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  1. 10 pint-sized skeletons with eyeballs. Which is a bit strange as all the other soft tissue is long gone. Especially strange since the eyes are usually the first bits to go, eaten by crows (or by fish if you die at sea). Them eyeballs are scrumptious, it would seem. The minis are from the "Halflings and Fantasy Friends" kickstarter TTcombat ran late 2018 and that was delivered some time ago. I have painted ghosts and ghouls from this line earlier. They are all very cartoony and also rather cute. Three little swordsmen ...er, knifemen. Three little pikes. Two have build their holes of straw and of sticks. The third of bricks. And four archers. 10 skeletons in all, from the "RPG pledge level" that basically gave a nice assortment of different types, either 5 or 10 of each. I used a mixture of regular paint and contrast paints on these. As always, they look better when not magnified. Some of the mould lines I simply have not noticed before, and now I see them glaring at me in the pictures. My eyesight is not what it once was. I printed out 20mm bases for the little rascals. Halflings Skeletons TTCombat 2018/2019 Unknown sculptor Resin 20mm bases Should be available from TTCombat in the future. These models were painted the 10th and 11th of April.
  2. In my experience it is rather rare that metal parts fit perfectly, even though they are designed to do so. This can be from several reasons, some of which have to do with the rubber mould they are cast in being somewhat flexible and therefore sometimes the parts warp slightly during the moulding process, and/or sometimes to do with the material itself shrinking unevenly when cooling down. Sometimes there is superfluous metal that needs to be trimmed away to make the parts fit better. Whatever the case, I find that most metal models that come in several pieces will end up with gaps that require filling. It is common to use green stuff or other kind of putty for this. Your pictures make me think this might be uneven shrinkage more than anything else. The bones version arrived preassembled. I seem to have been lucky; mine has the part sitting flush at both ends and did not require filling.
  3. It needs an itty bitty millennium falcon ;)
  4. Not actually a part of the Lost Valley expansion, but a separate add on: The Blacktooth Terror. A thunder lizard so large, he needs to hunker down to get into range of his prey. If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! If you're happy and you know it just you clap your hands to show it...whut? Oh! That makes me so ANGRY! RIP AND TEAR! Anybody remember Primal Rage? The arcade beat 'em up-game? Where assorted dinosaurs and giant apes went at it proper mortal kombat-style? I do. And I like to find inspiration for my paint schemes in just such ancient, half-forgotten tat. I remember playing this at my local arcade in the days when that was a thing. Later I got it on my Playstation. Yes, the first one. I tried seeing if the game was available anywhere legal these days, but no luck. One would think that this would be a good title for GOG.com or something. This paint scheme is taken from the Primal Rage character named Diablo. Red all over with black stripes on the back. Evil through and through. Lots of fire and lava all around. Black undercoat. Scalecolor Navy Blue all over. When dry, almost drybrushed liberally with Vallejo Nocturna Crimson 74.018, but keeping the brush from being too wet so the blue is visible here and there. Highlights were then carefully drybrushed with Vallejo Nocturna Lipstick 74.029, as this colour will cover and we don't want to much coverage in this case. Over this I used Army Painter Dragon Red to make it proper RED. Further hightlights were drybrushed with Army Painter Pure Red and a very light Army Painter Lava Orange. The Black bits are done in Vallejo Vallejo Model Color Black Grey 70.862 with a slight hint of Vallejo Model Color Dark Sea Green 70.868 and Vallejo Model Color Black 70.950. Details, base and all done in two or three hours. When the model has such excellent texture as this one has, it is almost like it paints itself. Coupled with the most of the model being the same colour, it really does not take all that much time either. The key is to use large, flat brushes. *sniff* *sniff* hm...I'm sure I brushed my teeth this morning...where is this bad breath coming from? Blacktooth Terror, a $12 add on for the Bones 4 kickstarter, 2019 Reaper Miniatures Unknown sculptor Made in Bonesium PVC 140x110mm base will be available from reapermini.com some time in the future
