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  1. My understanding of this one, from an article I read at the start of lockdown that was an interview with a virologist who specialized in coronavirii, is that that SARS-CoV2 is very similar genetically to the original SARS, hence the name. Its big difference, and the reason why its so much more of a problem than the original SARS, is that it has a few key mutations that make it both more easily transmitted and more capable of infecting people. Also mentioned in that article was how, until the original SARS and then MERS later, coronavirus research was considered a backwater because the worst you'd get from them was the common cold. There wasn't much incentive, or need, for people to specialize in them because they were very mild diseases. So both funding and personnel weren't there to do much. And even after SARS their numbers didn't exactly swell, though they did go up. Pretty sure that part is gonna change soon enough. 3 new and rather serious respiratory diseases in the same family of virus in the span of 2 decades, one of which caused a near-global shutdown? Yea, there's gonna be funding in the future and I have a feeling that more than a handful of the current college crop are going to start looking at virology specializing in coronavirii for their grad school.
  2. Current WIP, with Agramon(Bones IV version) sitting on the shelf, primed and waiting, for when I eventually finish this guy. I really like the whip(zoom in and check it out). But it looks way better in person. Though Agramon might stay mostly his primer color, which you can see on Narglauth's sword. I like how he looks in it. I've been trying to paint more, but it's hard to pull myself away from my video games and TV...
  3. I hate plumbing. I need to make another trip to the hardware store tomorrow. I'm trying not to leave the house. I really am. But I gotta get this crap fixed. Also, I need to relabel all my breakers because the labels are all faded and unreadable. And whoever did the wiring in this house needs to be both shot and thanked for how they set them up in the first place. There are separations like ceiling lights being on a different breaker from outlets. That's great, and I wish my mom's house had that when I was growing up. But they also did stuff like putting all the ceiling lights for 3 rooms on a single breaker, and half of one room's outlets on one and the other half on another that's also linked to a different room rather than doing it by room. So if I wanted to kill the power to my whole kitchen, I have to kill like 4 breakers. So I want to thank them for dividing things like lighting from power outlets, but I want to shoot them for the manner in which they did it. If I had to kill 4 breakers for the kitchen and they were things like "north wall outlets," "ceiling lights," "stove and south wall" and "disposal outlets" then I wouldn't mind. It'd be great to be able to cut power to specific areas and not have to run extension cables from the next room to use power tools. I did enough of that helping my relatives out when I was a kid and battery operated tools were basically limited to power screwdrivers. But the way they divided things just makes me shake my head.
  4. I got a new garbage disposal to replace the one I currently have with a burned out motor and rusted grind parts. It's the same manufacturer, same product line, but it's a newer model with stainless steel grind parts instead of galvanized. It was advertised as being a drop-in replacement. But it isn't. Sure, it looks like it will attach to the sink basin using the same flange that I've already got installed, but they changed the way the drain line connects so I now have to redo all of my drain plumbing to install it. I am not a happy camper.
  5. Thing is, I was looking for the rye flour before this all happened and I couldn't find it except online at $8/lb. And I wasn't gonna spend $8/lb when I'm gonna need a couple pounds to figure out if I can make the type of bread I want to make. But then during the pandemic it shows up on a local store shelf for $3.50/lb. And yea, the regular white flour that was on the shelf was in a bag I'd never seen before. The brand name on the bag of white flour I bought was General Mills, and it had a very small Gold Medal logo in a corner. Probably whats happening is they're getting their supply right now from the commercial side that supplies restaurants since they would have a stockpile on that side that isn't moving right now. There was an article about that when it came to TP, and how they can't just switch up production from commercial to retail products because of the differences in standard quality, but the issue doesn't really apply when it comes to flour because it's gonna be the same product either way.
  6. It's funny. I spent about 3 months before all this crap trying to find decently priced rye flour. I couldn't find it locally, and then when I looked to buy it online it was like $8/lb. Then today I find it locally for $3.50/lb. Can't find whole wheat flour, though.
  7. Mine doesn't really rise unless I've got it looking like a rather dry dough. It might bubble up a bit, but that's about it. As for how long it takes, well, that depends on a lot of things. How much yeast there was to start with, what kinds of yeast they are, the temperature that it gets kept at, etc. I've read that it isn't unusual for starters to take 2 weeks to get going, and my experience has been even longer. It got to where it could leaven the bread after about a week and a half, but its been 3 weeks now and I still haven't gotten an actual sourdough out of a loaf I've made with it. It has started to smell better and better over the last couple days, though, so maybe I'm finally getting close. It's no Gunsmoke... Yea, I don't have a Dutch oven either so I use a casserole dish as well. It doesn't do as good a job on the crust as the Dutch oven will, or so I'm told, but it does well enough. I need to get some whole wheat flour for my starter so I can do a 50-50 bread with it, but flour is in short supply around here right now. I'm wishing I had bought the 10lb bag when I was at the store last week. Tried to fix my mower yesterday. Found out that on top of the pull starter being broken, so was the recoil spring that retracts it after you pull it. So I wasted $10 on a new pull rope just to have to turn around and buy a whole new recoil starter assembly, which includes a pre-wound rope, for $30. Now I have to wait until Thursday for that to come in. But it isn't like I'd be able to mow this week as it's supposed to rain all week long. Had a heck of a storm last night, too. And, on a sad note, the guy who voiced the Soldier in Team Fortress 2 died of COVID-19. He was in a nursing home recovering from a stroke when he contracted it. This is the Meet the Soldier video that Valve put out. Always worth a chuckle. https://youtu.be/h42d0WHRSck If you haven't seen them, all of the meet the team videos are worth a watch. Spend 20 minutes and have yourself a hearty laugh. Even without playing the game you can appreciate the comedy. There are more official videos as well, most of which are pretty good, but I'll just leave a playlist of the whole Meet the Team series here as a starter pack. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHy7G7ndrUmpWqBkNKjJRT5urGiPW63Iq
  8. And now I'm angry. There was a dead deer on the interstate that was torn into two halves by a semi. Just as I swerved to miss the first half I saw the second without time to swerve back completely. I ran it over, and in in the process it busted my front bumper up a bit and unseated the driver's side fog light. I am not amused.
