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  1. I think I would use a dark blur or indigo for the shadow color, as shadows tend to be cooler.
  2. Looks interesting for the terrain, if not the miniatures. Two armies package includes two 20"x20" fortresses for less than $100. There are a couple of things that give me pause, though. First time creator, and claims to be in Chicago but English is clearly not his first language. May not mean anything but makes me wonder. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crumb-group/eternal-eight "After over three years in the making, we are proud to present you the Eternal Eight - a WORLD'S FIRST 3D mini war game with innovative real 3D RELIEF. The goal of the game is to capture the enemy’s King. The advantages of Eternal Eight are the 3D castles, fortresses and villages with a myriad of traps, labyrinths and secret passages. All of the army bases (castles, villages, fortresses) are easy to assemble and move around. The game can be easily incorporated into your existing game table setup or provide a great addon to some of your existing mini war games."
  3. Another Halloween movie that has nothing to do with Halloween (like Clue) is Murder by Death. The ending is a bit muddled, but it's worth watching just for the cast. I cannot recommend and yet still watched High Spirits again. Terrible movie, but still fun to watch once every quarter century or so. Pirates of Caribbean (the first one) is on our watch list. Along with Nightmare before Christmas and Ghostbusters, of course. The original GB, although I thought recent remake with an all woman crew was pretty good.
  4. Rat trap with peanut butter as bait = no more squirrel problem. If your squeamish, a large plastic jug with a hole at the top just big enough for the squirrel to enter, with said peanut butter at the bottom will probably trap it for later release.
  5. Civ 6 is on sale for ~$15 for anyone interested in that sort of thing. I'm going back to playing Age of Empires now, none of that new fangled stuff for me! *shakes cane*
  6. So blue is considered a "cool" color; as the paint you're looking to work with has blue and green, you could try adding blue or indigo to shade. Green can be either cool or warm depending on the adjacent colors, so adding pale green or yellow-green can be used as a highlight color. Paint overlapping swatches, let it dry and see how it looks.
  7. I think the plinth thingy is from RAFM. Yep, RAF03951 gargoyle king.
  8. Went to the graveside service for my old scout master, saw some old friends, many more already gone. Hard to believe I made Eagle Scout 37 years ago...
  9. I think I would try to lop the head off to allow you to drill down through the torso and across into the arm. I would then thread both ends of the wire from the neck. You might also consider cutting off the pommel and drilling into the hand from there, for both accessing the wire from the neck and inserting the LED.
  10. I have used green stuff on the base of a figure that had snapped off the tab. I pressed the feet into the green stuff and them removed the figure. Once the green stuff had dried I used super glue to glue the figure into the perfectly fitting impressions in the green stuff.
  11. Anything below 40% or above 70% humidity can cause headaches, congestion and asthma flair-ups.
  12. Just got the official word that we're working from home until January 10th, 2021.
  13. OK, this is too much to handle. Taco Bell no longer has Beefy Frito's Burritos. Will the madness never end?
  14. Motivational music for a Tuesday (or any day, really...): https://youtu.be/U5u9glfqDsc
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