  5. "Lost Valley" is one of the expansions to Bones 4, and incidentially the first of the expansions I will tackle after completing the Bones 4 Core set. Lost Valley is, as the name suggests, the Land that Time Forgot style prehistoric setting where dinosaurs and cavemen live side by side. Or rather, where Dinosaurs rule the land while Men cower in caves. More than anything, the minis make me think of the 1981 movie Quest for Fire: The classic Ron Pearlman's acting debut movie. If you have not seen it, do so. It does conflate several periods of mankind's evolution, but is not all that far off being a reasonably historically accurate representation of the early stone age as far as I know. It does not call itself historical anyhow, but a "science fantasy". Also Iron Maiden made a song inspired by this film. Note that Iron Maiden competely craps out in the very first line of the song: "In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth When the land was swamp and caves were home In an age when prize possession was fire To search for landscapes men would roam." The rest is a good summary of the movie, but critically there are no dinosaurs in the film, or even in the time period portrayed. The Movie is set about 80.000 years ago. Dinosaurs had been extinct more or less 65.000.000 years already. Dayum! The Lost Valley, however, does not care about such trifling detail. So, on to the miniatures: According to the flavour text on the inside flaps on the Expansion box, The People of the Dawnlands are peaceful hominids that are fleet of foot and grow their own crops in the central plain region of the Lost Valley. They worship the goddess Makoteli, a deity of Fertility and Agriculture. Presumably the Fertility Idol represents the aforementioned Makoteli. #610 Shaman go to the mountainsofminis if you want to see the shamans nipples #611 Spearman Male Pattern Baldness was a thing also in the Stone Age. #612 Caveboy Carrying the Sacrificial Orange. #613 Clubber The skin was done in grey with Citadel Reikland Fleshshade, carefully drybrushed with Vallejo Nocturna Pale Flesh and light grey. The two braves have oval 25x35mm bases, as I did not want to use 30mm rounds on them, but their action pose was too wide for a 25mm round. Maybe I should have printed out some 25x30 or 25x32mm for these but I just used what I had to hand, which happened to be 25x35mm. #615 Fertility Idol This statue is presumably based on (aka copied off) the actual stone age figurine "Venus of Willendorf" found in 1908 in Austria and that dates back around 30.000 years. The real thing is about 11cm tall, carved out of limestone and and painted with ochre. As such it is one of the earliest examples of painted miniatures known. Truly, this hobby has ancient roots! https://maledrakh.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/200410-reaper-bones-4-lost-valley-44077-people-of-the-dawnlands-conan.jpg Wait! Why so angry? All I did was help myself to some of your delicious breaksfast spread there!?! 44077: People of the Dawnlands (4) 44093: Fertility Idol Bones 4, Lost Valley Expansion, 2019 Reaper Miniatures Sculpted by Jason Wiebe Made in Bonesium PVC 25mm and 25x35mm bases available from reapermini.com These models were painted on or around the 8th and 9th of April.
  6. This is a model that has been waiting patiently since Bones 3. I have been thinking about how to make it look maggotlike, as it more than anything reminds me of wasp larvae or maggots. You know, these ones: I wanted to use a short videoclip here, but the constant wiggling gives me the screaming willies! So the other day I tried a quick yellow-grey-bonewhite scheme. It turned out...not quite what I was going for. So I slathered the thing in gloss varnish to give it the shiny "a bit translucent" glass like look. It turned out looking slimy instead. Btw wasp larvae are not slimy or wet to the touch at all. Also, lots of wild animals such as squirrels, possums and birds really like the taste of those juicy wasp larvae, which probably is the main evolutionary reason that wasps and hornets are so very aggressive, and use the Attack! Attack! Attack! When in doubt, attack again!" strategy to welcome anyone close to a nest. The white in the photo is a bit washed out and the yellow and grey detail in the folds of the flesh are not showing properly. The gloss is overpowering most of it anyway. Live and learn. I am thinking maybe there are no quick-fixes for the effect I would like, and that I might need to go full non metallic metal-extreme white highlight technique to make the glass-like look I am after. Which is really time-consuming. So on the other hand, this took significantly less than a hour or so to paint in between other things. It will do the job. The paint job is not only Fast, but also Sloppy. Zoomed-in photos are without mercy. Reaper calls this model "Carrion Worm". Worm? Worm? It has legs for crying out loud! ahem... from the Collinsdictionary.com: Definition of 'worm' 1. COUNTABLE NOUN A worm is a small animal with a long thin body, no bones and no legs. (The astute reader will notice how I like a complete hippocrite ignore the "small" in the definition but make a big issue out of the "no legs" bit.) ....so, maybe a we shall call it a caterpillar instead? I have named this one Heim-Liche. Anyway, what sort of carrion exactly does it dine on that lets it grow to such a size? And presumably at some point it will go in to a chrysalis. What might it eventually metamorphose into? Mothra? 77541 Carrion Worm Bones 3, Graveyard Expansion, 2015 Reaper Miniatures Sculpted by Kevin Williams Made in Bonesium PVC 60mm base available from reapermini.com This model was painted on or around the 7th of April.
