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  1. Aww DAMN THROUGH MAY??? oh man have so much to add...
  2. OK This Thread is really long and thus I didn't read every one or search...but... I'd Like to see ...well...I'd like to see a 1964 English band done in bones, then in their uniforms in 1967 and then again molded in 1970 at the end... It's something different - I thought of it on my long drive home tonight with the music going...
  3. Oh My God why didnt I get the Terrain PACK!!!!
  4. @Reaperbryan Thanks for the link - I looked there first but was looking for a box similar to the pledge box you had for the Bones 1,2 &3 releases Like this - http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/boxed set/sku-down/77956 But thanks for the reply! Andy~
  5. Hi all - please let me know if this is the wrong place for this post Does anyone know if Reaper is selling any of the Bones CAV from their KS? I didnt get a chance to get in on it and was looking up ebay with no luck. Is there even a starter set that they sell? Any help is appreciated! Andy!
  6. Agreed!!! This was no easy task and mountains of effort - especially to get me my t-shirt!! Thank you so much for your efforts - and if you do it again, I am there!!! Will post my Bones later
  7. OMGOMGOMGOMG geek spasms... I got my confirmation!! *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: KS Sophie UL x1 Hydra x1 4X-Large T-Shirt x1 vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 06-20-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground. ********************************************************************************************************
  8. I love the lightening bolts or crackling electricity down the legs, turret arm and on the helmet...I caught that on my second passing of the pics, I was too stunned from the top half!! Outstanding job!
  9. Agreed, Minotaurs rock! - Great collection (Jealous)! And very nicely painted as well...
  10. Agree - the horns are awesome! Great Job!
  11. Holy Crap - I just got mine at 9:11pm!!!! Im having geekspams right now... this is what I ordered -- Vampire x1 $150 -- 4X-Large T-Shirt x1 $22 -- Hydra x1 $18 -- KS Sophie UL x1 $28 No comments on the t-shirt please!
  12. FWIW - I sympathize for those agonizing about this, I did a little myself...GHAAAHHH!!! But it doesn't change the fact we all got into one of the coolest Kickstarters if ever!! So we wait a month longer ... (A month GHAAAHHHHH!!!)) I would back another Reaper kickstarter if it popped tomorrow...so there!! I'm going to go learn how to sew and sew myself a Gandalf plush doll to go to sleep with..and let my tears dry on his wee lil hat...
  13. I have not gotten into the Mouslings but they look so cool! Steampunk mouslings would be cool...I wonder if it would be possible to have a mad scientist mousling with a miniature human doll a la "attack of the Puppet People"...hmmm
  14. Hi Everyone - in the time I have left to wait for my e-mail for my Bones KS... I'm trying to stay busy going through the forums and making paint lists and all that I started to look at some superhero mini's for an upcoming Champions campaing i might get into. In looking for the superherop mini's I saw Reaper had 28 of them - if I got them all I'd pay a whopping $187+ tax. That got me thinking - "MAN, I wish they had a Boxed Set of these!!!" That spun up this question - what mini's would other's like to see in a boxed set?? Would these ever be in a boxed set? Could we get them in a boxed set? Just thought I'd throw it out there to see if anyone else has given it some thought!
  15. This is what I regret....I should have ordered MORE add-ons instead of a t-shirt... I should have gotten more: dragons giants Mind your Mannors every single add-on.... :o(...I'll cry in my t-shirt when i get it...but I did get a Hydra!
  16. Actually - I think this is awesome...and plan on building something similar. I want to become a better painter and I found that the high def pics as I am going along tend to help out. I really am quite horriible!
  17. in the US and this is what I got - -- Vampire x1 -- 4X-Large T-Shirt x1 -- Hydra x1 -- KS Sophie UL x1 I'm so torn by not getting more mini's but hey - its a reaper t-shirt!! If I didnt get the t-shirt I would have gotten the dragons or the cthulu or the giants or the ....
  18. I poured over this thread to get my geek on -can't wait for mine. I'm a mediocre painter so I am going to sort out the minis to practice. I have a bunch of others in boxes that I havent touched because I want to be a better painter But I just have the following coming - -- Vampire x1 $150 -- 4X - T-Shirt x1 $22 -- Hydra x1 $18 -- KS Sophie UL x1 $28 I would remove my size but I'm a tubby lunchbox...if Reaper had a lunch box I would buy that too!!!
  19. Hi All, I just came from a MTG Gatecrash pre-release session and while I was there I bought out my trusty Reaper Scrye Life Counter - It is the hand holding the Crystal Ball - black colored dial. Anyway, this was a pretty big session with about 44 people there, but I digress...the reason I am posting this is that the kids there, teenage and up(adults too!) have never seen it. They were saying how cool it was and I thought, wow maybe Reaper should bring these back because I checked eBay and they are going for like $45 on up. I had to explain where I got it from.... Anyway, I have mine and remember paying like $10-$15 for it at GenCon '99 or GenCon '00 - I think it might be worth it to bring these back as I think they would sell again.
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