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  1. You did about as well as you could given the deficiencies of the figure (as you noted). I don't even like to acknowledge that mine exists, which is saying a lot considering my skills are admittedly pretty basic.
  2. I was looking into purchasing some inks, specifically for use on some of the Bones translucent figures. The best purchasing value seems to be a set of basic colors, which can be purchased for around $25-$30. Here is my question. Once my handful of translucent figures are done (a few ghosts, gem dragon, spell effects), are there other things I can use the inks for? (I don't use an airbrush,.) I just want to justify the purchase by identifying other ways that people use inks. Do people find ways to give them use?
  3. Another question for those that have used it. Have you used washes with it and how did it interact with the color shifting? I tried it on a piece of alien mushroom type terrain, and it worked well. Before I try some black wash, I am curious if anyone has noticed any unique interactions?
  4. Anyone been able to access their site this weekend? Every time I have checked in I have gotten a "down for maintenance" message.
  5. Has anyone seen the dragons in the Beasts of War series? I picked up one at Target for $2.99 which I thought was a decent price for a pretty good toy sculpt at a very workable scale. https://cdn-o.fishpond.com/0295/792/783/1429681823/original.jpeg I am sort of torn between just using it as is by throwing it on a base, keeping the paint job but just throwing down some wash and maybe dry brushing, or doing a complete repaint after filling in the seam line around the neck. Thoughts from anyone that has picked one of these up and used them?
  6. I appreciate the tips. I am thinking doing something small...maybe just a shield or something to see how it works. Guessing armor is the next logical progression, though I like the idea of using it for scales, whether it be a dragon or some other lizard like creature.
  7. I picked up some color shift metallic paint on clearance just to try it out. Anyone have any advice? Any inspiration photos? Any ideas on a good figure or style of figure to paint?
  8. I am painting my pack of gnolls that have been sitting around for years and I am on this one right now. Can anyone tell me what is on his shoulder? At first, I thought it was a pot, but now I see it is a skeleton of some sort, but I can't wrap my head around the features. Is it an animal skull? Secondly, the shield certainly looks like animal hide, given the stitching, but the back looks like a traditional wood shield with an iron border. Is it hide wrapped over a wood or iron core? Can someone interpret what is going on between the front and back of the shield? As an aside, I also noticed that all of the gnolls have four "toes", except for one, which only has three. Artist interpretation I guess.
  9. Thanks. That is what I thought, but good to know.
  10. Hello. I received my Bones pledge today and I have a question about the Spiders of Emrith Kul set. There are the two bodies wrapped in webbing that are attached to each other as well as a slot. Does anyone know where they are supposed to go? At first glance I assumed the slot fit somewhere, but I don't see any possible fits. The slot looks like one of the slotted figs that slide into a base. Is that the intent? My best guess is they should be cut off the slot and apart from each other and just used loosely, but before I go to chopping, I am wondering if there is something I am missing or what others are doing with them. Thanks. P.S. I would add that this part does not appear to be in any of the pictures that I can see.
  11. Thank you as well. When I was doing fast scans, I was looking under elves, but with the sword in that overhead position. You were a big help on both. For the first one, I found him: Lawful Brothers of Eaglesborne Going back to my earlier post, I still have not found a source for the knight...many close calls but not an exact match. Again, to everyone, you are awesome.
  12. Bingo. Awesome. I had done searches for anti-paladin, but without luck. Thank you.
  13. It really doesn't have any bandages, just a loincloth. It is a bad picture but he is emaciated, which may make it look like strips of bandages. It looks more like a zombie than a mummy. I did do a search of all the mummies on the site just to be sure though, with no luck. I will do a search for zombies as well. Thanks though.
  14. Here are four new ones that have me stumped (after about 15 hours on the Lost Mini Wiki site). #1: This is a Ral Partha 1984 figure, but I can't find it. I have gone through all their catalogs (guessing it was a figure not pictured) as well as the Lost Mini site. It is larger with an eagle (??) head dress as well as an eagle on the shield. #2: This one appears to be stamped, "RP imports", which I think means Ral Partha Imports. It is also stamped '85. Again, I cannot locate the figure however. #3 and #4: Both are not stamped, but there is an "AP" etched into the base of each. Could be an artist name? The last one is hard to see but appears almost Gollum like....skins and bones, humanoid face, etc.
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