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  1. As I understand it GW is a publicly held company and is legally obligated to maximize shareholder value. They had a management team that did not understand the niche nature of the business and tried to focus on only the most profitable product lines and increased prices as high as the market would bear, not unlike what WotC did with 4e D&D. That strategy didn't work out and now with new management they are trying a different tact. 


    About a year ago I received a survey email invite from GW asking what changes I would like to see for AoS and answered every question with some variation of "Bring back the Olde World". I suspect they received a lot of similar responses. So like WotC with D&D, and Blizzard Entertainment with WoW Classic, they are finally listening to the fans.


    I was not happy with AoS but wasn't much affected. My friends and I have extensive collections of unpainted models and still have the 8th edition books. I suspect we could make no further purchases and be set for life, but I'm still happy to hear the Olde World is coming back. There are still a few holes in my armies you see...

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  2. I just watched a YouTube video on the Clever Paper printed and shipped flat card stock terrain found on Amazon. Has anyone tried these? The prices look really good ($12 to $20 and a few higher) and the quality looks pretty good. I think it would be good for Frostgrave and maybe Mordheim. And they have several ships! I think I might have to try one... or a dozen. :rolleyes:

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  3.  Twenty minutes. That's the time between getting an email from Miniature Market that the beholder was back in stock and checking the site. Sold out in twenty minutes for a product that has been out for over a year. I certainly don't need it, but I wonder how many of them are being gobbled up by speculators. I hope the speculators all go broke.

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  4. I would shade chestnut with black or dark green. Both are cool colors and will look more realistic than shading with a warm color, even if not actually matching real life. They will reduce the chroma as well as the value of the color, but objects in shadow appear to be less pure and more grey. 


    I might try an orange mixed with your base color for the highlight color to counter the pink.

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  5. Power went out a couple of hours ago, utility claiming wind damage. Storms were yesterday, I suspect some fool too impatient to wait for a crew from the power company tried to clear downed branches or trees on his own did more harm than good. With over half a million without power from yestersay's storms in Michigan it might be awhile. Board games it is!

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  6. I've had minis with narrow attachments to the base break off and had good results with placing a blob of epoxy putty on the base and pressing the feet of the mini into the putty to form an impression. I then let the epoxy cure fully before gluing the mini back into the impression. You could try pressing tiny pieces of plastic or wood into the hole around the drill bit, leaving them sticking out proud of the surface for a bit of extra sheer resistance.

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