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  1. I was not considering the samurai elves... Until I saw those pictures. So many details... So the way I see it is the gargantuan official (meh) Orcus, Prince of Undeath figure is a bit over twice that tall, and the creepy dog spirit looks like only half has pulled out of the ground, so that could be about the right scale for the upper half of a manifesting demon lord / dark diety. Though it does limit summoning of the entity to open areas (or fairly large caverns / temples). 54mm is probably a better working height thought the shock value of larger is certainly tempting...
  2. Highly tempted to consider this myself... That dog thing would be great to represent a particular deity in my home D&D games, so the bigger the better.
  3. I imagine the gnome pilots are still tiny even at a 6"+ size, and the legs were never really convincing (especially those little hook feet) for handling such a construct while on the move. Compared to the rhino or elephant I just can't see this being worthwhile even at its *original* kickstarter pricepoint.
  4. Looking it up, it was actually 285 for me. I just tend to round over time. :)
  5. Oh definitely either of those would be unrealistic expectations. :) I love the results of every project I've backed of yours (I only regret not backing more) and your offer to cut cost for us TA survivors is super-classy. You are definitely going to end up with some of my money for things like mice with slings and well-dressed minotaurs: It is just a mental tick on my part (which decreased a bit after I exchanged a few messages with TA's creator earlier today about your project).
  6. I got a huge box yesterday. Love those mimics.
  7. That would be amazing (if expensive) for me. I think I'm actually one of the few who got *any* stuff out of Drake (I received like 50% of my Drake 1 pledge before things went south, if I recall) and I really wanted that stuff for its Dark Sun like style. Checking my list of old kickstarters for sequel project suggestions I see "Midgard RPG Miniatures" (Mick Leach's ancient project, partially delivered to some), "Agnostic Giraffe Miniatures!" (mostly delivered but a unlikely to be reproduced), and "Warriors of Darkmyre Obliteration Edition" (I got mine but they apparently went silent before many others did). This is a fascinating project conceptually. What inspired it, other then general frustration on dead / never-alive figure lines?
  8. Same here. I was stunned to see them... I'm having a bit of a confused reaction though. I desperately wanted those figures (still do) but $300 already dropped towards them originally and only getting a paper only boardgame I have never actually opened... mentally poisons the well a little even if I trust Impact a lot.
  9. I assume it is referring to the lawsuit over Palladium conversion rules in The Primal Order (pre-Hasbro WotC) that was settled out of court. Though Adkison (the author) has admitted in interviews that he had not really coordinated with other publishers about including components for their games, so some of them having a negative reaction wasn't entirely surprising.
  10. I don't need a replacement. I've dealt with *way* worse levels of plastic bendage before. :) As far as the die, I never turn away something to throw in my dice bag but overall I don't anticipate ever using it. I mean, it is just a generic white scatter die without any holiday elements, of which I already have plenty I don't use already (from various prior editions of 40k). If the die indicated winter weather, had three sides each of "naughty/nice", had random holiday monsters on each side, pictured different number of presents or zombie carolers, or even just had numbers 1-5 with a wreath for the 6, then it might have been more interesting (at least as a conversation piece).
  11. I am very pleased overall with what I got from the first project. The material feels solid and the detail on the figures is reasonably good (they are definitely less sharp then figures from say Zombicide, but close enough that once painted they should fit in fine with other games). The packaging for the core set of 6 figures was great, with a solid colorful box (protected with plastic guards for shipping) and internal molded tray. I had also added on an extra 6 snowmen and a second zombie reindeer. The extra snowmen were individually packaged in little boxes and fine. As to the reindeer, while the one in the box set had been perfect, the second one didn't fair as well: It was bubble wrapped and bent askew on the stand and with antlers sort of squished together. I think some other backers mentioned in the project comments a similar packaging issue on that figure. That being said, I am fairly confident I can fix the problem with some hot water based bending, so it is a small flaw in an otherwise fine delivery.
  12. Two new sets of crazy Christmas battle miniatures... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1184398968/war-in-christmas-village-sequels-tabletop-gaming-m/comments His previous project is in the process of shipping (got all of mine today).
  13. Got mine in the same box with the adventurers. Was really confused at first. :)
  14. The photos of the greens leave something to be desired. It is very difficult to pick out the details.
  15. On facebook they are saying: "The first set is currently being manufactured and should ship by the end of September. After the Kickstarter orders are fulfilled for the backers, then the War in Christmas Village models will then be available for retail."
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