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  1. Went to the graveside service for my old scout master, saw some old friends, many more already gone. Hard to believe I made Eagle Scout 37 years ago...
  2. I think I would try to lop the head off to allow you to drill down through the torso and across into the arm. I would then thread both ends of the wire from the neck. You might also consider cutting off the pommel and drilling into the hand from there, for both accessing the wire from the neck and inserting the LED.
  3. I have used green stuff on the base of a figure that had snapped off the tab. I pressed the feet into the green stuff and them removed the figure. Once the green stuff had dried I used super glue to glue the figure into the perfectly fitting impressions in the green stuff.
  4. Anything below 40% or above 70% humidity can cause headaches, congestion and asthma flair-ups.
  5. Just got the official word that we're working from home until January 10th, 2021.
  6. OK, this is too much to handle. Taco Bell no longer has Beefy Frito's Burritos. Will the madness never end?
  7. Motivational music for a Tuesday (or any day, really...): https://youtu.be/U5u9glfqDsc
  8. Once elected, politicians should be required to visit the Wizard and be issued a brain, a heart, or both, as needed.
  9. Thunder storms rolled thru, first the internet and then the power went out. Nap time!
  10. Humble Bundle has a Pathfinder 2nd edition bundle available, supporting 3 BLM charities. The $30 level gets you a copy of the hardcover rule book, for which you have to pay shipping. My shipping cost was $13.87, so a bit more than the $38.99 with prime shipping from the Big River site, but you get a boat load of the PDF rules books, adventures and maps.
  11. Wow this has really taken off. Nearly a quarter of a million dollars now, with some KS exclusive content included in the base $40 pledge. Tons of stretch goals have been met with loads more content added to the game.
  12. I've gone down the rabbit hole of binging Time Team on Amazon Prime. This may have been a mistake.
  13. I read in the comments today that they plan to make the market tile available as an add-on. Lots of new stretch goals now listed, too.
  14. Yeah, only backed for the basic level. The tower doesn't interest me and the market board isn't worth $15. I think they're both made by Broken Token so maybe they'll sell them after the game goes to retail, but no guarantee.
  15. Overlord Become a villain in this retro-inspired board game. Draft terrain tiles, recruit monsters, build your map, and become the Overlord! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/brotherwise/overlord-a-boss-monster-adventure?ref=user_menu I'm a fan of Boss Monster, so I backed this too. Already funded and delivery projected for October of this year.
  16. They've blown past $1M and have added metal coins, skull dice and play mats as add-ons. 12 hours to go.
  17. There are some parts of this KS which are KS exclusive, so if you suffer from FOMO you might want to either stay away entirely or jump all-in, depending on your wallet.
  18. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coe/tiny-epic-pirates?ref=user_menu "A high-thrills pirate game for 1-4 players featuring a unique rondel system, ship minis and language independent play! It's Tiny Epic! " Well funded, with an expansion add-on available. If you like pirates or the Tiny Epic games from Gamelyn Games, check it out.
  19. I shall forever more associate the GnR song "Welcome to the Jungle" with the animated movie MegaMind. It always makes me giggle now.
  20. The beacons are lit! The beacons are lit! The Randomness Thread calls for rebirth!
  21. Randomness XVII: That coronal mass ejection was surprisingly violent.
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