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  1. Imagine my surprise when I logged onto to this site and saw this miniature I painted 13 years ago. I notice the comments were posted from last year. I haven’t been on the site since I believe 2009. What a welcomed thing to see...
  2. wtwest

    Bigfoot Mini

    Thanks for the comments. I'm hoping to start another mini this week. I just have to keep them simple till I get some bifocals.
  3. wtwest

    Bigfoot Mini

    It's been about two years since I picked up a brush. My eyesight isn't what it use to be. I decided to give painting a try. I think it's about time for bi-focals. I picked up this newer Bigfoot mini, so I thought it would be a perfect mini to paint to see if i could still paint. It's not easy holding the figure out at arms length to get the details, but I thought it turned out OK. Thanks for looking. I'm hoping to paint some more in the future. It was fun getting the old paints out.
  4. I got mine finished. Just waiting to confirm the address. I had fun with another exchange. WTWest
  5. I received my mini today from Qwyksilver. It was a very welcomed site. I've kind of been putting my mini painting on the back burner lately. I'll have to get a picture of it posted. Hopefully I'll have time either tonight or tomorrow. Hey Qwyksilver. How'd you know I like hobbits/halflings? I'm sitting it on the shelf with my other mini exchanges. Great looking mini. Looking forward to future exchanges. Thanks again Digital M for setting this one up. Now back to lurk mode......... WTWest
  6. wtwest

    New Greens

    I received mine in the mail today. Great looking mini. Also liked getting a couple of free paints and the latest CasketWorks. Great job Reaper!!!! Now back to lurksville.................. WTWest
  7. I'd be great if we could order the Sophie mini for those unable to attend. I'd like to go to the Con, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it. If it's not available, any chance someone could pick some up for those who can not attend? I'd be more than willing to pay postage and a little extra someone taking the time to pick one up for me. WTWest
  8. Well hopefully this mini will get some response. My last didn't gather any comments. I painted Norrin Silverbeard (2503) for Heisler. I used metallics, since my NMM talent is lacking. I had fun painting for some one once again. Thanks to Digital M for organizing this event. Here's a picture of the mini. WTWest
  9. wtwest

    Dark Elf Merc

    I have several Hasslefree minis, so I finally decided to paint one up. I figured I'd experiment with the metallics, so I could try them on a Reaper female dwarf. I started with a black basecoat. I drybrushed gun metal all over the armour of the figure. Next I gave it a wash of purple and blue. When dry I dry brushed with the gun metal once again. Next I dry brushed with gold, followed by bronze. Then I gave it a brown wash. When dry I dry brushed silver. I used the same colors on the armour to tie it all together. All the metallic paints were Howard Hues. I used elf flesh with white added for highlights. The hair is simple black with highlights of various greys. The base was black with drybrushed snakebite leather, the white was added to the leather to highlight further. When completed added some leaves and static grass. I coated the figure with a couple of coats of dullcoat. When dry I drybrushed some clear gloss on different areas of the armour and sword. Overall it turned out better than I thought it would. I'm looking forward to trying it on the dwarf. Maybe some day I'll give the NMM a try. Not quite sure how it all works yet. I figure for the time being, I'll have to settle for real metallics. Thanks for taking a look. WTWest
  10. Well I finished my exchange mini tonight. I combined two things at once. I did the speed paint(mini of my choice of course) and mini exchange. I started at 5:30 PM and finished at around 8:00 PM. I had a great time painting this mini. I'm planning on shipping it tomorrow. Hope the receiver likes it. Now what should my next project be..... I've painted 4 minis in the last 2 weeks, not bad after a 4 month break. Looking forward to the next exchange! Thanks to Digital M for setting this up and coordinating this event. WTWest
  11. Thanks for the great comments. As I said I just loved the sculpt. I didn't care for the tail folds, but didn't know what else to do. I thought about filing it down then trying to fill any gaps with green stuff. In the end I just decided to go with the original sculpt. Next figure up is my Spring Exchange, with any luck I plan to get started this weekend. Hopefully Mr. Weibe will keep making more of these animal/human type miniatures. Thanks again for the comments. It's nice to know people appreciate your artistic abilities, no matter what skill level you are at. WTWest
  12. Still trying to get back into painting. I thought the Wereshark was a must have when I first saw the green. I'm a big fan of Jason Weibe's beastman figures. I went ith a simple color scheme. Kind of a Great White skin tone. I started with a basecoat of wolf grey, then highlighted up to white. For the top color I used cold grey, with highlights added with white. When finished, I gave it three coats of dullcoat. I painted gloss around the mouth, gill slits, parts of the chest, water area and the squid thingy in it's hand. Overall I was pleased with the turn out. If nothing else it's getting me ready for my Spring Exchange mini. It's based, and ready for priming. Thanks for taking a look. WTWest
  13. wtwest


