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  1. My brother thinks the armor needs to look more worn. So I am going to have to think bout this. I am while I would still need to do some work on the bronze, I am not sure if I like it or not. Any comments or critique would be appreciated. Anyways these are going on the back burner until I figure out what I want. Plenty of other things to work on.
  2. Very nice Rob. I don't think I have that kind of space. I do have some cases used to display baseballs or model cars. I might do a diorama in there. I haven't worked on the seal, I kind of hit a road block and am not sure where I want to go from there. Did some work on Santa. His skin tone was way to light so I washed it, trying avoid repainting in a darker color. and I am not sure that I succeeded in my quest. I don't know if I should build up the highlights and just give the shadows a few more washes or start the skin over. Comments and criticism are welcome. Lesser Gnome's Thopus in the background, because he has similar colors and I am working on him on the same time.
  3. Ok, These just need a little detailing and the paint job will be done. Things like eyes and some smaller details on the weapons and such. Also, I did not think through how to attach these to bases after they were painted. I don't really know how to do that without messing up a paint job. Any tips? One image is a group that were mostly done, but have been upgraded to match the current guys.
  4. I shaded everything with a wash/glaze thing. I have highlighted the skintones, and they are mostly where I want them. Then I took pictures and realized what a terrible job I did on transitions. It might get fixed. It might not. I have never done an army before and it is quite tedious. I am still open to suggestions on hoof color. I am still don't think I want a steel metal on those parts, I am open to suggestions on those too. What do you all think of a shinny copper? Armor and details remaining in the paint job. Then I get to decide on basing.
  5. That sounds really cool Rob. Are you planing on posting some pictures as a WIP? I bet that would look awesome.
  6. Rob: I have not fancy plans for display... yet. I need to figure out what I desire to display together. I have these, the rest of the familiars, I think 2 dragons with presents, father Christmas and Christmas eve and Christmas Knight. So the real question, is do I want a full display with all of them plus the ability to expand, or a smaller display. Do I want a static on or on where I can move the minis around on? I am going to thing about it while I paint them. I might end up putting these on a 1 in base and then creating a full diorama later with lift out pieces. Kangaroorex: It is coming! I was working on other pieces this week more than this group,but managed a bit on Santa dwarf. I really should do his skin next. I am failing at the in to out deal.
  7. Thanks for the support guys. Y'all are the coolest. I did some work on them, but they still have a long way to go. I cannot blame to terrible photos on a lack light this time. I just didn't set up properly. I am having trouble with 2 items. First, my thoughts of the weapons. There is definitely metal in the world, as one of the other fractions I want to do a dirty black/sliver theme and a more primitive tribe that will likely be without metal, I will try my hand at an obsidian weapons. I would like to keep this fundamentally differently than those, so I am drawing a blank. I have toyed with the idea of a coppery/gold. But I am not sure. Any thoughts on the weapons colors? Second the hoof color. Traditionally, white or a black-brown would be in order. I think white might not stand out enough and black or dark brown might stand out too much. They are soldiers and kind of drab, but I don't want them to be boring. I thought about a more reddish color and giving the riders and footmen a reddish wash when the others will be getting a more brownish. It would make a nice triad with the yellow mount and blue armor, but then I need a red brown color to still keep it somewhat muted. Anyways, I am conflicted. If you have thoughts, I would love to hear them. Without further ado, here are the pictures. Hopefully you can see some differences. :)
  8. Thanks Glitterwolf! Leader of the Rats: If now is better, the creator has another ending in less than 24 hours. I will get more pictures once everything is base-coated.
  9. I have several minis that I have been collected during the Christmas sales that I would like to display this year. For display, they need to be painted! Here is the start of 2 of them. My desk lamp died today, so I apologize for the quality of photos. Questions, comments, and critique are welcome.
  10. No Vampires. Just lizards. These have been sitting on my desk for well over a year now. I am hoping doing a WIP will help give me the extra push to finish them. My desk lamp apparently died today, so I have some really, really terrible photos for you all. Questions, comments, and criticism welcome.
