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  1. Thank you as well. When I was doing fast scans, I was looking under elves, but with the sword in that overhead position. You were a big help on both. For the first one, I found him: Lawful Brothers of Eaglesborne Going back to my earlier post, I still have not found a source for the knight...many close calls but not an exact match. Again, to everyone, you are awesome.
  2. Bingo. Awesome. I had done searches for anti-paladin, but without luck. Thank you.
  3. It really doesn't have any bandages, just a loincloth. It is a bad picture but he is emaciated, which may make it look like strips of bandages. It looks more like a zombie than a mummy. I did do a search of all the mummies on the site just to be sure though, with no luck. I will do a search for zombies as well. Thanks though.
  4. Here are four new ones that have me stumped (after about 15 hours on the Lost Mini Wiki site). #1: This is a Ral Partha 1984 figure, but I can't find it. I have gone through all their catalogs (guessing it was a figure not pictured) as well as the Lost Mini site. It is larger with an eagle (??) head dress as well as an eagle on the shield. #2: This one appears to be stamped, "RP imports", which I think means Ral Partha Imports. It is also stamped '85. Again, I cannot locate the figure however. #3 and #4: Both are not stamped, but there is an "AP" etched into the base of each. Could be an artist name? The last one is hard to see but appears almost Gollum like....skins and bones, humanoid face, etc.
  5. No pictures to share, but I was going through my old Grenadier D&D Learn to Paint Box. Most figures were not touched, a couple were started and a couple were "done". As I looked at them through today's eyes, they looked salvageable, as they were color blocked pretty well. So, with a quick hit of wash, a couple touch-ups, some rudimentary highlighting, etc. they are certainly presentable. Good job 13 year old me. The ones that make me shudder more are my early Descent miniatures, which are what brought modern me back into the hobby. Now, some of that is a slightly smaller scale, plus a few models with pretty poor detail, but even then, as I compare them to my current Descent figures (still working my way through), I don't even want to play with the older ones. As a perfectionist, it might be more bothersome to look at my old ones than it is to appreciate my more recent ones and I am close to stripping down a few and starting those first batches again.
  6. Found the female. It is a Grenadier model in the Wizards and Warriors line: Female Fighter. No idea why it isn't stamped.
  7. Looking closer, there is a remnant of some sort of labeling on the bottom of the knight, but the mold line makes it unreadable. I can see the number 141, but cannot read the rest.
  8. There is no Ral Partha stamp on the bottom of either. All of my others do have them. Did they have some without stamps?
  9. I am going through my old collection to inventory what I have. Most are Grenadier and Ral Partha and are stamped as such so with a little legwork, they aren't too difficult to find. The two pictures below do not have any manufacturer stamp so I am at a loss of what they are or where they are from. My other figures are almost entirely in that 1976-1980 window, so guessing these are from the same window. Any ideas or info would be appreciated.
  10. As someone who can't do eyes and faces in general to save my life (cheap paints, cheap brushes, limited talent), I an jealous.
  11. I would like to give a big thumbs down to the paint job in the original post. Some of us really enjoy painting our figures and get a great sense of pride in how they turn out. Then we have to look at figures like this and all it does is make us realize how completely inadequate we are. Thanks for nothing.
  12. For my plastic minis, I just use the Krylon paint that is labeled specifically for plastics. Since these aren't plastic, is there another version of the Krylon spray that would adhere better to the metal? (I am cheap so I don't typically invest in expensive/top level quality materials if there are solid alternatives.)
  13. I have a bunch of the old D&D lead (??) figures made by Ral Partha (I think). When I was a youngin, I started painting a few of them by basically just starting to paint right onto the metal. After painting many of my gaming figures (Descent, Last Night on Earth, etc.) I have become at least moderately proficient in painting modern plastic figures. I am thinking about going back and giving my old figures and was wondering if anyone had any tips... 1. What is the best primer to use with the metal figures? 2. Since I didn't use primer on my first attempts (and they aren't any good anyway), I presume that I will go back and strip the original paint jobs. Tips for the best way to go about this with metal minis? 3. Basing tips, most notably how to attach? 4. Any difference in painting techniques in terms of how the paint operates on the metal minis? 5. Finishing tips? I often use the dip method (actually I just paint on the dip with a brush) on plastics...can I use that on metals as well? Thanks in advance for any of you that have expertise in painting in this format.
  14. Thank you for the responses. I am all set.
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