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  1. Well, I wasted a bunch of bases and greenstuff just now. I got impatient and used a heat gun to try and speed up the process a bit, and I warped the bases into uselessness. Go me.
  2. So last week a coworker severely injured his neck by passing out at home and hitting the floor hard, and he had to have surgery. I learned yesterday that the surgery was to straight up remove 3 vertebrae and replace them with a metal cage. Today I looked it up, just to try and figure out how long he's gonna be out of work, and I read that after that kind of surgery the person is usually discharged from the hospital the next day and is "recovered" in 6-8 weeks. I can't believe that. I can understand those kinds of numbers for my arm getting a surgical plate because the bone is still there and you can't really kill yourself by reinjuring your arm. But for that major of a neck surgery where you literally lose 3 vertebrae? Holy crap!
  3. My butt is so powerful it can recreate Jackson Pollock paintings. But since I don't put my phone in my back pocket it was my thigh that dialed out. And that jerk couldn't even recreate cave paintings. But seriously, why do so many people put their phones in their back pockets? I'd be terrified of breaking the thing, either by cracking the screen or bending the whole body, by sitting on it. I can kind of understand why women do it, because of the whole pockets BS they have to deal with, but I know all sorts of men who I know are wearing clothes with deep side pockets but still put their phone in their back pocket.
  4. Well, I pulled an idiot today. I was on the phone with my mom while I was at work, and it turned out she was driving down the street I was currently walking on. So she pulls off the street and we start talking in person, and I put my phone in my pocket. Apparently when I put my phone in my pocket I accidentally hit the emergency call button and it dialed 911. So 911 gets an open line call from me where they can hear me talking to my mom about how my fire alarm went off this morning, and how it might have been the CO detector in it going off. So they call me back and I have to explain to them that I somehow managed to pocket dial them. Made me feel real dumb. Meanwhile, on Saturday I have to stop by my mom's house after work to pick up her chimney brush and a set of tires I had delivered to her house. The only thing I have that could be putting out CO is my water heater, because my furnace is off for the summer, and the water heater vents into my chimney. Chimney swifts like to build their nests in chimneys(go figure) and I know I've had a couple families in mine over the years, so I'm thinking that maybe they blocked enough of the airflow with their nests to allow CO to build up. So I'll take care of that, hoping that there aren't any currently occupied nests, and see if the alarm goes off anymore.
  5. Well, downtown now reeks of diesel. A pickup truck that had a fuel pump in the bed had the fuel line for the pump disconnect while they were driving. They went at least a quarter mile before they were either informed of it by another driver or decided to actually pay attention to people who were trying to inform them. A good portion of it was on the outskirts of downtown, in a primarily residential area, and they've got 3 blocks right through the middle of downtown coated in diesel. The fire department is out there spreading spill cleanup stuff around while still trying to find where it actually started. It's nauseating to be outside. And a lot of the spill is right outside our office so I wouldn't be surprised if the smell started coming inside soon enough.
  6. I painted. I got my Reaper order on Saturday, and I broke open one of the blisters today. My Anhurian swordsmen are now painted, except for one that I didn't need as I already had one from years and years ago when I first put paint to mini. He was literally my first figure from the old Reaper LTPKs. Because I already had him painted up I decided that I would follow a similar paint scheme for these guys as they're going to become the majority of my Frostgrave warband. I've got some Anhurian bowmen and spearmen to paint up still, as well as the men at arms for both Malvernis and Breonne. That way I can have a little variety if I want to when one of them dies in game and needs to be replaced. Here's my first mini ever, circa 2012, next to his new counterpart. Obviously I haven't improved much, but I've also painted a whole lot less than I thought I would have. Most of my improvement has been thanks to the quality of my brushes going up. More pictures of those two and the rest of the group in the spoiler below. All told, I got the 3 new ones primed and painted in about 4 hours. Which is fast as heck for me. It was also my first attempt at anything resembling freehand painting, which was a last minute addition. I wanted it to look like a stylized ü, but when I did it I thought it looked too much like an old smiley emoticon, so I added a couple extra lines. Still looks like a crappy emoticon, though.
