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  1. I really like to use the GW Uruk Hai models for hobgoblins. They are truer to the 28mm scale, but I just like the look, very military.
  2. I've been using "Mr Hobby Color Fading Prevention Finishing Spray Mr Super Clear Matt" (B523Y) for about a year now and am very happy with it. It dries very matte, even more so than Dullcote, and the protection seems on par. It is a little more expensive at ~$12 USD for 130g, vs Dullcote at ~$6 USD for 85g. It even smells like Dullcote.
  3. Something wicked this way comes... oh, wait, it's just the end of the thread in the distance. Unrelated, I thought I saw an announcement regarding the 2022 Ghoulie bags, but now I cannot find it.
  4. It's so quiet, almost like most posters are busy somewhere, doing... something... together. 😏
  5. I've been using "Mr Hobby Color Fading Prevention Finishing Spray Mr Super Clear Matt" (B523Y) for about a year now and am very happy with it. It dries very matte, even more so than Dullcote, and the protection seems on par. It is a little more expensive at ~$12 USD for 130g, vs Dullcote at ~$6 USD for 85g. But it seems to be a fine substitute if you cannot find Dullcote. Safety seems about the same, use outside or with good ventilation and a respirator, stay away from open flames while spraying.
  6. Origins Game Fair is a bit subdued this year, but much better than last year. And my game sessions of the D&D Adventure Board Game are full. Even got to try a demo of Lost Ruins of Arnak. I'm still bemused that I bought $78 worth of game bits (meeples, coins, cubes, gems, etc.).
  7. Prime/basecoat black or dark blue-gray, heavy dry brush medium gray, light dry brush with an ivory. Use a wash of black and brown thinned with acrylic medium or PVA glue and water.
  8. So someone, or more likely several someone's, have acquired my identifying information and has tried to open several credit card accounts. We have a service that monitors our credit agency inquiries and shut each attempt down the same day, and have now frozen our credit with all three agencies. As a form of petty revenge, the rapscallions have signed us up for a slew of mailing lists from commercial web sites. I think it's time to sunset my main email account and move everything to another. Oh, bother.
  9. So the final results are in and Reaper came in 2nd, just behind Vallejo. I do wonder if the result was influenced by the painters having used Vallejo for years and being more comfortable with them. I use both lines, and I do have to say Vallejo metallic paints are superior, but Reaper does have the awesome clear brights.
  10. I don't think they differentiated between MSP and Bones paint lines; it looked like they acquired samples of each line of paints and starting head-to-head comparisons.
  11. YouTuber Squidmar Miniatures is doing a multi-episode paint brand show down, and is including Reaper MSP. Spoilers, RMSP won it's first round. Looking forward to how the rest of the brackets go. https://youtu.be/KpZ7lFR1QPQ
  12. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.
  13. Six to 8 will outnumber most parties but not be overwhelming to run. If you add archers they can all act at the same time, reducing the potential effort. If you know what scenario you will run, selecting models based on that scenario first is absolutely the way to go. The Rule of Cool always must be respected, of course.
  14. That sucks, @Citrine. We lost dad back in early January, and mom 10 years ago. Even though you know it's coming, it still sucks.
  15. I may have gotten carried away with this... I stuck to Reaper Bones (to keep the cost down), with multi-packs where available. I went with the assumption you would pick up character models to match what your players want, so I stuck to monsters. I also limited the list to CR5 and below (I think...). Kobolds Kobold Leaders sku: 77653 -or- Ratpelt Kobold Leaders(6) 77653 sku: 07053 (not sure why the Ratpelts has 2 sku's) -or- Kobold Leaders (2) sku: 77350 Kobolds (Barkscale)(6) sku: 77010 -or- Ratpelt Kobold Mooks (6) 77652 sku: 07052 -or- Kobold Mooks sku: 77652 Goblins Goblin Elites (3) sku: 77713 -or- Goblin Command (2)sku: 77349 Goblin Warriors (6) sku: 77444 -or- Goblins (6) sku: 77024 -or- Goblin Skirmishers (6) sku: 77445 Orcs Surkar, Orc Shaman sku: 44004 Orc Fighter sku: 77019 Orc Archers (3) sku: 77002 Orc Spearmen (3) sku: 77003 Bugbears Bugbear Cleric, Mogg sku: 77232 Bugbear Fighter, Rugg sku: 77231 -or- Bugbear Ranger, Kegg sku: 77233 -or- Bugbear Fighter sku: 77015 -or- Bugbear Fighter, Bhonk sku: 30005 Ogre Ogre Chieftain sku: 77005 -or- Kagunk, Ogre Chieftain sku: 77105 -or- Ogre Chieftain sku: 77566 Ogre Smasher sku: 77454 -or- Ogre Guard sku: 77456 -or- Ogre Clubber sku: 77455 (not currently in stock) Ettin Ettin sku: 77706 -or- Nor'Okk, Ettin sku: 77103 Hill Giant Hill Giant Lowland Chief sku: 77483 Hill Giant Lowland Warrior sku: 77475 -or- Krug, Hill Giant sku: 77313 Troll Cave Troll sku: 77004 -or- Cave Troll sku: 77704 -or- Moor Troll sku: 44121 -or- Reaper Bones Black: Rock Troll sku: 44002 Bandits Human Fighter Bandit Leader sku: 77507 Human Fighter Brigands sku: 77707 (not currently in stock) Human Rogue, Women of Dreadmere sku: 44036 Human Fighter Bandit Bully sku: 77508 Human Fighter Bandit Enforcer sku: 77509 Human Rogue Bandit Knocker sku: 77510 Cultists Cultists (3) sku: 77517 -or- Cultist Priests (2) sku: 77518 -or- Cultists and Circle (3) sku: 77351 Skeletons Bog Skeletons (5) (44115) sku: 07032 -or- Skeletal Swordsman (3) sku: 77017 -or- Skeleton Guardian Sword (3) sku: 77240 -or- Skeleton Guardian Axeman (3) sku: 77241 Skeletal Archers (3) sku: 77018 -or- Skeleton Warrior Archer (3) sku: 77245 Skeleton Warrior Spearman (3) sku: 77244 -or- Skeletal Spearmen (3) sku: 77001 (not currently in stock) Zombies Zombies! (5)sku: 77342 -or- Zombies (3) sku: 77053 -or- Zombies (3) sku: 77014 Ghouls/Ghasts Ghouls (2) and Ghast sku: 77720 Wight Rune Wight Thane and Jarl (2) sku: 44143 Rune Wight Warriors (2) sku: 44141 -or- Rune Wight Hunters (2) sku: 44142 Barrow Warden 1 sku: 77346 Barrow Warden 2 sku: 77347 Barrow Warden 3 sku: 77348 Mummy Mummy Captain sku: 77145 -or- Mummy Sandkings (2) sku: 77725 Mummy (3) sku: 77144 -or- Mummy Warrior (3) sku: 77146 Ghost Male Ghosts (2) sku: 77970 -or- Female Ghosts (3) sku: 77971 Flesh Golem Flesh Golem sku: 77169 -or- Flesh Golem sku: 77512 Wraith Wraith Lord and Bodyguard (2) sku: 77642 Wraith Slayers (2) sku: 77641 -or- Wraith Duelists (2) sku: 77643 Gargoyle Bat Demon sku: 77261 -or- Mortar, Gargoyle sku: 77028 Beasts Vermin: Scorpions sku: 77125 Vermin: Spiders (2) sku: 77126 Vermin: Beetles sku: 77127 Vermin: Spider Swarm (2) sku: 77128 Vermin: Beetle Swarm (2) sku: 77130 Dungeon Vermin - Centipede (2) sku: 77427 Dire Rats (6) sku: 77016 -or- Dire Rats (8) (77016) sku: 07036 Giant Tomb Rats (6) sku: 07031 Giant Frogs (2) sku: 44024 Oxidation Beast sku: 77032 Giant Spider sku: 77025 -or- Cave Spider sku: 44057 Wolf Pack (3) sku: 07038 Dire Boar sku: 7767 Cave Bear sku: 44082 -or- Dire Bear sku: 77494 Companion Animals sku: 77216 Lions (2) sku: 77341 Griffon sku: 77689 -or -Griffon sku: 77157 Basilisk sku: 77371 Manticore sku: 77577 Dire Crocodile sku: 77670 Lizardmen Lizardman Warrior sku: 77050 -or- Lizardman Spearman sku: 77154 Lizardman Archer sku: 77425 Lizardman w/ Club and Shield sku: 77426 -or- Lizardman Warrior sku: 77155 Gnolls Gnoll Cleric, Boneflail sku: 77234 -or- Gnoll Warlock, Toghra sku: 77235 Blackmane Gnoll Ravager sku: 07059 -or- Gnoll Fighter sku: 77388 -or- Gnoll Fighter sku: 77012 -or- Gnoll Fighter, Bloodmane sku: 77236 Gnoll Ranger, Blacktongue sku: 77104 Minotaur Minotaur sku: 77501 -or- Female Minotaur sku: 77752 -or- Bloodhoof, Minotaur Barbarian sku: 77251 Elementals Large Earth Elemental sku: 77185 Large Air Elemental (CLEAR) sku: 77584 Large Fire Elemental sku: 77082 Large Water Elemental sku: 77311 D&Disms Mockingbeast sku: 77048 Gelatinous Cube SKU: 77305 Lowland Owlbear sku: 77674 Owlbear sku: 77156 Ankheg sku: 77230 Filth Beast sku: 77394
  16. Amazon is having a get three for the price of two sale, including most of the D&D hardcovers and a fair selection of board games.
  17. Yeah, just looks like the powdered mold release agent Grenadier used. Should wash of with soap and water.
  18. Has anyone mentioned Crocodile Games? The Wargods of Aegyptus line has some appropriately themed stuff.
  19. Santa almost needed new reindeer the other night. Just after sunset the other day, I saw the lights of an oncoming car flicker and hit the brakes. Half a dozen white tail deer crossed between us. I think I've mentioned before that according to the Michigan State Police there nearly 50,000 (yes, 50k) car-dear collisions are reported each year.
  20. The number one selling single song of all time? White Christmas.
  21. Origins has been... strange. Not bad, just a bit subdued; not as many attendees, nor vendors, nor events. Full sessions for the three events I ran, so it looks like the D&D board games are popular. Still spent too much. And only 9 months until the next one! 😁
  22. I seem to have fallen down a 15mm rabbit hole, which is impressive considering I'm half a meter wide.
  23. No power here since Thursday PM. Restoration estimate Sunday 11:30 PM. Time for a weekend trip.
  24. Hmm... I may have watched a YouTube video wherein Luke from Luke's APS painted a 15mm fantasy army and played a game of 15mm Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I also may have dragged out my old 15mm fantasy models (used for a game called A Fist Full of Miniatures some 30 years ago), cleaned them and started re-basing them on magnetic self-adhesive tiles. And I may have just ordered a bunch of flexible steel movement trays from Litko. "You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment".
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