    Thanks for the great comments. I have three more aliens to paint. I might try variations of color, so I can tell them apart. I also have an old female sci-fi mini that looks a lot like Ripley. I believe she is an old Grenadier mini as well. So I might paint her next, then on to my Spring Mini Exchange. Just have to figure out a great mini to paint for the exchange. Thanks again. WTWest
  14. wtwest


    The Terminator is from EM4, old cast from Grenadier Future Wars line. The Predator is from Copplestone Castings. They are called Hunter Aliens. Funny thing is he also sculpted the Robots for Grenadier. The Aliens I searched high and low for. Apparently the company that makes them doesn't advertise them, due to copyright laws. I believe it was Eureka, but don't qoute me on it. Thanks for the comments. Hope this helps. WTWest
  15. wtwest


    Just a quick pic of a group shot. WTWest
  16. wtwest


    Well I haven't painted a miniature since November. I decided to go with something simple. I had painted a Terminator and a Predator type figure last year, so I thought an Alien was the most likely canidate. It took me awhile to find the right mini. Luckily I found what I wanted. I stated with a coat of black for the primer. Next I highlighted the base with bleached bone. I kept it simple, trying to match the bases on the other minis. After finishing the simple base, I gave the entire figure a wash of purple ink, followed by blue and green ink in various spots. I next highlighted with Nausating Blue, followed by Hideous Blue with slight highlight of Enchanted blue with a splash of white added. Of course, I painted the teeth with silver. I sealed the mini in a couple of sprays of Dullcoat. When dry, I painted several sections with gloss to give it that wet look. Not overly impressive, but it was nice getting back into painting after a four month hiatus. Now I need to get a mini ready for the Spring Mini Exchange. Back to my lurking...... Thanks for taking a peek. WTWest
  17. Thanks for the birthday greetings. WTWest
  18. I had fun painting this mini. I decided to paint it with Christmas colors in mind. Also I tried something new by adding snow. Besides, he looks like he's ready for some winter weather. I'm glad you like it. I just might have to devote some more time to painting again. WTWest
  19. After not painting anything for months, I thought I'd get my mini done for the exchange. Since I didn't do anything but watch football today I had time to get my mini done. I'm sending it out on Friday. I hope who ever receives it likes it. I tried to do a winter theme. I'd like to thank Steven Page for organizing the event. This is my third mini exchange. I've come to enjoy painting for someone else. Just need to get back into the habit of painting again. Well, back off to the land of lurking.......... WTWest
  20. I really enjoyed getting this mini in the mail. I'm placing in my display cabinet to show off. I think Rodnik did an excellent job. I really love the base work. Some day I'd like to try something like this myself. Keep up the great work. I'm honored to have one of your pieces. WTWest
  21. I have over the past several years used GW Bronzed Flesh as my color of choice for painting flesh. It has seemed to get more orange than I recall. What type of flesh color do you guys use? I'd like to start expeimenting with something new. I guess old habits are hard to break. Thanks in advance for any help on this. WTWest
  22. wtwest


    Thanks Durak. I couldn't have said it better. I also recommend seeing the movie. It is one of my favorites. Thanks for the comments. I'm starting work on my next project, Reaper's Wereboar. WTWest
  23. I had the pleasure of receiving this great mini in person. At Gen Con I thought I'd check with Scott and see if he received my Summer mini I had painted from him before he left for Gen Con. To my surprise Scott had painted this mini for me from the Spring exchange. I really like the colors Scott choose. I thought the added touch of blood on the axe was an excellent addition. I have this mini unpainted, now that I have this one I think I'll let one of my kids paint it. WTWest
  24. I painted this Lupine mini for Lord Baassen in the Summer Mini Exchange. The cool thing was Lord Baasen painted a Spring Exchange Mini for me. I had a blast painting for someone else. I usually only paint for myself. This is the second mini I painted for anyone. The first was my Spring Exchange mini for Deane. I'm looking forward to painting in my third mini exchange. WTWest
  25. wtwest


    I've had this mini half done for about four months. I had the base and pants done. I finally got the gumption and started the flesh. And boy there is a lot of it. I started with a bronze flesh base coat, followed by a light flesh ink wash. I then followed with bronze flesh, with several different high lights of added white to the base color. He turned out alright. I'd justlike to find a Captain Stern type mini to go along with him. The flesh was a step to get ready for one of my next project, a Thrud mini. I have him primed, so hopefully it won't take me as long paint as Hanover here did. Now to figure out my Winter Reaper Exchange mini to paint. Let's see,....something along the fantasy line. WTWest
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