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  1. My entry for the Reaper Challenge League Q2 diorama: The minis are: Reaper Bones Black 44044 Dark Watcher as Pac Man Reaper Metal 03920 Shadowgaunt as Pinky Midlam Miniatures’ metal “Ghosts of Midlam Manor” x 3 as Inky, Blinky, and Clyde -the latter pair in edible mode. and 3D printed walls designed by Printable Scenery White balls are expanded polystyrene, plucked from some packing material. The Black gravel is …black gravel. This is an idea I have had for a scene or diorama for ages, a Beholder stuck in a dungeon getting really bored, chasing the other denizens aroun
  2. it's a good paint job, but... something seems to be slightly off.....it's far to clean? Perhaps just a little gunk on the base would do the trick? Green and brown spots with some gloss varnish? Maybe this is just my prejudice against the poor, misunderstood Otyugh, who much like the common pig, actually might be the very model of cleanliness when given half a chance?
  3. I have been slightly less of a workaholic in May than in April, so I have been able to do some quartely challenges as well as the monthlies. I am probably not going to be able to paint anything else this month, so here goes. These were all painted for the Reaper challenge league May, and again, squeezed in between work. So, low effort speed painting is the key. which also shows that is it possible to get quite decent results in a short time as long as you accept there will be some rough bits. there are some pictures below
  4. Warning! Warning! Will Robinson! You really, really need to consider if you want to add anything at all to the paint on a permanent basis, and at the very least experiment to see if whatever substance you add to the paint actually works like intended. The long term effects especially might not be what you want. There is a true story somewhere on this forum about a person who added something (floor polish?) to ALL his brand spanking new reaper paints, which resulted in a whole lot of ruined paint and when he complained about "bad paint" Reaper naturally had to dismiss the person with "yo
  5. Those are Elder Things the original colonizers of earth
  6. I have seen that Titan Forge also is going the USD 100 route for a post-patreon montly set, where the patreon still charges USD 10 for a month. I might speculate that the sets simply do not sell in any significant numbers at USD 30, 40 or 50 outside of the patreon, so they have chosen to up the price both to increase percieved value of the patreon, and to actually get the USD 50 price when there is a 50%-off sale, since very many customers seem to hold off for a sale once they have decided to buy a mini or a set. This way they increase the FOMO for the whales that maybe would otherwise q
  7. There are significant differences in the properties of Bones Classic, Bones Black and Bones USA. Bones Classic and Bones Black both PVC, very similar in most respects, but BB is harder, more brittle and can hold detail better. Both can be softened and repositioned using near-boiling water then into ice cold water to set the new position. Bones USA is a different material. It seems to be lighter, hard, strong but still somewhat flexible (although it can snap), and can hold very high detail. It is superior in most ways, but it does not seem to soften in hot water. This is a drawback if
  8. correct. I have to pay Norwegian fees and VAT when I collect the package at the post office.
  9. I live in Norway outside of the EU, and the UK site automatically has the prices without VAT for me. I expect this would be true for resident of the EU too.
  10. I use fresh #11 scalpel blades to slice them off, and sometimes the back edge also works.
  11. I am not sure if this applied here, but please note that the voltage in the mains of US (110-120V) and EU (220-240V) are very different so you might need different specifications on your adapater depending on where you live. Using bits with the wrong specifics is both dangerous and will damage/ruin the equipment.
  12. They make a new game called "Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower" in 2016, a Dungeon Crawler-style game with Warhammer Age of Sigmar-style and new models. Quite different in many respects from the old Warhammer Quest. This proved to be rahter popular. The next year they released a new boxed game called "Warhammer Quest Shadows over Hammerhal" which included pre-existing Warhammer Age of Sigmar models, and I expect most of the models shown above would be from that box 2019 saw the release of Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress set in the warhammer 40.000 universe, wich proved even more po
  13. Legos are made of ABS plastic which is hard to cut and needs high heat to soften (much hotter than boiling water) so they can be difficult to work with. You will need to saw and file if you have to cut them. They work well with Kraggle, erm. superglue. You can prime and paint like any other hard plastic. Apart from that, note the above comments about the aesthetics are made to fit lego minifigs and not minatures. As long as you do not have a problem with this, go for it!
  14. Assuming there is some stock of these minis left over from the KS fulfilment, how about doing some sort of webstore only category or even a limited time event where they can be sold without retail packaging and outside of the normal release schedule, so that the many customers that are clamouring for these minis have a chance of getting them outside of auction-site black marketeer scalpers? Other major players do similar offers. What arguments would exist against doing this at Reaper?
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