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  1. wolfie907

    Sir Forscale Painting Competition

    I suppose I can throw my hat in the ring luckily I was able to find a forscale at my flgs.
  2. They are not resin they are in pewter it says right up in the description. These were actually supposed to run back right around the time of the first oathsworn heroines kickstart but the creator decided to do his halfling kickstart first.
  3. wolfie907

    The Temple of Set -- Egyptian Miniatures V

    Got my minis today im very happy with them and was surprised at how little assembly was required
  4. wolfie907

    The Temple of Set -- Egyptian Miniatures V

    I am waiting on mine
  5. wolfie907

    Stonehaven Halfling Adventurers

    Received my box yesterday
  6. wolfie907

    pay to DM?

    That's not necessarily a hypothetical question, I think the dm sessions offered in the Dwarven Forge kickstarters were pretty close to this situation.
  7. Thanks man I've been using that pic for like 4 years now on multiple forums I grew up a Conan fan (my sisters middle name is Belit and I have a cousin who's middle name is Conan you may be able to guess which author influenced my mom and her brothers) I was reading savage sword before I knew how to read, I used to steal my uncles copy just to look at the pictures they are to me still the best comic series of all time, even as a young kid you could follow the story without the words.
  8. If you make a new cat or just add to the existing one how bout some armor *cough* battle cat
  9. wolfie907

    LOAD the Board Game

    best comment ever (sorry beagle)
  10. wolfie907

    Heresy Miniatures - Return of the Monsters

    I just got my first order from heresy they look great
  11. No show off jack post away.
  12. Received my exchange from evil half in he has a show off thread going check it out cause he did an awesome job and I also put the figure I painted in the mail today