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    Rebel Troopers, Imperial Assault, Fantasy Flight Games

    As someone who can't do eyes and faces in general to save my life (cheap paints, cheap brushes, limited talent), I an jealous.
  2. badgermaniac

    02937: Cirdan,High Elf Wizard

    I would like to give a big thumbs down to the paint job in the original post. Some of us really enjoy painting our figures and get a great sense of pride in how they turn out. Then we have to look at figures like this and all it does is make us realize how completely inadequate we are. Thanks for nothing.
  3. badgermaniac

    Painting old D&D figures

    For my plastic minis, I just use the Krylon paint that is labeled specifically for plastics. Since these aren't plastic, is there another version of the Krylon spray that would adhere better to the metal? (I am cheap so I don't typically invest in expensive/top level quality materials if there are solid alternatives.)
  4. badgermaniac

    Painting old D&D figures

    I have a bunch of the old D&D lead (??) figures made by Ral Partha (I think). When I was a youngin, I started painting a few of them by basically just starting to paint right onto the metal. After painting many of my gaming figures (Descent, Last Night on Earth, etc.) I have become at least moderately proficient in painting modern plastic figures. I am thinking about going back and giving my old figures and was wondering if anyone had any tips... 1. What is the best primer to use with the metal figures? 2. Since I didn't use primer on my first attempts (and they aren't any good anyway), I presume that I will go back and strip the original paint jobs. Tips for the best way to go about this with metal minis? 3. Basing tips, most notably how to attach? 4. Any difference in painting techniques in terms of how the paint operates on the metal minis? 5. Finishing tips? I often use the dip method (actually I just paint on the dip with a brush) on plastics...can I use that on metals as well? Thanks in advance for any of you that have expertise in painting in this format.
  5. badgermaniac

    Swords and Wizardry

    Thank you for the responses. I am all set.
  6. badgermaniac

    Swords and Wizardry

    One of the stretch goals was a pdf version of the game "Swords and Wizardry". I did not receive this so I was wondering what happened. Was it a printed pdf included in the box? An electronic copy emailed? Electronic copy available on the site or via an independent link? Something I missed totally? Any help would be appreciated.