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  1. getting there, need more cape highlights.
  2. I'm of roughly average height and slightly above average weight with brown hair and glasses. You can't miss me. I'll be the guy with the face, wearing the jeans and T-shirt. Actually, I guess my funny accent will give me away once I open my mouth. No worries...you'll be in Texas..we all have funny accents here.
  3. Schedule showed fine Bryan, Thurs 2 - 4 pm: with Bob Ridolfi Fri 10 am - Noon: with Michael Proctor Shaded Metallic Sat Noon - 2 pm: with Jessica Rich OSL Sun 10 am - Noon: with Jessica Rich Painting Hot Chicks.
  4. Horsecandian, I apologize for the slow response. to do the feathers I started with the mid tone of my triad, I then turned the shadow into a very thin wash and put that over the feather to pick out the ribbing, then did a VERY light dry brush along the spine of the feather and the edges.
  5. Its all looking good, now just stay with it
  6. They all look good, but as a Texas boy all I can see is several pair of boots that need to be made...I hate snakes
  7. Lovely work and a very nice tribute!
  8. I havent put up any new work in awhile so figured I better get back in the swing of things.
  9. When was the last time you saw a ninja with a Wench on each arm?
  10. You left out that it is going to be one mini a day for the rest of your natural, and possibly un-natural life Bug.
  11. A few of you saw me working on this at Reaper-Con and I figured I should post a few to show where it went. I am still trying to figure out how to base the dang thing, but it is getting there slowly I have slowly learned to hate space marine blue. If I can figure out the base I want to put it on this on eI think could be called done then. Back to seeing what I can come up with. Jonjai Aka William
  12. we all joke and Laugh about finished vs unfinished, but it really does come down to how much fun you have collecting paint and or playing. I have a massive 40k army as stated earlier, the truth is I haven't fielded an army in well over ten years. I have far more fun collecting and painting. In fact the first table top gaming I have done in years was at this years reapercon. So find the parts you enjoy, and jump on in.
  13. 1027 minis not counting vehicles. Started building it in the early mid 90's and just kept going. its fun to see how my painting, their colors and the models have changed. To bad I dont play anymore, just collect :)
  14. Sadly thats the unpainted one..Someday I need to post my GW Dark Angel Chapter, Yes...Chapter, Im married with kids..I have no life. :(
  15. I am SO DOWN for this!! But none of us could pull it off with his style calm demeanor and panache!
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