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  1. So, the only next goal we know is Ravenhome? EDIT. Ninja'ed by the Yog-Sothoth.
  2. 380$ (7 hours left!!) in core, dungeon, daimyo, greek, the 5 dragons and some addons....
  3. Hi, What I like about Warlord: - Easy game to learn. On 32? pgs you have all the rules. Warhammer for instance is more than 100. All profiles and "faction rules" are five/six pages. I don't want to compare it with a WH army book. Furthermore, with Warlord you don't need three pictures to explain all the situations and strange rules (the only I know is Trample). Yes, there are always "black holes" on every game system (even on Munchkin), but it's quite easy. - The game works great in multiplayer. Sure, a 3 player "all vs all" will be as broken as it'd be on any other game system I've tried. But you don't have to clarify ANY rules. It's all on the book. What I don't like: - World is not detailed. Yeah, sure, if I could get the 1st ed and the army books I'd have everything but now it's difficult. AND it is NOT difficult to create a Wiki or some pages on the web with tons of background (this background difficult to have). - Lack of support on Reaper main site. I mean, there are ALWAYS a lot of fans who would be more than happy to create something new every month for the page (a new army like Karkarians or Jade Empire, new scenarios, new background, new characters for some factions..). The amount of work to be done by Reaper is really low, just give an account (and maybe some Bone candy) to any of the forum respectable members and I'm sure they would do a great work. - The main difficult for the newbie is to know the symbiosis between SA's. Having five models, each with 3-6 SA's, is too much to think about tactics when you begin on Warlord. - There could be a "Five Scenarios Learn-to-play" booklet (or pdf or whatever) to help new players. Oh, and BTW... regarding d10s. All dice rolls are "value + d10 > difficult". If anybody likes to play with d20, simply x2 everything. If anybody likes the d6, simply 0'6x everything (values, difficults, bonus...). Probabilities are not changed on a A+X>B situation if all variables get multiplied ;-)
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