  9. It took me a second to realize that was a mask. Well done to that gentleman! I trimmed my beard this morning. I took too much off. I wanted to shorten the chin area while bringing the cheeks and neck down to a relatively close cut. I succeeded, but the chin is about half as long as I would like it to be. One of the perils of the trimmer guard not having real measurements for its lengths, but rather just esoteric numbers that I have to guess what the length will be. Now I'm off to work for the first time in 3 weeks. I will be there for 3 hours to do things that should only take me an hour to do. Those thing are clean the lots and, I kid you not, ride each garage elevator from top to bottom a few times to keep things from potentially seizing due to disuse. I will repeat this tomorrow morning as well.
  10. So I bought an SSD for my laptop, which I hardly ever use but have been using quite a bit lately, because it wasn't feeling "snappy." I also took it from the oddball 6gb of RAM that it had to 8GB by repurposing a 4GB stick that I stole out of my mom's broken laptop a few weeks ago. I'm currently in the process of transferring files from the old drive and getting everything reinstalled. It's a bit of a process, and one I definitely don't miss having to do. But so far, between the new drive, the new RAM, and the fresh windows install it's a nice and snappy PC again. Next step is to go buy a 16GB RAM kit and make sure this thing stays that way for a while...
  11. You have a Dutch oven or a covered casserole dish? If so, grease it up and put it in the oven while it preheats. Then when you go to out your bread it, put the dough inside the Dutch oven, give it a spritzing of water on top, cover it, and bake it for half of its bake time with the cover on. Then finish it off with the cover off. That's how I got my stuff to look good.
  12. So I'm thinking that the wild yeast in my kitchen just isn't capable of producing the sour I want. My sourdough starter is about as active as can be, but my breads just come out tasting almost exactly like if I'd used store-bought yeast. I am learning to work on my dough, though. I'm getting better about eyeballing the flour-water ratio, since I'm using a starter that itself was eyeballed rather than measured and thus messes with existing recipe ratios. I also got my first good looking loaves today. Both loaves are out of the same batch of dough. A consequence of eyeballing stuff is that I make too much. The top loaf is the first one, which I forgot to score before baking. The second one I scored, but I didn't score deep enough. Based on how the first one tastes, I think I did well. They aren't sourdough though. There's no bite to them. They are a nice, crusty, chewy bread, though.
  13. Nah, just go on DM's Guild. They've got all of them in PDF format, and I think you can get a good few of them in print on demand softcovers. At the very least the core books and a lot of modules are POD.
  14. I'm going to spray can paint the table a flat black, paint on the stencil with my airbrush, and give the whole thing a gloss coat to seal it up nice. I'm going to be using a stencil because my ability to freehand anything other than a stick figure in any medium is zero. Basically, it's gonna be a stylized Tiamat silhouette, using this image as primary inspiration. I could just get that image printed in a large enough size and cut it into a stencil, but I kinda don't want to rip off someone else's work in that direct of a manner, and I need it to be a little different in aspect ratio to fit on the table and still look good. It needs to be more squat and wide. No college kids. The campus is closed for the remainder of the semester, and even then May is graduation month anyways. Which I'm pretty sure they've already announced won't be happening in person either. I think they've even cancelled summer classes already.
  15. Nope. Mountain dwarf. He gets medium armor proficiency and a bunch of weapon proficiencies as a racial stat. One of my feats was heavy armor proficiency. In 5e, as long as you're proficient in the armor it doesn't interfere with spellcasting at all. He had 16 in both strength and constitution, and I had good hit die rolls that gave me as much health as our party monk. I was pretty much a frontline fighter, so much so that I I taking levels in fighter. You don't understand. I complain. That's my thing. If I do that stuff, then I also have to find new stuff to complain about. Which gets in the way of my also being lazy. But I do have a couple things coming to fix my lawnmower with. Because I do need to mow my lawn, my lawnmower broke at the end of last summer, and since I have the time I can try to fix it myself. I don't want to be mowing my lawn with a weed eater again. I did that twice last year. It wasn't fun. The basement stuff requires money. Which I don't have. I got my table and chairs. I need my bookshelves. And I don't have the stencil to paint my table with, because I don't have the money to commission my friend to create it, even though she now has plenty of time to design it(which was the issue before) thanks to all this corona crud.
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