  7. Eh, whatever. Same difference. It's taking a much weirder route than my previous Reaper orders ever have. Usually they hit Fort Worth, then end up in Kentucky, then PA, then back down to WV. This one has gone from Mesquite to Roanoke, VA, and is currently in Charleston, WV. Well, since CC is built on top of FastCAD it only makes sense that AutoCAD would be able to do pretty much all the same things. If you're familiar with CAD software you should have a much quicker time learning CC if you ever do decide to pick it up. They've got some great style and symbol sets available.
  8. That's how I am with it, but with me it's because I want a setup of 2 large monitors for it, possibly 3. A minimum of one for the program itself and one for the Tome of Ultimate Mapping or other tutorials. CC absolutely requires a lot of screen real estate to use properly, especially when you're trying to learn it.
  9. I have to wonder how much Hasbro is behind the changes to Magic sets as well. It used to be that you'd get three expansion sets over the course of a year, one large and two small, that were thematically linked. The three sets were known as either a block or a cycle, and they'd put out novels for each set that told the story of the cycle. Now you get two large sets per year, and maybe one small set, that aren't linked. And they novels have been dead for 10 years. Granted, the novels weren't some literary genius work, but I've got about 20 of them that are super worn out, and another 10 that are decently battered, from how much I've read them over the years. The Artifacts cycle and Invasion cycle books in particular have seen a LOT of reading because they're just plain good pulp. The one good thing I will say is that it seems they've finally released a lot of them as ebooks, so I can grab "replacements" for the some of the ones that got water damaged years ago thanks to a leaky window AC.
  10. Nah, he just looks at it, figures out where to insert Elminster, and sells it as a new book.
  11. Apparently my package hopped a flight in Mesquite, because it's now made its way to Nashville. Let's see how many days it sits there before it makes its way to its next stop, which I think will be Lexington, KY. Then from there it will go to Warrendale, PA before coming back down into WV. Whether it gets handed to the USPS in PA or in WV will remain to be seen, because I've had it go both ways in the past. Either way, it won't be getting delivered before I go on my "camping" trip even though it should have been.
  12. Gotta love UPS. There's a reason I completely refuse to use them if I'm the one shipping something. My Reaper order has been in their possession for 5 days, and in that time it has moved maybe 100 miles, from Denton to Fort Worth, and then to Mesquite. I just want my metal Anhurians so I can start putting together a decent looking Frostgrave warband that has some more variety than the Bones ones I already have! I want those kite shields and not-floppy weapons!
  13. I shall now refer to my thighs as Australia...
  14. Nah. I hate the burn unless it's accompanied by something else. It's why I haven't exercised in earnest for years. The last pure exercise I did was riding my bike like 7 years ago, and I enjoyed that just because I was left alone, outside, riding on a trail through the woods. Yea, the first time I did squats I did 6 of them and my legs were gonna explode. Hurt like he'll for 3 days afterwards. That was like 2 and a half weeks ago. Next time I did squats, I could do like 12, but then my back started to hurt and I thought it was because my form was off. Which then took me straight to yesterday, where I did 175+ of various squats...
  15. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. I should have taken today off work. I really should have. I'm having to walk down stairs the way my severely arthritic, double knee replacement but then didn't do his PT, grandfather used to - holding onto the handrail for dear life and kind of shuffling sideways rather than actually stepping out of the fear that my legs will give out from under me. I'm having to walk with my knees almost locked because I can barely bend them without my thighs exploding. God it's horrible. Why did I let my friend convince me to go to the gym with him. Ow.
