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  1. Blocked out everything with basecoats though looking at the picture there are still places where the primer shows through (sigh). Feel I have to call this finished soon, The amount of not-nice words directed at the mini has increased drastically lately as I slobber paint everywhere it's not supposed to be.
  2. I'll keep that in mind, though I don't have any dullcoat around right now. For now I'll probably reserve the medium for especially problematic situations.
  3. Thanks for the comments! I might revisit the face later, since I'm bound to get stray paint on it at some point anyway. I started painting her cloak, the hood and front part still needs more work and there are no highlights yet, but I think the back turned out quite well. I tried using some thinner medium and while I felt it did make controlling the paint easier, it also made the painted areas shiny which I don't like. I tried to go for a slightly earthy green but I didn't go quite far enough I think.
  4. Gave her a face, she looks somewhat concerned. Got one eye on my first try, the other took at least ten. Started basecoating some other stuff to try to get an idea of the colour scheme. Didn't know how to deal with the cat so I tried drybrushing. It didn't work.
  5. Having left this figure lying in the basement for three years (the last time I painted) I figured it was time to finally paint her. I wanted to try to learn to do skin, so I appreciate any tips or criticism you might have. I'm also looking for tips on how to control paint thickness. I'm having a hard time getting the paint thin without pooling. The base is a rough wooden floor made with green stuff. It's a little lumpy, but it'll probably be fine when painted. Not yet sure which direction to take the colour scheme, though it will probably be mostly blue.
  6. Finally everything is basically the colour I want it to be. The Minotaur now has approximately 120% more bling due to golden armour and horn ring things(?). I went over the furry parts with a brighter highlight. I think it looks pretty good. I tried mixing some yellow with the red and it seems to work out decently at least. I feel I am getting a bit tired of this mini. I find myself eyeing the other miniatures that are in the painting queue.
  7. Well if Clear Red is supposed to be an "additive", then I might have found out why I'm having problems getting an even coat, seeing as that is the only red I've got.
  8. I've done some more layering on the fur to the point where you might actually have a chance to see some slight highlights. I also tried drybrushing the furry bits grey, with mixed result (I think it looks good on the head, less so on the tail). I went over the rocks with some grey to bring the saturation down a tad, not sure if more is needed. I also started painting the midtones on the parts that's supposed to be leather (axe wrapping, sash, arm-belt thing). Looking at the pictures I still see some places where I'll need to touch up on the base and soon-to-be-metal parts. Th
  9. Mostly finished with basecoating, some leather bits need another coat and I've missed some spots on the base. I did the eyes, I think this guy is a little asymmetrical, one eye seems a lot more sunk in than the other (and came out a lot better). I also put some experimental highlights on his fur (the smooth parts not the "furry" ones) but I'm worried of overdoing it and I don't think you can even see them in the pictures. Sorry about the bad pictures, the sun sets too early.
  10. So close to finish basecoating... I basecoated his cleaver thing black before going over with the metallic, it does indeed look better, though a little darker than I want it. I have no idea where I'm going with this rock colour.
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone! Progress is slow, mostly due to difficulty finding time to paint. I think I've got the black pretty smooth but there are still some places that need more coats. The red is still proving troublesome (most likely because I'm actually not entirely sure how I want it). I'd like your input on the horns. I don't have any bone colour so I tried mixing some, not sure I like what I got though. I am also not sure what to do with the metal (for some reason it looks really good in the first picture, the second picture is closer to how it looks in person).
  12. The guy is indeed primed, but there were some places where the paint behaved oddly. Maybe I missed those places when priming? It is difficult to tell with white primer on Bones.
  13. So I've started basecoating, unfortunately the lighting is terrible right now so this is the best picture I could get. I tried following the advise you always see in miniature discussion - thinning your paints. I'm not sure I'm doing it right though. I had a bit of a mishap while painting the red, which is why there are two different shades.
  14. I was considering that but I decided to leave a large part of the base because I was concerned afraid it wouldn't be stable. If I had the tools I would try pinning it. I thought I could use some green stuff to fix the cracks but it seems more difficult than I thought. As it stands I don't think I have the patience to wait for another week for shipping .
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