, but I'm really not satisfied with how the pictures are coming out... not sure if it is because of the settings or light I use (light isnt great I know, and I crop the pics and white balance them in photoshop) but they are slightly pixelish to my eyes, I think. Just not nearly as sharp as I would like....
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