  16. Just get some pure lye. That's what a lot of fast-acting drain cleaners use as their main ingredient, and if you have the pure stuff you can mix it up in different strengths depending on how bad the clog is. It actually dissolves hair and grease, and works pretty well on soap scum. Enzymatic cleaners are the kinds you have to let sit for a day or so, and they don't do anything for soap scum, which is a key part of a lot of drain clogs.
  17. I've been AWOL for the last like 2 months. I'm still alive. I've spent most of my pandemic getting fat and playing video games. Placed my first Reaper order in about 3 years last week. I wanted metal versions of stuff I already largely had in Bones. I'm prepping a Frostgrave warband as of now, as well as trying my hand at building some foam board terrain. Need to have them ready by August, when I'll finally go visit my friends in NY and get to use them. Most of the stuff I know he has, and that I have, is stuff for games like Kings of War where everything is largely open fields. We need buildings, especially multi-story buildings that have usable interiors. Went to a commercial gym for the first time ever tonight. After starting to work out again a couple weeks ago I made a post on Facebook about it and a friend of mine was like "come to the gym with me." His trainer set us up with a workout, and holy crap was it a gut check. I'd told my friend I wanted to work on squats because I was unsure of my form, and he'd told the trainer that. I was expecting a first timer's "so we're gonna start you off with something simple so I can see where you're at." Nope. Didn't happen. Instead I did almost 200 squats of various types, biked for around 7-8 miles, and had over 1400m worth of rowing on a rowing machine. It was brutal, and I didn't even finish all the squats that I was supposed to do because my legs just kind of gave out at the end. When I got home the walk up my stairs was a literal struggle. Gonna be sore as heck tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, especially since I have a job where I spend at least half my time walking. I may be taking a sick day if I wake up and I'm too far gone.
  18. My understanding of this one, from an article I read at the start of lockdown that was an interview with a virologist who specialized in coronavirii, is that that SARS-CoV2 is very similar genetically to the original SARS, hence the name. Its big difference, and the reason why its so much more of a problem than the original SARS, is that it has a few key mutations that make it both more easily transmitted and more capable of infecting people. Also mentioned in that article was how, until the original SARS and then MERS later, coronavirus research was considered a backwater because the worst you'd get from them was the common cold. There wasn't much incentive, or need, for people to specialize in them because they were very mild diseases. So both funding and personnel weren't there to do much. And even after SARS their numbers didn't exactly swell, though they did go up. Pretty sure that part is gonna change soon enough. 3 new and rather serious respiratory diseases in the same family of virus in the span of 2 decades, one of which caused a near-global shutdown? Yea, there's gonna be funding in the future and I have a feeling that more than a handful of the current college crop are going to start looking at virology specializing in coronavirii for their grad school.
  19. Current WIP, with Agramon(Bones IV version) sitting on the shelf, primed and waiting, for when I eventually finish this guy. I really like the whip(zoom in and check it out). But it looks way better in person. Though Agramon might stay mostly his primer color, which you can see on Narglauth's sword. I like how he looks in it. I've been trying to paint more, but it's hard to pull myself away from my video games and TV...
  20. I hate plumbing. I need to make another trip to the hardware store tomorrow. I'm trying not to leave the house. I really am. But I gotta get this crap fixed. Also, I need to relabel all my breakers because the labels are all faded and unreadable. And whoever did the wiring in this house needs to be both shot and thanked for how they set them up in the first place. There are separations like ceiling lights being on a different breaker from outlets. That's great, and I wish my mom's house had that when I was growing up. But they also did stuff like putting all the ceiling lights for 3 rooms on a single breaker, and half of one room's outlets on one and the other half on another that's also linked to a different room rather than doing it by room. So if I wanted to kill the power to my whole kitchen, I have to kill like 4 breakers. So I want to thank them for dividing things like lighting from power outlets, but I want to shoot them for the manner in which they did it. If I had to kill 4 breakers for the kitchen and they were things like "north wall outlets," "ceiling lights," "stove and south wall" and "disposal outlets" then I wouldn't mind. It'd be great to be able to cut power to specific areas and not have to run extension cables from the next room to use power tools. I did enough of that helping my relatives out when I was a kid and battery operated tools were basically limited to power screwdrivers. But the way they divided things just makes me shake my head.