  7. oh, these bring back memories! Imperial ships, from left to right: the Dominator Battleship, the Emperor Capital Ship and the Tyrant Battleship. The line was called Space Fleet and the year 1991 (well, maybe 1992.) The Dominator had a very powerful attack directly in front of it, and that could affect adjacent squares as well. It was pretty useless in all other directions though, so it became a game of swivel on the spot when the eldar wraithships danced around it.
  8. I use vallejo "plastic putty" alot. This is 100% acrylic resin and quite thin and sticky right out of the tube. Much like the tamiya stuff but without the need for chemicals, I just use water if I need to remove. Wipe it smooth with a finger or such and when dry it can be sanded.
  9. Not sure if a Trump-smirk is the best look for Bilbo.
  10. I usually hit/rap/knock the bottle (bottom first) a couple of times into the table both before and after shaking, and before opening. This usually makes the paint that is up the spout fall down into the main bottle. Sometimes there will be some paint that has seperated and the spout might contain thin clearish paint even after shaking if not knocked down before shaking. slamming them sharply onto the tabletop gets that back into the main body of paint.
  11. To be fair, points along the vein of "I can make that myself" are really moot. These are for people who do not have the skill or inclination to make themselves. That said, I think this offering is far too expensive for what you get. The market for STL-files with terrain pieces is rapidly getting crowded with a lot of very talented designers, many of whom even give away many models for free on sites such as thingiverse. I freely admit to being a whale of sorts when it comes to such kickstarters. I have backed many. But with such a rather unimaginative and small offering that is not even test printed, by a designer that starts out by admitting they dont have any experience with 3D-printers? For top dollar? Just no. Had there been a great many more models offered in the same package, then maybe. Quantity can make up for quality. If these designes had been outstanding in some way, then maybe. This project does not have any of the "I gotta have it"-factor that I find many other stl-projects do have.
  12. There are closeups of most if not all of these minis in the reaper show off forums, search for "maledrakh", or visit my blog themountainsofminis.com The apes specifically can be seen here: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/90705-maledrakhs-b4core-838485-ape-attack
  13. please do @TaleSpinner! I would back your work sight unseen as long as it was reasonably priced.
  14. I have been playing Doom Eternal lately. Several stages within some of the missions are set inside massive demonic fleshy creatures or structures with organic tunnels. Organic as in made of living meat, like a skinned carcass, with giant meaty blobs, bladders, tendons and instestines everywhere. The floor covered in pools of acid...one can only imagine the smell. Naturally, this made me want to paint up some of the minis for the Shadows of Brimstone Belly of the Beast Otherworld. This otherworld is just such an organic hellscape, set inside the entrails of some enormous cosmic creature. The Belly of the Beast Expansion rules, cards and map bits come in the "Temple of Shadows" expansion set, an expansion for the japanese-themed Forbidden Fortress base set. The Skin Crawler minis are also included in this expansion, while the Gastral Tyrant, Bone Eaters and Acid Blobs each are in their own little enemy packs. I have at least the flesh mites still to do, and I am thinking some more giant tentacles would fit this theme well, if I can find them. Maybe even some of the new, japanese-themed heroes too. This lot took me a couple of evenings to do, mostly drying time in between prepping the Bones 4 Lost Valley Expansion minis. Lots more pictures below.
