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  1. @Brigart, PM sent. Beautiful paint job. Best, G&G
  2. @Talae, thank you for the suggestion & advice! Apologies we are not very good at this, especially expressing the great works done by hundreds of our backers. It is our first time in handling situations like this on this thread, so sorry again, thank you for your advice sir! We are trying our best Here are just some pics from backers :) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.567812766574590.1073741831.475726182449916&type=3 (our global paint day) https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.556144767741390.1073741827.475726182449916&type=3 (some more pics) We are big Reaper mini fans and look forward to some reaper mini pics with our brushes and that will be hopefully soon to come from our backers. There also some videos that we shared on our facebook page which were sent to us via links from backers and done by our backers. https://www.facebook.com/GamesNGears Nevertheless we still want to state kindly, please pm us if there are issues for us to help sort it so you can hopefully submit some pictures of your awesome minis, if you so wish. :) Thanks again.
  3. @TheauldGrump Thanks, we are committed to our backers and we endeavor to do our best. We will keep at it for sure :).
  4. 7th Samurai Brush Stands are in Wave 3 and will be dispatched this week. Update to come soon on that.
  5. @Ladygrey, thank you for the kind words :). Yes we have seen some awesome growth over the past few months and we cannot wait to do more. Send a PM via Facebook with pics attached or send us a link there. Brush Case will be available a little after our site launch and your brother will be able to get a set very soon. More on that soon! Thanks!
  6. Well we would love to hear from them :). I think the best we can do is resolve matters. Which is the best course of action and have been pretty open about it. In terms of statements, all the fantastic work all over the world has been done by our backers in terms of pictures and vids :). Besides it is a win win. As we get to fix it for our backers. We do not shy away from resolving matters, its always hard being the new kid on the block. But we are up to the task and hope to resolve a small number of defects. We will try our best to sort it. Thanks Auld Grump :).
  7. Thank you for all your comments. We have already responded to most issues here. If you have any concerns please PM us. The vast majority of our backers are very happy with the line, we have backers doing painting tutorial vids with them and painting studio's painting their mini's with them, we have over hundreds of pictures of painted mini's with the Pro Studio line with all levels of gamer/pro painting. Yes there have been defects but we have been replacing them for our backers quite rightly so. As our first time mass producing them there will always be some teething issues but we are more than happy to sort it out & have done so. We know competition is tough out there and it is a small market. We understand. :) Best way to get in touch with us (by sending us a private message via kickstarter). It has been an amazing experience, we have grown in size and Pro Studio is here to stay. Defect rate has been small but this is still not acceptable and expectations are high. So with the great expereinces (Although this reaper forum does not really show it.) We are happy to resolve :). The line is in high demand and will be retailed very soon. Any questions PM us. Happy to help as always. As we want you like the thousand plus backers to send in your pictures and share with us your painting pics and more. So if we have failed to communicate this before, we are here to assist and sort it out. :) Best, G&G Crew
  8. @nocturne send us a pm via Kickstarter and we will sort the PSS2 :)
  9. @fanguad great to hear!! We are here to sort issues and have done so. So pm us if you need assistance with defects (fortunately this has been very low, but still there has been some. We are sorting it!). :) With over 200 pictures of miniatures painted by our Pro Studio line we are stoked. From all levels from beginners to golden demon painters. It's been good times and we have a lot more to come. Thus far the vast majority of feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and of course we will keep improving the lines continuously.
  10. Good to hear sir :). Cannot wait to see more of you paint work on those cool minis. Looking forward to the pictures.
  11. Glad to hear it is working out for you samirai Jack :). Can you send us your mini pics looks great sir so far!
  12. We look forward to sorting it out as quickly as we can. :)
  13. Thanks for the comments above. We look forward to assisting you if required and look forward to your pm via kickstarter. Also thank you for those of you here who have also submitted your miniatures pain t jobs here today they look awesome. Keep in touch with us via kickstarter pms as it is the fastest way we can respond :).
  14. @kay, dont be nervous! Issues are usually more acutely voiced over forums and is to be expected. The best we can do is address these acute concerns. However the good news is the vast majority are doing very well. As we have got quite a load of painted minis from backers to show for it in the days and weeks to come. However do PM us via kickstarter. There is a turn around from making them and then posting them. To get full clarification send us a pm :)
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