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  1. Tried five new to me games at Dice Tower Con, thanks to the impressive library of games: 


    King of Tokyo - good party game, but no substance.

    Ticket to Ride - solid game, preferred Ticket to Ride Europe over the base game.

    Castle Panic - didn't hold our interest but would be good with kids.

    Memoir 44 - a little wargame, lots and lots of scenarios out there, not for everyone. I have friend who would probably enjoy playing the game with me.

    Terraforming Mars - fun engine builder that somehow reminded me of 7 Wonders. Definitely a heavier game. Thanks to Aaron for teaching us the game.


    Also picked up Runebound 2nd edition at the con flea market, haven't played it yet.


    If you ever get the chance to attend Dice Tower Con I highly recommend  it. Medium sized con with a huge open gaming area and an impressive library of games to try out, lots of friendly people.

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  2. Looking for fantasy anime recommendations. Enjoyed Record of Lodoss War and its associated remake and spin offs. Also liked Rune Soldier (which apparently is set in the same world as RoLE?). Enjoyed most of Slayers except when they repeated the same story line. Tried Full Metal Alchemist, didnt keep our interest. Any more like RoLW out there?

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  3. Origins this year was... different. Not bad, but no Reaper Mini, no Cool Mini or Not, no Games Workshop or Forge World, no Wyrd Games, no Crocodile Games. Did all these miniature companies coincidentally decide not to come this year? Or is Origins somehow discouraging mini companies? Iron Wind Metals was there and of course WizKids along with Gale Force 9 and a few other smaller companies, but it seemed weird.


    I still had fun and spent too much money, but it was... different.

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  4. So I know I'm in the minority here, but I don't blame Reaper for not announcing bad news in advance. If they anmounce it in advance many will object about the news and will complain again when Reaper does not change the decision in spite of the opposition from fans and customers. If they don't announce in advance then many fans and customers (maybe the same, maybe others) will object to the change and complain about the lack of communication. I dont see that either strategy is more success oriented for the company. I think I would deliver the bad news when I had to and move on, focusing on communicating the good news.

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  5. Sitting at an otherwise empty table at Origins Game Fair waiting on players for my Basic Fantasy RPG game. 8 AM is always questionable for running games at a con. Last year I had 5 or 6 players for this slot. I wonder how long I should wait? Been a half an hour now. Think I'm gonna call it.

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  6. From what little I've done with resin, multiple pours work best for anything deep. Unless you are using a pressure pot, deeper pours will often result in bubbles that never make it out before the resin cures.


    I would make the first pour 1 cm / half an inch deep or so to minimize any catastrophic failures of the tape dam. Once the first pour is cured it acts as a seal and helps hold the tape in place. You might end up having to sand and/or polish the sides to get it clear regardless of the material used as a dam.


    Good luck, and pics or it didnt happen!

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