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  1. Origins has been... strange. Not bad, just a bit subdued; not as many attendees, nor vendors, nor events. Full sessions for the three events I ran, so it looks like the D&D board games are popular. Still spent too much. And only 9 months until the next one! 😁
  2. I seem to have fallen down a 15mm rabbit hole, which is impressive considering I'm half a meter wide.
  3. No power here since Thursday PM. Restoration estimate Sunday 11:30 PM. Time for a weekend trip.
  4. Hmm... I may have watched a YouTube video wherein Luke from Luke's APS painted a 15mm fantasy army and played a game of 15mm Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I also may have dragged out my old 15mm fantasy models (used for a game called A Fist Full of Miniatures some 30 years ago), cleaned them and started re-basing them on magnetic self-adhesive tiles. And I may have just ordered a bunch of flexible steel movement trays from Litko. "You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment".
  5. I always paint a base coat of a nonmetallic paint first and then over paint with a metallic. Dark brown for bronze, black for iron or steel, gray for silver, and ochre yellow for gold. Metallic flake paints are notorious for poor coverage. I usually then apply a shading wash over the metallic paint, let that dry and then apply another layer or highlights with the same or lighter metallic paint.
  6. Humble Bundle has a Starfinder bundle, for any interested.
  7. My ship has come in. Along with several dragons. Now, did the dragons sail in on the ship, or did they fly the ship in?
  8. Looking at the pics of the ship I realize that I did not think this through...
  9. Wave 1 and my ship has not yet come in... 🤪
  10. How about blue and purple? (not mine) https://images.app.goo.gl/yadFe985sXN8ZDgr7
  11. For rattle can primers I have had the best results with Army Painter black primer. Some of the other colors can get tacky, but so far no trouble with the black. Otherwise primer through an airbrush, or brush on primer.
  12. My back yard this past Friday evening. I live in an urban area.
  13. You could try typing in one of the following into the address bar of your browser: http://localhost
  14. Anyone else dreading a bit the incoming shipment of B5? Excited certainly, but a little "what have I done" mixed in...
  15. Humble Bundle has another Pathfinder bundle. Some of the stuff is 2e, but there is a fair amount of non-edition-specific stuff like map packs and tales. I do like Paizo's redemption system. Easy and quick.
  16. It is dark in this thread. You may be eaten by a grue.
  17. This thread needs to end! BBQ burnt ends! (tried to insert an image, but failed..)
  18. Call or visit your Mum. I wish I could. Call my Mom, I mean, not yours. That would be... awkward.
  19. Aren't those Bones Black dragon kin from Bones Kickstarter 5?
  20. #XVIII: The calm before Randomness 19 hits...
  21. Played a solo game of Overboss, just released. It is a puzzley game in solo mode, probably more fun with more players. I like the theme, the art and the general esthetic, but solo it is not engaging for me at least.
  22. So as to not through off anyone's groove... Why do we even have that lever? Edit: as great as Patrick W. was in that movie, Eartha K. stole the show...
  23. Been watching since launch, finally backed. I really enjoy TE Quest and TE Galaxies, TE Pirates had crazy value and is on the way. I get the miniatures have broader appeal, but meeples are the Tiny Epic aesthetic. The minis look good and will certainly find use, but I might go buy some meeples to replace them in the game...
  24. What is that on the far horizon? It might be then end of the thread...
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