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  1. It's not really sexist of the asker, if you think about it. It is sexist of the listener to assume the doctor has to be male. The asker already goes in with the understanding of the doctor being his mother, and thus a woman. Though in our modern times, this question can become more complicated by the idea of same sex marriage, but that's a political debate I'm not trying to start here, simply musing over.
  2. Why is a Raven like a Writing desk? BEcause they both made Edgar Allen Poe famous. A man is driving down the road with his son when they get into a car accident. Two ambulances show up and take both the dad and son to different hospitals to be treated. At the hospital, the son is wheeled into the operating room when the doctor looks down and says, "I can't operate on this shild, he's my son." How is this possible?
  3. *Poof* You now have plenty of energy to exercise more. Younow, have no time to as you are constantly busy. I wish we had affordable space travel.
  4. I'd say any kind of tutorial is a good one, Brush.
  5. What I've done, since I use many of the minis I buy for RPG's is to glue them to either a round or square base of the proper size then do sand or flock basing. I try my best to blend it into the incorporated bases of the figure by having the sand or flock reach up onto it.
  6. I'd say if you did terrain/scenery, you might look into building and painting up a ship's deck to put them on. But hey,up to you.
  7. I remember the story of another Baron LeBone. http://thebilgepumps.com/music.cgi?action=display&pid=43 Enjoy.
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