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  1. I wanted to make a separate post for my thoughts, though this might get attached to the main project post anyway. I was a backer of the original project, so I have a very selfish hope that this new project succeeds. Even if it does, I will have to pay (again) for shipping. I paid $95 the first time for a deluxe early bird and shipping. Shipping does seem to be EU, Canada, Aus and US friendly at least. I do think it's a pretty interesting game, which is why I backed in the first place. It's a semi co-operative game where any player can become a deadite and turn on the ot
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1821440755/evil-dead-2-the-board-game?ref=profile_created It's back. From the project page: " A few years ago, another company successfully launched an Evil Dead 2 board game campaign that was never fulfilled to its backers. This other company collected all of the money and delivered nothing to thousands of Evil Dead 2 fans that participated in their project. Because of this travesty, Jasco Games, in collaboration with Lynnvander Studios, the Evil Dead 2 licensing group, and our other partners have come together to bring Evil Dead 2 The Boa
  3. I got an interesting email about this ks. It seems Jasco games acquired the remnants of this game from SGP and are planning a relaunch. If it is successful, they will fulfill all the pledges on the previous campaign. Of course I'm not sure how many people will bite at a new ks for this game, but it does mean there is some hope for backers of this project. It's not in the email, but if you check out the Jasco Games web page they have more info. You can check your backer kit id to see if you are on their list for reimbursement. There are instructions on how to find your id in the ks comments. :
  4. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1328919671/stargrind-avenging-angels I backed a previous project, Stargrind : Bounty Hunters. I only got a couple minis but they were good quality and price. This project features some older Kev White minis along with some other sci-fi stuff. The cacklers would work in a fantasy setting as some sort of beholderkin.
  5. I got this game in the mail this week. It was scheduled for April delivery, so not bad at all. The components look good, and the game looks fun. The minis are nice, not quite cmon level but very good board game quality. They are soft, not quite bones level but bendy enough they look pretty durable. They are base coated with a very thin coat, so painting should be a breeze. There is some flash, though it seems to be easily trim-able. There are also some hanging bits visible from the molds, but they are also easy to remove. I didn't get many add-ons, but I couldn't resist the set of
  6. This is doing amazing business. The first project raised $342,936 from 3210 backers, and delivered 3 years late. This one has already passed $2 million raised with over 9k backers with 23 days to go. It does speak to the awesomeness of the first project, and the extra effort put in by the creators, who faced a ton of problems and grossly underestimated what they were getting into. But they kept plugging away and delivered everything as advertised, even with a lot of outside pressure to cut some corners and reduce the size and cost of their game. And checking out board game geek for
  7. I got my minis yesterday in Canada. They are nice, though definitely not the same quality as the resin minis I got from their web store last year. I'd say they are comparable to Mythic Battles or CMON, though not quite as good. There were a few mostly minor errors, some small flash lines and a couple voids. They came in nice boxes, way too big but probably designed to stand out at retail. They also had a few ks exclusives that also came in an oversized box, a real waste since they aren't intended for retail. A blister pack would have been plenty for hard plastic minis. All the figures came pre
  8. Not that I'm recommending this ks or anything, but I think that is a pretty common disclaimer for any licensed project. And even if it isn't on the project page, you can be sure one exists anyway. Most companies are pretty protective of their IPs. They have a license to make the game or they'd likely already be shut down, the licensor approval is referring to specific minis, card art, box art, etc. For instance the Street Fighter project I backed has this: " Products presented on this Kickstarter page and during the campaign may be subject to change in order to meet the expectation
  9. I backed their first spell effects kickstarter. They were really really late for some sets. I only backed for wizard set though which was one of the first fulfilled (3-4 months late). The design work should be all done for this one so hopefully it shouldn't be so long this time. The finished product is absolutely fantastic. It is, by far, the most used kickstarter product I've ever bought. It is so simple to pull out the transparent template whenever adjudicating a spell effect (or breath weapon etc.). And the product looks really nice and is very durable. It is made wi
  10. They could definitely benefit from a better paint job and photos. Also, one mini is €5 whilst four are €25, so that doesn't make a lot of sense. Still, they are cute minis and a nice idea.
  11. Seems like an easily fixable issue, they'd just have to have a "northern" shipping option in their pledge manager to allow shipping a couple months later for those worried. Given typical ks delays April thru June seems more likely anyway. Someone should suggest something along those lines. At a minimum it'd be a good test of how they react to customer feedback.
  12. I stayed in for this. I really like the look of the minis and it's a very underrepresented era in my collection.
  13. They are interesting. Here's a link to the project page if anyone is curious: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2004599158/black-crab-miniatures-2 The concept art for the witch looks fascinating and horrible all at once. I don't even want to post it here. Anyone looking for nightmare fuel can check out the ks.
  14. Some nice looking minis here. A couple things are odd though. A single human sized mini sells for $15, but a group of 10 sell for $18? Still, it's the sameish formula they used for Dragon Empire, and that seems to have been pretty successful. Any backers from that project around who can give some feedback? That priestess on a wyvern looks way too front heavy for those little legs. I think that'd be a huge breaking risk. I'll probably talk myself into taking a chance on a raptor patrol (though it seems to be at a similar unbalanced weight/breakage problem to
  15. If you check out the concept art and renders their legs look like they are covered by leaves more than fur. It definitely looks rocky the way they painted them. They just did a nice rework of the main page. They show contents of pledges, and mention that the box of 20 includes male and female figures. The reason only males are shown is that's the only sprue they've produced so far.
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