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  1. Just a quick upload of some pics of my converted flower witch to a Harold on burning chariot of tzeentch.
  2. Neo

    For my collection, I hope!! *Cries*

    I know mine doesn't. Ditto. Hmm, 6 hour paint time, or six hour time. Cause 6 hour time = 3 actual paint time + 3 hour wonder how I plan to paint it and/or distraction of what other mini's I plan to do next. In that case it would be 6/30 mins paint time because I laid out what colors I wanted to use and then got started. Oh, and minus a minute or two to skip the addvertisments on Pandora.
  3. This one I did in around 4-5 hours, which I feel is rushing, nevertheless she is my favorite so far!
  4. Here is another one I spent the same amout of time on, around 6-7 hours.
  5. I spent a little more time on this than I normaly would. A little over 6 solid hours. This may end up for sale one day but who knows. I have yet to do this base, still deciding!
  6. Neo

    Fire vs Ice

    This is another birthday present I did for my friend's daughter. For those of you who saw my Tark post, this was for his other daughter.
  7. Neo

    Turtle + Shark = Tark!

    Sculpted, modified, and painted this up for my friend’s daughter who imagined this up. I overheard and thought it would be cool to do this for her birthday present!
  8. Neo

    Spider Queen

    For those of you wondering how I did the web. I simply left it in a dark corner and came back to it a month later. The spiders took care of the rest.
  9. Neo

    Spider Queen

    She is made by wizards of the coast I believe. As part of their dungeons and dragons line. And the cool thing is she comes just as you see, minus the web and the paint of course!
  10. Neo

    77256: Brass Bull

    Very cool. It almost looks like metallic red? I would love to see what else is in the "Finished" Cabinet. Haha, good work tho!
  11. Neo

    My very first MIni!!!

    Painted this about 3 years ago. So don't be too harsh!
  12. Neo

    Zombie Master Female

    Done this up at first with the green mask, boss didn't like it so u changed it to the bone mask.
  13. Just a basic rendition of the gate done up in my attempts at non metallic gold.
  14. Neo

    A few Fantasy Bases

    Another commission piece. The guy wanted them painted exaltly like the online pictures.
  15. Neo

    Infiniti Female Biker

    Did this for a friend who needed a center piece for his Infinity army. Of course he got the friend discount tho!