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  1. Oh, how I long for the day when I get a normal work week on day shift. My doctor has actually told me that being on night shift is slowly killing me because of how it causes all sorts of health problems, some of which I already have. But day shift is a dream that's at least 10 years away... Anyway, congrats on the hopefully newly stable job, @Darsc Zacal!
  2. Oh, we noticed. We just don't care. Because we know you're still sour about being whooped by us twice, and then having to be rescued by us...
  3. Ooh. That makes me wonder, does someone in the party have their own Doc Wagon subscription? And if so, which side has the higher tier? Will two Doc Wagon teams start battling it out to each save their clients? I don't expect Doc Wagon to particularly enjoy having two teams fight each other, but I could see it happening if one side has a basic subscription and the other side is some bigwig with the Super Diamond Unlimited Platinum plan or whatever... I had a dentist appointment this morning. He saw my broken fused porcelain crown and went "yea, that's fine, the metal's intact and you've got other teeth that need more urgent fixes." Which was exactly my assessment when the crown broke a couple months ago, and why I didn't schedule a separate appointment for it. I also learned that gold crowns are much cheaper than I thought, being told that they're generally only $50-100 more expensive than modern porcelain ones. Not because gold has gotten cheaper, but because modern porcelain crowns have gotten more expensive because of how they're made these days. Which means that from now on I think I'm gonna be getting a mouth full of gold. When I came home I ate and took a nap. During my nap I had a dream that I met Bill Murray at some promo event for a movie called Spacenoids that was like a Spaceballs for Star Trek. Except I totally blew off Bill Murray because Kevin Conroy was there, and Kevin Conroy is mother f'in Batman. I was all "Sorry, Bill, you're great, but you're no Batman. And the only way this would be better would be if Mark Hamill walked around the corner doing his Joker laugh." Then I woke up. I don't think dream Bill Murray liked being snubbed.
  4. Gotta love when I'm making chili and I manage to make it a lot hotter than what I was intending to. As in I'm actually happy about it. It's gonna taste so good, and the extra heat is gonna make for some great chili cheese fries. Because that's honestly what made me want to make chili today. I really want some chili cheese fries...
  5. Yea, but he's got like 4 lines and then everyone else in the game were voiced by two or three people. Because it's Bethesda, and that's how they do it. They'll hire one or two people to voice named characters, then they'll just grab a couple interns from the office to voice everyone else. So everyone ends up sounding the same. Went to the FLGS again today, set up like usual, and got no takers again. Had one guy stop by and show interest, but he said he didn't have time to play today. A couple other guys that I've talked to in store before, one of which was who I played with last week, we're setting up a game of Star Wars: Outer Rim beside me, so I joined them for a game of that. It was everyone's first time playing, and it was definitely fun. I was Lando Calrissian, one guy was Boba Fett, and the guy who brought the game was Han Solo. In the end Han was flying Slave I, Boba Fett was flying the Millenium Falcon, and Lando was flying the IG-2000. Boba Fett couldn't win a firefight, and also failed to do the Kessel Run like 4 times. Han couldn't talk his way out of a paper bag. Lando rolled through, saved Princess Leia, blew up 2 Imperial patrols and one of Jabba's patrols, captured 4-LOM and another rogue droid, and won the game by becoming the most notorious scoundrel in the Outer Rim. It was some good fun, and we were cracking out all sorts of Star Wars jokes as we went. Especially when it came to how the ships ended up going, because how can you be playing Boba Fett while flying the Millenium Falcon, with a bounty to catch Chewbacca, and not make jokes to Han about how the next time he gets on his ship he'll be wiping his feet on a rug of his best friend?
  6. My female cat is finally getting more cuddly. I've only had her for like 3 years now, and she's finally getting to the point where she chases me down looking for attention. She let's me hold her for more than a few seconds at a time, and she actually sits on me now! She also sort of lays down, but it doesn't seem relaxed. Unlike my male cat, who just flops down however he feels like, she basically lays down like the sphinx when she lays on top of me. And the slightest twitch from me causes her to stand back up most of the time. But at least she's coming around. Maybe eventually she'll be more like Ed and just be a floppy cat. But I doubt it.
  7. I don't think I'd never be a fascist. I dream of the day when I'm crowned Emperor of the World and start making all the choices for everyone. I'd have my advisors, sure, but I'd also have a dead man's switch tied to my neurological function and heart rate that would detonate about 300(actually probably like 1000) nukes that I'd strategically placed around the world. You know, as insurance against assassination. Or to make for the world's most spectacular murder-suicide. Good luck getting rid of me now, jerks! Humanity had a good run...
  8. If they're a subordinate isn't it part of your job to tell them to suck it up and quit being a baby?
  9. Meh. Make one up. Flumphs are known for two things - a sticky, smelly spray that lingers for hours, and being rendered completely helpless if you flip them upside down. Three things if you count being absolutely ridiculous.
  10. Ah, good old knob and tube. The stuff that if you run across it you either ignore and work around, or else you rip it all out. I don't think I have any of that stuff. I'm pretty sure I do have cloth insulated wiring in places, though. Which isn't terrible, so long as the insulation is still intact.
  11. My house's foundation was a garage that was built in the 30's or 40's, that had a house built on top of it in the 50's, and which had the original garage portion remodeled into living space in the 90's. Except when they redid it they didn't do any work on the brick, they just took out the garage door, replaced it with a section of stud wall, and redid the interior. So it's all sorts of hodge-podge and needs tons of work. I feel your pain.
  12. Probably that there's a mix of older and newer wiring codes. Like I guarantee that if my house had an electrician look at everything they'd be shaking their head because there's probably 3 generations of code represented. Which is why if I ever hit the lottery I'm gutting the house and redoing everything, and with 200+ amp service this time. And an outlet on every stud. Because you can never have enough outlets. Oh, and Cat6 ethernet wiring in the walls. And a better central air setup, preferably with a heat pump that's supplemented by a smaller gas furnace. And a roof covered in as many solar panels as possible. And... and... It's nice to dream...
  13. Depending on what type of gorget, it will probably still suck. It will just be less likely to cause serious injury. I've been hit in the throat with mine on before and it still made me gag and feel like I couldn't breathe for a couple seconds. What you need for true protection from throat punches is a nice, solid, bevor. Sounds like what happened on Friday to one if the players in our D&D game. He was in California for work so he skyped in, and was waiting on a pizza for over an hour after he was told it was delivered. Dunno if he ever got it or not. Play a prewritten one? Something either old or obscure, or even just something for a completely different system that you've converted over. I'm sure that there's something somewhere that both tickles your fancy and isn't likely to have been played by half the intended audience.
  14. Ghostbusters was rated PG. Honest trailers did a good one for it that reminds you just how much was able to get through back then. But things have changed. Quite a bit. There's an interesting documentary that was made back in the mid-00's called This Film Is Not Yet Rated. It's got some good insights into the state of modern movie ratings in the US. Though it's hard to say how much has changed since the documentary was released.
  15. I actually got a game of X-Wing in at the store today! It wasn't a "full" game, and it was only a single game, but it was still a game! A lapsed 1st edition player that I'd met a couple weeks ago played through the quickstart setup with me. So we didn't have full squads with all the trimmings and just ran basic ships, but it was really just a way to get reacquainted with the basics while also helping explain some of the changes to the game. I pointed him at the squad builder app and told him I'm more than happy to loan out my 2nd edition dials and tokens if he wants to bring a list of his own to play. I'm hoping he takes me up on my offer. He did say his wife has been telling him to get out of the house and play more games...