  11. If you glaze with them as per the ideas above, I would recommend a glazing medium otherwise I think you could run into some problems thinning it. Mine settles quite a lot, so be sure to shake well. I have only used my bottle to lighten the other colors so far, so I will be interested in what the collective mind thinks up. Here are my ideas: Driftwood and sea rocks often have a whitewashed appearance. Sometimes you can see a similar appearace in desert or windswept areas. Although in this case you will need to redo the shadows after the wash. If you don't mind layering washes and carefully building up several of them, I think this could turn out an amazing piece. With the emergence of frostgrave, I also can see this color becoming important. A light wash or glaze in white, may be useful in indicating a frosted look on items. A slight hint of blue will add to a cold feel, but it may be too easy to enter into pastel areas with the blue which is not useful. Ice or white peaks on water are also uses for white ink. You will need gel or pouring (or water) medium for their properties of translucency and texture. Both of these all already white, but dry clear so experimentation may be needed for the proper color. Best of luck and be sure to post results!
  12. Do you mean closer to a tan? I am looking at pictures online and don't really see any with 2 colors that I would term "brown". Granted generic brown is about a thosand colors that vary greatly in hue and value, so it is possible that you just meant a different brown. I was thinking something with a bit more yellow (which I had expected from one of the greens). From google pictures, usual tri-color schemes seem to be 2 greens and either brown, tan or black or some other combination of those colors. On the colors themselves, I am using model flex military set, so the colors should be relatively close to actual military colors. The bottles are not entirely clear, so the colors are sometimes hard to tell. I have been painting the tops as I use them, but until it dries, the color is still not correct. I guess I should just open them all and hit the tops. I did expect one of the greens to be lighter, which would have vastly improved the appearance. I may mask a good 80 percent and get a lighter color on it. I have been eyeing a couple of different sets from Vallejo, but due to the time of year I need to consider social convention and start buying presents for other people.... In addition, I have noted the 12 days of reaper and my wallet burst into tears. Some of those stencils are gorgeous! Looks like some are reusable (HS) and some are not (HD), do you know if they are planning more reusable ones? That is not something I want to keep shipping across the pond to the US. I tend to paint more fantasy than military so I may need to grab some of those like the dragon scale in addition. After Christmas....
  13. I did not realize that the master series was being discontinued. I had planned to buy the ranger flat during the sale. They are still listed as in stock in the store, will they just be shipped out until none remain? Maybe I should not be asking that as you all may buy them before my must-have-mini days arrive.
  14. Thanks, I will try that. That first one was painted with createx, I had not played close attention when buying them and assumed they were water based acrylics. They do say water based on the bottle, but not acrylic. The bottle does not mention the type of paint. I do know that they are NOT water based acrylics. I made some beetles! Minitiare brass monkey on top of grey liner on the beetle swarm. Just needs a bit of wash and a light drybrush. Next up, camouflage! I don't know the first thing about camouflage, so I may have broke every rule and put the spots in illogical places. I just put some silly putty on the figure, then sprayed a different green. Repeat without removing the first round of putty, only with brown. Here it is ready for the brown. Visible is the clean putty preserving this green and the putty with green on top that protected the other green. Here it is with the putty removed. I wish there was more differences in the green as the tricolor pattern not really noticeable.
  15. I tried to do some highlighting with the airbrush. I think I am too heavy in amount of paint and too light in color for the look I was going for. Overall not horrible. I worked on the base some more. Lightened the sandy area a bit. I think I am going to wash it by hand, drybush and work some on the ruins. Then, I will come back to see if I can make them glow. To revisit some of the above projects, the red mecha is still a little tacky. Not sure why. I pulled the paint off the one that had some removal. Left in isopropanol, which took most of it off, then airbrush cleaner took the rest off. After washing in soap and water, it is still significantly more shiny than it should be as seen below next to another bones peice just washed today. Wondering if I should sandpaper it slightly before lining it. Has anyone tried this or had this problem? Edited: I am cursed by the gods of spelling.
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