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  1. Questions on the printed cards from the reaper site. Do they included the pretty painted model pic? I am a sucker for the modles art/model being on the card.
  2. hey Josh! I have an old friend in South Jersey who I think has models at the very least. Let me know! Once I get the rules, perhaps we can meet up at a local shop. My family is all in South Jersey so I come up a bit.
  3. Thanks everyone! I am sold on tryng it and have posted on Bartertown for some trades to get into it. I've already had some offers for the rulebooks, so I only need now confirm the faction(s!) i want to jump into.
  4. oh thats depressing....no resposes. Looks like i have work to do to get some people playing...{cracks knuckles...grins evilly}...my specialty!
  5. Qwyk- thank you for the link. For all the surfing around that I do on this site now I cannot believe I missed it. Of course its all I have this ks and want that ks stuff so I will have to see about breaking in.... Obsidian - thanks for the heads up. My flgs is awesome and brings in at least one of each reaper release usually. And someone is buying them cause they dont have more than 50 blisters or so in stock and what is there is fairly recent. Sounds like we have to make our own fire giant list then. ;-) So I have a trade pending for the savage north book. Lets see what happens....
  6. Qwyk - thanks for the heads up. And good call on the secondary market. I will have to start looking/making my wants known. Sooooo....anyone NOT want their icingstead compatable ks stuff? :-)
  7. Thanks for the replies and insight. I am going to have to order the savage north book to check things out. I was chatting with my group on saturday and funny enough, they all thought it was a mass combat game as well. When I mentioned what it was, they all got interested. I agreed to bite the bullet and check it out more. How long before the kickstarter bones stuff hits? With the P65 line getting disco'd some of the giants and big stuff for the icingstead may be unavailable for a while. DAMN I wish I kicked. Had no idea there was a wargame... Nice comparison to historicals. And you know, if we get entrenched, why can we not make up our own stats for new models as they come out? :-)
  8. Thank you for all the answers and help. I spent some time trolling the forums and read the rather semi heated debate under the WL System Discussion Thread. I'll tell you, reading that made me want to run from the game. Watching vets who playtested the game debate the system is not a bad thing. Reading the responses from those same people in that thread...whoa. If the playtesters were that angry (not passionate, i know the differnce) about parts of the game and why its bad, broken, good or groundbreaking, then perhaps there cant be a foundation to make a community. However, the models are beautiful and I am looking for something fun to play, that's not mainstream, and has something "different" than other minis games out there I care not for GW's antiqudated non skirmish rulesets, power creep, expense to update my armies of old etc. 40k has become an abomination and WFB makes me feel like all I am doing is painting $4-6.00 wound counters. I think I now know why people dont bother painting them. I care not for Warmachines powergamer community. All teh PG's left GW games in this area and moved to WM/Hordes. Or their rules that encourage the powergaming, the power creep to have to HAVE the new models as all the old combos become "recognizable" by vets making entry for new people difficult if they care about winning games. The army list you use tells your opponent exactly what you are going to do. I've never seen another game where this is so apparent. Malifaux is ok storywise and fun to play, but power creep has set in with all the new books/models, etc and I just can't get into the "steampunk" setting. I am waiting for that fad to burn out. Infinity I love, but thats my scifi choice of minis game. Gameplay rocks and is fast and bloody Small sized games with little creep. I dislike the "manga/anime" part of it, but the ultra future, hitech feel, the gameplay and player base here are fun. I need a fantasy choice i dont need to "keep up with Jones'" to play. I dont care about competitve gaming. I was burned out of that long ago in GW games. It makes an ugly community when winning is all that matters over story, hobby and fun. I play in tournies, dont get me worng, but thats usually to just get a good day of gaming in, hoefully with some new opponents. Warlord might be it...I guess the passionate fans out there will have to ocntinue carrying the torch until Reaper decides the profit they can make from the line is worth it. Perhaps it needs a "rebranding" per say with a regioanlized relauch if you will. Small controlled and expand from there. So, what faction do I start with? Hmmmmm Bloodstone Gnomes remind me of Night Goblins in WFB, but differnt enough I like the theme. Beetle riders and golems! The Icingstead barbarians are chao-like and i do enjoy the frozen wastes look/theme. Overlords - evil clerics and their armies pushing an unholy agenda - YES! The snakemen appeal to me, but not the lizardmen that go with them. Are they effective alone? . Are there Dark Dwarves/Derro/Duergar? And why is the core rulebook 20.00 and the Savage North 35.00? More content? Color? there is no description on the Savage North book. thanks for letting me rant and the questions! patrick
  9. WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN? I've seen the rules and box sets and brushed it off as another mass combat game like Warhammer. I have been searching for a good fantasy skirmish game. I love reapers models. Never put 2+2 together. UGH!!! DOHH!!!! So anyways, I think the Frost Giants/Icingstead and the Gnomes have captured my attention based on look and what little I have found out. I havent even gotten the rulebook yet.... Questions: Why is no one playing after all these years? I know most stores dont stock a "wall" of reaper, but I know NO ONE that has even tried this game and I know ALOT of minis gamers. I mean, is/was there something wrong with the rules? Whats stopping the game from blossoming? This forum is very underactive given the scope of the game and the age of the ruleset and popularity of Reaper minis. Do players have an offsite forum/website/blog where there is a community I cannot find? I watched the Kickstarter and would like to go back in time to join in. Who can help!?! Why did I discover this so late? I read that i can only get the Northern factions book and no the core rules as well and have the complete package, True? I keep reading about stat cards. Are they included in the minis? Can I download them? IS there a se tto buy I cannot find? I see the files and stuff on the reapergames.com site for Warlord. Anyone in the Baltimore area? Thanks for helping the newb Patrick
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