  21. I got a new garbage disposal to replace the one I currently have with a burned out motor and rusted grind parts. It's the same manufacturer, same product line, but it's a newer model with stainless steel grind parts instead of galvanized. It was advertised as being a drop-in replacement. But it isn't. Sure, it looks like it will attach to the sink basin using the same flange that I've already got installed, but they changed the way the drain line connects so I now have to redo all of my drain plumbing to install it. I am not a happy camper.
  22. Thing is, I was looking for the rye flour before this all happened and I couldn't find it except online at $8/lb. And I wasn't gonna spend $8/lb when I'm gonna need a couple pounds to figure out if I can make the type of bread I want to make. But then during the pandemic it shows up on a local store shelf for $3.50/lb. And yea, the regular white flour that was on the shelf was in a bag I'd never seen before. The brand name on the bag of white flour I bought was General Mills, and it had a very small Gold Medal logo in a corner. Probably whats happening is they're getting their supply right now from the commercial side that supplies restaurants since they would have a stockpile on that side that isn't moving right now. There was an article about that when it came to TP, and how they can't just switch up production from commercial to retail products because of the differences in standard quality, but the issue doesn't really apply when it comes to flour because it's gonna be the same product either way.
  23. It's funny. I spent about 3 months before all this crap trying to find decently priced rye flour. I couldn't find it locally, and then when I looked to buy it online it was like $8/lb. Then today I find it locally for $3.50/lb. Can't find whole wheat flour, though.
  24. Mine doesn't really rise unless I've got it looking like a rather dry dough. It might bubble up a bit, but that's about it. As for how long it takes, well, that depends on a lot of things. How much yeast there was to start with, what kinds of yeast they are, the temperature that it gets kept at, etc. I've read that it isn't unusual for starters to take 2 weeks to get going, and my experience has been even longer. It got to where it could leaven the bread after about a week and a half, but its been 3 weeks now and I still haven't gotten an actual sourdough out of a loaf I've made with it. It has started to smell better and better over the last couple days, though, so maybe I'm finally getting close. It's no Gunsmoke... Yea, I don't have a Dutch oven either so I use a casserole dish as well. It doesn't do as good a job on the crust as the Dutch oven will, or so I'm told, but it does well enough. I need to get some whole wheat flour for my starter so I can do a 50-50 bread with it, but flour is in short supply around here right now. I'm wishing I had bought the 10lb bag when I was at the store last week. Tried to fix my mower yesterday. Found out that on top of the pull starter being broken, so was the recoil spring that retracts it after you pull it. So I wasted $10 on a new pull rope just to have to turn around and buy a whole new recoil starter assembly, which includes a pre-wound rope, for $30. Now I have to wait until Thursday for that to come in. But it isn't like I'd be able to mow this week as it's supposed to rain all week long. Had a heck of a storm last night, too. And, on a sad note, the guy who voiced the Soldier in Team Fortress 2 died of COVID-19. He was in a nursing home recovering from a stroke when he contracted it. This is the Meet the Soldier video that Valve put out. Always worth a chuckle. https://youtu.be/h42d0WHRSck If you haven't seen them, all of the meet the team videos are worth a watch. Spend 20 minutes and have yourself a hearty laugh. Even without playing the game you can appreciate the comedy. There are more official videos as well, most of which are pretty good, but I'll just leave a playlist of the whole Meet the Team series here as a starter pack. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHy7G7ndrUmpWqBkNKjJRT5urGiPW63Iq
  25. And now I'm angry. There was a dead deer on the interstate that was torn into two halves by a semi. Just as I swerved to miss the first half I saw the second without time to swerve back completely. I ran it over, and in in the process it busted my front bumper up a bit and unseated the driver's side fog light. I am not amused.
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