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  1. Been watching since launch, finally backed. I really enjoy TE Quest and TE Galaxies, TE Pirates had crazy value and is on the way.


    I get the miniatures have broader appeal, but meeples are the Tiny Epic aesthetic. The minis look good and will certainly find use, but I might go buy some meeples to replace them in the game... :ph34r:

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  2. Reaper Brown Liner 9064 through an airbrush, you shouldn't even have to thin it. Good dark brown color for a sailing ship, too.


    If you don't have an airbrush, I have had good results mixing brown liner and Reaper Brush-on Primer 9108 for large model brush applications; just be aware the primer is a bit smelly and the resulting color is more lavender than beige, strangely.


    Oh, and in my experience the Army Painter white spray primer can get tacky on Bones. So far no issues with Army Painter Black spray or brown.



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  3. Having worked in plastic injection in the automotive industry, the injection ports not being completely clean seems unlikely. It is possible the machine that heats the plastic could have some residue, so that's possible. Factories are usually allowed a certain amount of regrind (previously injected parts that did not meet quality standards ground up) and it is possible to get some off-color material mixed in. Of course I don't know what the contract with the manufacturing firm allows, so I cannot say for certain that's what happened.


    Either way the parts are good to be painted.

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  4. So I black-line my metallic paints to get that solid look. It comes out a little comic book-y, but really sells the heavy metal look.


    I concur with using a de-saturated cool color for shadowed areas, such as blue, green or purple. Metal will reflect the colors around it, even in the shadows.


    After shading I will dry brush on the base metallic color again, followed by a light dry brush of a lighter shade, such as silver for steel. I have even used pure white for the highest, specular highlights.


    The last step to really make it pop is to apply a gloss to the metal area, unless the metal is supposed to tarnished.


    Pick up a model that's mostly metal armor to practice on.


    FWIW, I prefer Army Painter metallic paints.

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  5. Pretty much all the techniques we use for acrylics were first developed for oil paints, including glazing. Add some linseed oil to the paint and then thin it a bit until you get the right consistency and transluncentcy. Just remember that oils take forever to cure and you might unintentionally end up mixing the new glaze layer with the paints already laid down on the model.

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  6. I am quite disappointed with the Dance of Death model from the last Kickstarter. It folds under its own weight.


    The first pic is the model after several days had passed since I had boiled it and let it cool down on its own while supported in the desired position.  The upper dragon slowly leaned over until mostly horizontal.


    The next pic is after I drilled and pinned the model. I ended up not getting the alignment quite right but that's on me, not Reaper. This model just doesn't work in the softer Bones material, which is too bad since I really like the sculpt. I hope Reaper takes away some valuable lessons from this one on what does and does not work in the original material.



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  7. This one looks better back-lit. Only the shadow knows...






    Halloween freebee Death Shroud.

    Regular model 77636





    And finally, an old Ral Partha set, Lord Soth's Charge, 10-566. I finally pulled out the box and painted them up.












    I hope you have a fantastic Halloween. Comments, criticisms and questions welcome.


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  8. On 10/16/2020 at 4:37 PM, Fnordlover said:

    Depends on your definition of evil, I guess. Also, if I use purple for the main color, is purple still prime shadow coloration?


    I think I would use a dark blur or indigo for the shadow color, as shadows tend to be cooler.

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  9. Looks interesting for the terrain, if not the miniatures. Two armies package includes two 20"x20" fortresses for less than $100.


    There are a couple of things that give me pause, though. First time creator, and claims to be in Chicago but English is clearly not his first language. May not mean anything but makes me wonder.






    "After over three years in the making, we are proud to present you the Eternal Eight - a WORLD'S FIRST 3D mini war game with innovative real 3D RELIEF. 

    The goal of the game is to  capture the enemy’s King. The advantages of Eternal Eight are the 3D castles, fortresses and villages with a myriad of traps, labyrinths and  secret passages. All of the army bases (castles, villages, fortresses) are easy to assemble and move around.

    The game can be easily incorporated into your existing game table setup or provide a great addon to some of your existing mini war games."


  10. Another Halloween movie that has nothing to do with Halloween (like Clue) is Murder by Death. The ending is a bit muddled, but it's worth watching just for the cast.


    I cannot recommend and yet still watched High Spirits again. Terrible movie, but still fun to watch once every quarter century or so.


    Pirates of Caribbean (the first one) is on our watch list. Along with Nightmare before Christmas and Ghostbusters, of course. The original GB, although I thought recent remake with an all woman crew was pretty good.

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  11. 6 hours ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

    Guess so! Everyone else knows about it, but they cannot catch it, it has been stalking the mailroom/receiving dock/maintenance areas. 


    I just think it's funny that it hops on people's desks while they're there and kicks stuff


    Rat trap with peanut butter as bait = no more squirrel problem.


    If your squeamish, a large plastic jug with a hole at the top just big enough for the squirrel to enter, with said peanut butter at the bottom will probably trap it for later release.


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