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  1. A lot of great tips here on blood-effects. The only thing I would like to add is, "Add some brown to your red, it will make the blood look more dried and realistic." unless you are going for super fresh blood then you should use a brush-on gloss over the blood spatter to add the "wet" look to it.
  2. This article will probably give you the desired result you seek. http://www.coolminiornot.com/go.php?go=articlephp&aid=219. It's called "Painting Fluffy Wolfen". Tell us how it works for you.
  3. You can use a brass-bristled wire-wheel in your dremel to take down some of the flash. Just be carefull you don't take off detail at the same time. Don't use a steel wire-wheel. It'll ruin your mini.
  4. I got a can of spray-on plastic primer at Lowe's for like $5.49. Specially made for applying to plastic. Works great.
  5. Well, since bronze is copper mixed with tin and brass is coper mixed with zinc, they both can have a similar appearance depending on the mixture ratio of the metals used (note I did not say identical). You could use this bronze dragon of Anne's as a general guide.
  6. Frank Take a look at Crocodile Games. All of their mini's are cheaper online than in stores, but you gotta pay shipping, so it evens out really. But I don't see retailers getting upset at the Croc folks.
  7. I think that companies very name explains why they discount their Reaper mini's. Remember also that online stores can afford to undercut retail stores because they have little to no overhead. Few if-any bills or employees. I personally never buy online even if there is a discount involved. I prefer to give my money to retail stores who put some effort into customer service and who have game space and who have the item I want when I go into the store with a wad of $ in my hand. I hate to wait 2 weeks for something I want NOW. If people stop shopping at retail stores and only shop at online stores because of a discount and all the retail stores go out of business you wont be able to see what you are buying in real life until you get it, which might be very disappointing. A digital pic online is not comparable to holding something in my hand and deciding whether I like it enough to buy it or not, I don't care who disagrees. Please support your local retail gaming store. That is all.
  8. You can use plastic-card and cut-out the wings like those of a butterfly to the exact measurements you need. Then use some thick glue to make shapes on the wing like on stained glass then paint it when dry.
  9. Because they are due out very soon. The staff painters get a crack at painting the new models before they are released to the general public. I think they are due out in the next couple of weeks. As for a discount, that is entirely up to the retailer. most of the Reaper mini's are cheaper at the online store than in most retail stores unless the retailer is having a sale.
  10. I usually use a resin for water so I apply it last and there is no need for primer.
  11. You can take a look at this color scheme http://www.coolminiornot.com/?id=43528. It's for a different, yet similar model. As for the facing issue, I would just up the critter's stats to reflect a 10' facing on the and use a 40/50mm base. That way you can trick the base out as well as solve your facing issue. They are large and powerfull demons after all, they should be imposing.
  12. Wow, wings really can be tough. Lots of blending is all I can say if you are going for show-quality. If just for tabletop gaming drybrushing is acceptable.
  13. I use a technique I like to call "wet-brushing" for hair. It's similar to drybrushing, but I use a narrower brush than when drybrushing and I use more paint and wetter paint on the brush than when drybrushing also. put paint on the brush then drag the brush across a sponge (I like the ones that come in many of the mini packages) until the brush acheives a flat shape and much,not all, of the paint is gone off it but it is still slightly damp with paint. Then I drag the brush perpendicular to the hair strands. This technique just seems to get me better results for hair than straight drybrushing.
  14. I usually start with the darkest color first and blend my way up to the highest spots and lightest colors. Easier than painting shadows in after the fact.
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