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  1. I was thinking of Bone 3: Bigger, Badder, Basier! Lots of large minis and bases. All your base are belong to us...
  2. Nice work. I love the fur. The only suggestion might be to do some black-lining around and between the pieces of armor. The kind of blend together.
  3. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or trolling. Every time I've ordered directly from Reaper, I get my product in a few days. And I order waaaayyy to much stuff. And don't forget that most stores get their product through a distributer. Anyway, on topic: I'd like to see hobgoblin spellcasters.
  4. FWIW, in my experience in washes the pigment has fallen out of suspension and will settle, whereas in glazes it has not and is more evenly distributed. For washes more water and less medium. Be careful of tide marks.
  5. The important thing is that it is baking parchment, not writing parchment. Try a baking or restaurant supply store.
  6. I would highlight the metal with blue gray and the cloth with a warm gray.
  7. I have found that a spray of Testors Dull Coat tends to cure tacky oil-based paints, though I have not tried this trick on a Bones miniature. I think it might be the solvent in the spray that cures the paint along with the sealer, but that is just a guess.
  8. GW Doombull Brown makes a fine base for reds, and it's close to the color you want.
  9. is it safe to say you will be "cutting a Rugg"?
  10. It was a retelling of the story, not a slavish presentation. Even Tolkien retold stories; not only were the LotR and the Hobbit rife with things lifted from older stories, he rewrote Gawain and the Green Knight. I'm not saying you must or should like the movies, just that criticism of being an unfaithful adaptation is misplaced.
  11. I too use the W&N liquid cleaner. Don't forget to rinse the brush in water after using the cleaner. I Also have a tiny bottle of hair conditioner I absconded with from a hotel that I use to put a tiny bit of conditionor on the bristles after cleaning.
  12. Easy-Off oven cleaner is safe for polystyrene plastic or metal miniatures. Use in a well ventilated area and do not spray anything made of aluminum. And wear gloves when washing it off the model.
  13. You can use Reaper liners as primer on metal too. It will scratch off against other metal, but it takes paint very well and seems just as durable as primer once painted over. It is quite thin and not opaque.
  14. I have used dull coat over tacky primer and had good results; something in the dull coat cures the primer too. Never done it on Bones, though.
  15. There was an article I read recently that described how recent microscopic studies of classical paintings showed that the "green" shadows in classical underpaintings were actually blue. A thin layer of ochre yellow was then applied over both the light and shadowed areas. The ochre and blue would optically mix, presenting as green and over time the pigments would migrate between the layers. Art preservationists don't consider an oil painting to be fully cured for 50-60 years, so there was plenty of time for migration. The evidence that the original shadow was blue was that the bottom of the blue layer was almost pure blue, while the top of the yellow layer was almost pure yellow. Of course I cannot find the link to the article. So maybe a just dreamed I read it. The end effect was green anyway, so it's mainly academic.
  16. Dusky skin, vampiric skin or moldy skin might be what you're looking for. It's hard to get to a cool brown since brown tends to be warm. The stone grey triad is slightly brown.
  17. Future floor polish was (is?) used by model railroaders and wargame modelers as "magic wash" to add shading. You combined one part Future, one part paint and 4-5 parts of water, and applied liberially to the model. The water would cause the pigment to fall out of suspension and settle in the low areas of the model, giving you a quick and easy way to shade without tide marks. It also gave the model a slight degree of protection from wear. Those that did not like the semi-gloss would use a matte spray after the model had dried. It was used because it was inexpensive and available everywhere. Nowadays with chain craft stores and the internet there's not much need for it. I still use it on large terrain pieces, applied with a 2 inch brush.
  18. One of the biggest misconceptions I run across is that hack and slash games are somehow inferior to games that emphasize role-play more. As long as everyone is having fun, the game is equally valid. To each their own.
  19. I've had some luck trimming synthetic ( and only synthetic ) brushes with a sharp hobby knife to restore the point. But sable is superior.
  20. I recently painted Thunganir 14377 for a dwarf barbarian PC. I think the sculpt has lots of character.
  21. In my first group (AD&D 1st E) we thought HD were cumulative; 1 at 1st level, 2 more at 2nd, 3 more at 3rd... . Our characters were never in any danger of dying.
  22. So here is the treat I got with my Reaper order last week, along with a couple of relatives: Strahd, a Warhammer Fantasy hero, and Reaper's own classic Vampire, 03248. I like the flesh on that last one the best; I might have to go back and repaint the others. Dark Elf triad, final high-light mixed DE high-light mixed with the Shattered Bone 9273 that came with my order. Once started on the Halloween theme, I had to keep going with Pumpkin Horrors, 03356. I used the Reaper HD Burning Orange, hit it with a brown wash, high-lighted with the Pumpkin Orange 9270 that came with my order. Oh, and the hats are high-lighted with the Nightmare Black 9280 from the same. No bases on these as they will (probably) never be used in a game; they might end up in a diorama someday. I really enjoyed painting these. I got Rotpatch with my order, so I have more evil pumpkin painting in my future. And some older stuff I had to dust off. From left to right, an old AD&D banshee from Ral Partha, a old Ral Partha miniature that Iron Wind Metals still sells, a Mithril Miniatures figure, and my first crack at the Bones Ghost. And finally, the beastie that will eat the PCs in my next D&D session. Not really Halloween, but in the ballpark. Oh, and in the back ground is a Games Workshop Garden of Mor I recently painted up. I hope you enjoy the pics and Happy Halloween!
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