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  1. Even given the reassurance that UPS is not taking it right to my door in Edmonton, I am still scared with them touching my order. I just got another game that I kickstarted that cost $300 and I had to pay ups another $90 and miss out on work just to get my game, since they have such terrible hours to go pick up from their distribution centre.
  2. I hate to resurrect old threads, but I was curious now that Bones have been out fora while, has anyone tried to put their Bones in a fish tank yet? I was just going through my models and realized that I had still not put together my Cthulhu since I was waiting to see if someone else was going to do this or not.
  3. My bones just came in and I just opened the Cthulhu and wow is he huge!!
  4. I got my notice for edmonton. But I guess with the update saying Canada is finished, I should not be surprised. *off topic, yeah a lot of Americans still think that living in Canada everyone knows each other by name and that we live in igloos.
  5. I know there are a few companies that copy the fantasy version of the EE games, so I would like to make the assumption that there might be the same for the sci-fi version as well. Or try looking on CMoN and see if they have anything there that you can search for to give you an idea of an easy mod to do.
  6. Lol not just stuff in the mail. I could buy it from a store and it will look perfect till I open it then I find t problems with it. I am just guessing my bones will not be in the 200 or so that made it through before the rest got sent back to Reaper.
  7. My two cents. If they were to do a KS for warlord I would rather see it as one instead if a bunch of small ones that focus on a few factions. A problem would be is if they were to do just a few factions at first what ones would they choose that would get enough people interested that it would be successful. One way they could do it is to do select people from each faction to start and then go from there to flush out all the factions. So that each faction gets a 1000 point list each, and add on to there the more they raise. With their other KS already having a few of the models made as bones it could help them flush out more lists faster and cheaper. I know if it was not for Mordheim I probably would not have ever gotten into Reapers great models. I think half my lists ended up mostly reapers models and a fair number of other people who played in my group was the same way. If they were to do it around late December I don't think that would work very well, a fair number of people find that just to inconvenient. I would say a better time is around April after people have had a chance to deal with the debt from the holidays and they have gotten their tax dealt with.
  8. I am not going to count myself lucky enough to get mine. The way my luck works is that I will probably get mine last/broken/missing parts. Or so half my board games I got show me .
  9. Sweet I got my address verification email now
  10. That would be cool to read. Who do we pester in Reaper to get these books to happen:)
  11. I just finished the second book. And it had a good ending. Now I am curious if durion will eventually get killed by Medina or if she will give in to her new life. If there was a plan for a book of the north, were you going to put the brothers into it?
  12. Oh I still enjoy it, the story is a great addition to the first one. Enough so that I spend around two hours reading the book at work today.
  13. Just started the second book and so far I can see that this one is not as polished as the last one for editing. So far I have noticed words missing and some other places there are spaces missing between words. Another thing I have noticed is that new paragraphs start in the middles of a sentence/ when someone is talking.
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