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  1. I backed, though I have some mild reservations which have more to do with how often I will get this to the table rather than with fulfillment. Having a solo mode helps with that concern. Good to see the solo mode is not dependent upon the yet to be written app. I'm willing to give a newcomer a chance at $95 rather than another CMON fiasco. I've only had one KS not fulfill the promised goods at all, and even then I got a bunch of STL files out of it. YMMV.
  2. If you really want primer, you can buy a rattle can and spray a puddle on a piece of glass or an old dinner plate, and use a brush to apply the primer to the model. Not a workable solution for a more than the odd spot repair, but it does work.
  3. Fox urine, if you can find it. Tractor Supply carries it, I think. Other farm supply places might as well.
  4. The ninja rodent that was terrorizing our kitchen has been dealt with. I do feel a bit of remorse for any suffering incurred, but judging by the results it did not last long. At least it wasn't another racoon in the attic. I was catching them in a live trap (legal for me as a landowner), patching the hole in the soffit and letting them go. But one kept coming back and making a new hole, so he died of rapid lead poisoning. I really am fond of wildlife, just not in my house.
  5. Glazing might help; I think I would map out the areas of violet and teal and use a blue glaze to transition them, as both of those hues have blue in common. Clear blue from Reaper or a blue acrylic ink would work better than blue paint. However I would try wet blending. There are lots of videos on YouTube on the technique. It might also work better if you blend the blue into the violet, and the blue into the teal, but try to avoid blending the teal and violet as they only have blue in common. It can be done, but it will be harder.
  6. GW shades are essentially paint thinned with acrylic medium. Even the matte medium will be a bit glossy. You can try thinning the shade with water but you might get tide marks. I used to make my own matte washes with water, paint and acrylic ink. Alternatively you can reapply the highlights.
  7. The wife and I have tired Legends of Andor. Definitely a game that requires careful planning. We will try that second scenario again.
  8. Recently acquired a few expansions for Zombicide: Black Plague. For some reason apocalyptic pandemics are on my mind... Wulfsburg Hero Box 1 (which implies there is a Hero Box 2, but no such beast seems to exist) Special Guest Mark Simonetti I mainly want more heroes, in particular more female heroes in practical cloths and gear. The wolves are just a happy bonus. I'm considering getting the Deadeye Walkers to spice up the games a bit.
  9. Origins has been postponed until October. Grateful it wasn't cancelled, I guess?
  10. I usually base gold with an ochre yellow and then layer the gold metallic paint over that. I then shade with thinned black. Edit to add you can also base in a silver (which covers better than gold) and then over paint with the gold.
  11. I would contact Reaper about a replacement. It sounds like the factory got carried away with the super glue. [email protected] Send them a description of the problem but do NOT send pictures.
  12. I think the first one would be better with a flesh tone rather than the grey, but it's easy enough to add a bottle to your order. Or add the expansion, it has one.
  13. We were told to work from home 2-3 days a week last week, now today I got sent home to work until told otherwise.
  14. Yes you can boil painted Bones. I would dunk the mini in already boiling water and remove it quickly. The bone devil has very thin parts and should reach the deformation temperature quickly. I think I may have had to pin my bone devils, though. They bend under thier own weight.
  15. Been watching Ms Fisher's Murder Mysteries with the missus. Pretty good writing, decent characters, solvable mysteries.
  16. Just finished Locke and Key and really enjoyed it. There are phenomenally stupid decisions by some characters, though.
  17. Ordered another new brush. Didn't realize it had been a year already but the old one was starting to wear. A da Vinci watercolor series 35 Maestro #3.
  18. Maggot white glazed with clear yellow might be a place to start.
  19. I've been using Army Painter primer in many colors for several years and the colors other than white and black can be rather glossy unless you apply very light coats. Primer's purpose is to adhere very well to the substrate, and to provide a good surface for subsequent layers to stick to well. It is really only important to use primer on those surfaces which will be subject to wear, mainly the sharp points and broad surfaces. The little nooks and crevices will be fine with whatever base layer you put down. I know a lot of places lecture about getting complete coverage but that really only profits the companies that sell primer. Some competitive painters don't even use primer. Acrylic paint adheres pretty well to Bones PVC if you can get the surface clean of mold release agent. Soaking and scrubbing in hot soapy water usually does the trick, but sometimes the very smooth areas are still paint and water repellant. A little sanding or filing to give the area some tooth will fix the problem, if you can reach the area. I also have scrubbed the problem areas with an old paint brush loaded up with brush on primer, let that dry and then was able to paint the area. While scrubbing the paint looks kinda slimy but by repeatedly wiping the brush on a towel and picking up more primer as needed, it does clear up and cover normally.
  20. So we had a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this year. The boss was sick and running a mild fever so we stayed home. More acuratetly she stayed home; I got to drive 3 hours round trip to the in-laws to deliver the victuals we had promised. Anyway, neither of us was very hungry so we had popcorn for lunch and then peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner. And I got to play video games and paint while she slept. I'll take it.
  21. Reaper clears are nothing like GW Shades. The GW shades are washes designed to darken the paint below, and are a mix of pigment and extra acrylic medium. They are very transparent and a bit glossy, not very pigment rich and tend to be desaturated colors. Reaper clears are very pigment rich and have a more typical amount of medium for paint. They are not as transparent and work well as glazes, and can be mixed with other paints to change the hue. They are very saturated colors. You could think of the GW shades as you would a pair of sunglasses, and the Reaper clears as those "secret decoder" clear red glasses you might have played with as a kid.
  22. The Pathfinder Pit Devil is a steal for $5! Nice detail, good size.
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