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  1. Well I am not Jester by a long shot but I have been perusing the medea board due to my new purchase as well: Periodically To insure smooth trigger action, lubricate the needle and trigger mechanism regularly. Remove the needle and coat it with a high-quality grease (like Medea Super Lube); then wipe the needle with a soft, clean cloth, leaving on a light coat of grease. Re-insert the needle into the airbrush and re-tighten the needle-chucking nut (#18). Note: DO NOT over-grease the needle packing, since it is possible to transfer the excess grease into the nozzle, causing severe paint flow problems. DO NOT use light machine oil for lubrication. This will cause the needle to stick slightly as it moves though the needle packing.
  2. Just as another suggestion I would not seal the model right after a primer has touched it. I would apply the base coats and use the inks as the others have suggested and then apply a very light coat of testers dull coat. Be patient when painting over the dull coat because paint will sometimes come off when painting on top of it. Or you could just wait till the very end and then use dull coat but that is a matter of personal taste. Any who this is my 2 cents
  3. I don't think mixing sand is the key. It probably extend the drying time quite considerably and lose the effect of its adherence. You could buy some pumice from Michaels and mix the two effectively extend the life of both. You can always try but I don't think sand would hep you much.
  4. Don't get edge, I currently am stuck in a contract with them and they just plain stink. Every minor thing done to your phone and they are pushing another 2 year contract down your throat. Also trying to get a hold of a customer rep with them is the worst
  5. Some ambrosia would be nice too!
  6. He is obviously a reply bot of some sort
  7. Medical clamps work well too if you know anyone in the profession that can get you some.
  8. Stuart. I will pray for your safe and speedy recovery. Good luck man!
  9. I have a 2 and a 10 just because I like to work with minis a little farther away that Jester. Also if I may suggest, depending on your brand you may want to get a stocking hat to put your visor on. My has the habit of ripping out hairs if I don't. But it is very comforatable
  10. Is this a order online type of thing or can you pick it up in Barnes and Nobles?
  11. Sorry for the double post, strange I only clicked once.
  12. amazon.com is another one took look at with this as well
  13. amazon.com is another one took look at with this as well
  14. http://www.dickblick.com/zz050/02/ 60% off at dick blick for those who use them
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