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  1. DocPiske

    Reaper at Origins 2019?

    They've stated they will not be there but are still sponsoring the paint and take area. I don't recall what if anything was said about speed paint.
  2. DocPiske

    Resin Water Effects, How to Seal a Base?

    From what little I've done with resin, multiple pours work best for anything deep. Unless you are using a pressure pot, deeper pours will often result in bubbles that never make it out before the resin cures. I would make the first pour 1 cm / half an inch deep or so to minimize any catastrophic failures of the tape dam. Once the first pour is cured it acts as a seal and helps hold the tape in place. You might end up having to sand and/or polish the sides to get it clear regardless of the material used as a dam. Good luck, and pics or it didnt happen!
  3. "I'm in it to win." Really? Thanks so much for clarifying that, because none of us are here to win. We'll just let you get on with it then.
  4. DocPiske

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Be sure to call your mum tomorrow. I wish I could. Call my mum I mean, not yours. That would be weird.
  5. DocPiske

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    I recall the 420 referencing 4:20 PM, the time when a particular group of high (lol) schoolers would meet to partake. My memory is not very reliable though so I could be wrong.
  6. I agree, the darker areas look more concerning. The white discoloration looks like an over zealous application of mold release agent. I have acquired game box bands; I am pretty happy with and recommend them.
  7. DocPiske

    Printer's inks?

    Others with more art knowledge (oh, @Pingo...) can weigh in, but I don't believe printers' ink will be very color fast. I expect they would fade with a decade or so. I could be wrong, though.
  8. My errant Mossbeard showed up today, sans Entwives. Reaper was extra kind and included a sample bottle of paint, a nice pale indigo color that will be good as a highlight for Nightsky Indigo.
  9. I just acquired the Humble Bundle 3d printer file bundle. Yikes, that's a lot of files! And the charity is the Navy/Marine Corps Relief Society, how could I not? I don't even own a 3d printer (yet).
  10. Reaper already shipped my replacement Mossbeard; they said he should be "lumbering my way".
  11. DocPiske

    Mythological Creatures in Bones

    So I've been painting a lot of character models and low level monsters lately, so I decided to tackle a large monster. I pulled out the bag with Bones manticore, chimera and sphinx and lost my mind, deciding to paint all three. Then I acquired the Bones Black efreeti and could not resist painting her as well. First up the chimera 77257. I should have taken another photo of the front of the model from a higher angle so that you could see the eyes of the dragon head but I was too lazy. I did not notice the blob of white paint until I uploaded the file. Isn't that how it goes? Maybe I'll get around to fixing it, but I'm already plotting what to paint first from Bones 4. I spent all that time painting the striations on the wings and didn't do any highlighting on the belly scales of the dragon, either. Manticore 77577. I have another, older manticore model (I know, shocking) from Grenadier that I painted with the more traditional dark bat wings. I wanted something different and I have been itching to try an idea I had for bright new copper, like a shiny new penny. I painted the wings and scales with Reaper MSP Coppery Orange and then over painted the webbing on the wings with the old Ral Parta Metallic Red. I like how it turned out, and Iron Wind Metals is again selling this paint, however only at conventions so far. In retrospect brass dragon wings would have been better, but I can always buy another one... Oh, and this model is the one I used the Culture Hustle Black 2.0 as a primer on the base. No difference in performance from Reaper MSP Black Primer. Sphinx 77576. Not much to say about her except be careful when trimming the mold lines on the ears; I lopped off half of the left ear and had to do reconstructive surgery. I really like the sculpting on the wings and the base is a really neat small bit of terrain. The nice thing about Bones is that they are cheap enough to by them for just parts. And finally the efreeti 44003. My color scheme was heavily inspired by (shameless stolen from) Wren's magnificent work on the store display model. You can't improve on perfection. If anyone is interested in boring technical details I did something different with the skin tones for this one. I wanted the bright red skin to appear almost like it was glowing, as befits a fire spirit. I primed the model in black and then painted the skin with a burnt sienna color. I then did my first layer of high lights with Reaper MSP Pumpkin Orange (because it was the first orange I found in my bin), and then the second high light with an ocher yellow, and the final high lights with a pale yellow, Ral Partha Blonde as it turned out. Once that had dried I over-painted the entire area with Ral Partha (sorry, IWM) Red. One of the interesting properties of the IWM paints is that they are rather translucent. This gave me fits for years back in the 80's when I first acquired them as RP paints at Gen Con; I paint for table top and prefer my paint to be opaque for quick coverage. However I slowly learned that I could get pretty smooth transitions with the RP paints by applying several layers of the paint in smaller and smaller areas. It also works pretty well out of the pot for glazing over a pre-shaded area. Overall I'm happy with the result. The cloth was painted with a burnt sienna, high lighted with MSP Runic Purple, edged with MSP BCA Pink and glazed with MSP Clear Magenta. For the sword blades I was going for obsidian; seemed appropriate for a fire creature. Painted dark gray, edged in white, and glazed with black ink. I hope you like them and thanks for looking. I wonder if I can call in sick tomorrow to stay home and paint...
  12. Got my reward yesterday. Mossbeard seems to have escaped the box in transit and is probably living wild and free somewhere between Texas and Michigan. Who really wants to live in the Detroit area anyway? Email sent to help at reapermini dot com. I do feel a bit ungrateful, though. The discount for backing over the retail price is so good, I feel as though I got my money's worth without the Ent. Haven't inventoried the core set yet, but man, that barge is large! No, that is not a euphemism...
  13. Zenithal priming and thin coats of paint. This Sorastro YouTube video is an example: Sorastro's The Lord of the Rings Painting Series Ep.1: Orcs, Goblins, & Ruffians YouTube is a commercial site, so no direct link but that title should get you there.
  14. DocPiske

    Randomness XV: 'tis a silly place.

    Daggers are finesse weapons in 5e. No daggers available? The lower damage dice is offset by the extra d6... and you can use one in each hand and get two opportunities for rolling a 20.