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  1. Thanks Cookjimjr. It was pretty cool to enter a contest and as you said, there were some pretty awesome pieces.
  2. When do they usually post the winners for the contest? Did I miss it already?
  3. Yellow is always a bit tricky. In the MSP series paints, I like to use Tanned Leather, Palamino Gold, Your choice of Yellow, Highlight to white. This has worked really well for me in the past. :-)
  4. Thats a great idea! I don't think I want to do this with this particular mini though. I'd like to keep her light, however I have a Pit Fiend that would work perfect for. He's holding fire in his right hand. :-)
  5. Thanks for the heads up guys. It didn't occur to me that it would be frowned on since it's their mini. I think I'm going to wash the wings in light blue, paint some reds and purples into some of the feathers then, put a light glaze of white over the top. I'm thinking I want to try to give it that irridesence look. I've never done it before, but I think it'll work. If it doesn't work, I can always paint over it and start again with something more simple. I also was thinking about creating a source lighting effect off of the sword. With the wing behind the sword, it could look pretty dynamic. My only reservation is that source lighting needs a high contrast palette to look really nice( really deep shadows mainly) in my opinion.
  6. Here's my new project http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-leWv8zJiWrc/UStOzpTDI0I/AAAAAAAAAqQ/9axzLQYqtuw/s1600/IMG_0137.JPG So far just flesh and leather have been worked on. I originally wanted to clad her in Brass or Gold armor, but the leather is a bit orangey. My fear is that the gold or brass will not create enough contrast. I'd like to keep her in heavenly colors or colors associated with good so I'm steering away from black tones. What do you guys think? I possibley may put her in Steel with Gold Trim, this may compliment the orange leather tones. Here's an update. I think I'm going to wash the leather with red to create some more contrast. Everything seems to be washing out in yellows. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-OtMK_q3ryvk/US4XTlIcIRI/AAAAAAAAAsQ/xZ4lR7Yd_Aw/s1600/IMG_0152.JPG
  7. Dwarf Druid and Badger This is my first competition piece ever! :) This was pretty fun for me. Took some chances on freehand on his headband and robes, and it turned out ok. Cheers.
  8. Ok, so here is my very first competition mini!!! I had a lot of fun painting this and I finally learned how to layer with this guy. I used Dwarf Druid and Badger. I tried some freehand on his headband. I also tried to detail his robes with a little freehand, and washed it darker to make it look wet. And here is MR. Badger.
  9. Great job on the mini's! I think the color palette gives it a real antique feel to it. The overall mood gives me a nostalgic Bioshock feel.
  10. Thanks for the support everyone. I'm thinking I'm going to have to punch up contrast to have the camera pick up more. I think I paint my transitions to subtley. They look fine to me in person, but the mini comes out a little flat on photo media. I'll have to take a look at your post a little later Cash. IT'S GAME NIGHT!! I'm getting ready to go.
  11. Those are great mini's! Yea, I dumped a sizeable amount on that one.
  12. Oh it's definitly a Rogue mini. I tried to find a Gnome Alchemist mini, but apparently there are none. This is kind of odd to me since I would think that the Gnomes would be a very popular race for the Alchemist Class in Pathfinder. I do realize though that they can't cover every single class/race combo. :-)
  13. I painted this guy up for Friday night gaming. He's my Gnomish Alchemist. (Closest thing I could find to my particular character) I actually repainted him twice since I couldn't get the palette working. He turned out decent. My camera doesn't pick out contrast and gradients very well, this hampers the visual effect of the paint. I'm going to play with my camera settings to see if I can get this better. Perhaps I'll repost it on my blog. Anyway, I'm open for any constructive crit or postive remarks. Cheers!
  14. Very nice job!! The colors work well. I always have trouble putting my palettes together.
  15. Nice work everyone!! Adrift, you mini looks great. Awesome job on the bear. I love the clinging snow and wet fur look. Recruittons, nice job on the dress and love the detail on the ice. (nice touch) Kylons, Wow! Great concept and nicely executed. Girot, how comical is that?!? Great job all the way around. Good minies and great setting. I've got some work cut out for me.
  16. Ok, I painted up the Gnoll. I was trying to give it a more infernal look, but ended up looking more normal than demonic. It's ok. I actually had a hard time with this mini, not so much because it was a Bones model, but more because I was experimenting with layering. It didn't turn out so well for me, I'm used to just wet layering. Eventually, I grew tired of trying to get my blends right, and wanted him finished. The Gnoll didn't turn out too bad, but has some room for improvment. Don't mind the base, I'll clean that up later. I'm just glad to be moving on.
  17. Nice job, I love the mini's in a great environment. Your backgrounds are awesome, the mini's are well painted, and the comentary adds a kind of National Geographic feel to it.
  18. Thanks again for all the compliments! I'm inspired more now that I have a place to show my work. Until now, no one but my local game group (5 peeps) has seen anything I've done. I looked at Cool Mini or Not, but the posters there are in another league, and the critics seem to be pretty harsh. I'm not so sure my fragile confidence could handle some of the comments I've seen there. I really like the community here, which is why I decided to join this forum. Everyone here is pretty awesome! Thanks again, you guys are great.
  19. Very nicely done! If there's anything I'm learning, it's that the mini is whatever you want it to be. After all, the difference between an Elf and a Drow is skin tone and hair. Oh, and of course their arachnophilic, self serving, elitest attitude that comes with their dark complextion. LOL Great mini.
  20. Great work Obsidian! I especially like the Rohirrim Warriors.
  21. I can't stop laughing, this is so freaking awesome! I love the creativness.
  22. Thanks everyone for the compliments. This has been the first time I've ever grown a backbone and posted one of my mini's in forum. Heck my new blog is the first time I've ever posted any of my miniatures, so this is a confidence builder. As far as the contest goes, I've decided to paint another miniature for that. On this particualr mini, I didn't take the time I should have, and I missed a bunch of mold lines. The Mini I'm painting next will be my first competition piece ever, and I'm really going to take my time and get it as perfect as I can. I believe the deadline is Feb 25. Oh, by the way Goblyn, how did you get the pictures bigger? I fought with this posting just to get the pictures at a viewable size. I'm not very experience with forums or posting.
  23. Here's my latest project completed. You'll have to forgive the camara work as the only camera I have is my phone. Overall, I think the piece is good enough for tabletop. I tried to give the sword a glowing effect. I've never tried it before, but I think I muddled through it ok. I think I repainted it 3 times before I was satisfied. I also experimented with flow improver/water mixture on this mini, but I think I'll stick to water to dilute the paints from here on out. The flow improver caused some weirdness with the paint consistancy and created some extra work for me in the long run trying to smooth it out. Now, its on to the next project. Larger pictures are available on my blog. Just click on the images when you get there.
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