  15. Sometimes I find that the simplest of solutions can be staring me right in the face and still not be noticed. I struggled with a similar problem, until I had a facepalm moment. *d'oh* I put the model on it's back to dry, so that the inscriptions actually were the lowest point for the paint to collect in. Voila. Problem was solved. Also, drybrushing can work fine on such details, the trick is to make sure the paint on the mini is bone dry, and that the paint on the bristles is wiped off repeatedly on some tissue until it leaves just the faintest of traces and then brushing carefully diagonally across the scripture (depending on the shape of the text/sigils -make sure the brush strokes are across the detail and not into the detail.) Repeat ad nauseam, slowly building the colour up. This can give a remarkably soft-tone and beautiful effect. And destroys your brush. I prefer flat brushes for this technique.
  16. Oh, that is just excellent! What kind of paints do you use? Are these mostly out of the bottle-colours or do you mostly mix them?
  17. The "pictures or it never happened"picture: The entire Bones 4 core set completed. 163 minis, including a few scenery bits, some chibis and a great big Dragon. All for a hundred bucks. Plus shipping, fees and taxes. So maybe around 200 bucks for me then. Still a massively good deal. Not pictured are also two different bags of bases that I did not use, and 4 more of each of the pillar toppers that were included in the set. Ah, the quiet satisfaction of completing a project. *Achievement unlocked* so, onto the next. Onwards and upwards! Which of the expansions to do first, then?
  18. So we are nearing the end of the road. This is the very last of the 163 miniatures in the Bones 4 Core set! Last but not least! Or more accurately, Last and the largest by far! Who am I? I am known as Millstone Shover, Barrel Drinker, Demon Rider and Camel Puncher! But I am no one when compared to you, O Gauth the Magnificent! Gauth the Golden! Gauth the Tremendous! Gauth the Unassessably Wealthy! Gauth the Mighty! Gauth the Terrible! Gauth the Stupendous! Gauth the Tyrannical! Gauth the Impenetrable! Gauth the Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities! Gauth the Does Not Fit In Standard Shelving! Tommy Too Tall here is about 27cm / over 10 inches tall! I made him a 125mmx100mm base to keep him stable. I had some drooping woes that I have documented in my fixing Droopy The Dragon post back in November of last year. I can categorically and firmly state that the fixes have ....worked! Gauth has been standing tall and proud these last few months with no sign of any renewed droopage. I experimented with removing the knee-brace for a while, but then he sorta slumped, so I put it back. Painting: Black undercoat. Scalecolor Navy Blue all over. When dry, I drybrushed the green parts with Citadel Base Waaagh Flesh, Vallejo Game Color Jade Green 72.026, and Jade Green mixed with Scalecolor Hellbound Flesh SFG-16 in two steps. The Blue parts are done in the Navy Blue drybrushed with Army Painter Crystal Blue and Vallejo Game Color Magic Blue 72.021. This was then mixed with Hellbound Flesh, with pure Hellbound Flesh on the top. The Yellow parts are Vallejo Model Color Khaki Grey 70.880 with Citadel Layer Iyanden Yellow, with Scalecolor Hykey Yellow (a yellowy bone) on top. Plus some small details such as eyes, tongue and teeth in other colours I do not remember which paints I used. So now the task is done! Challenge complete! Achievement unlocked! But the road goes ever on and on... #7 Gauth the Dragon Bones 4 Core set, 2019 Reaper Miniatures unknown sculptor Made in Bonesium PVC 125x100mm base. should be available from reapermini.com some time in the future in Bones.
  19. Update! He has now been standing tall since November. I keep the wings together with a small loop of florist's wire around the horn/claw/thumb things on the wings, in the middle there. WIth the knee-brace he stays up. Without the brace he kinda slumps, even with the tail fixed to the base. So I kept the knee-brace. I painted him yesterday.
  20. Doing the Young Owlbear made me want to do this old one as well. This owlbear is the O.G. owlbear off the very first of the Reaper Bones kickstarters. It always was a bit weird and extra insane looking, quite different from other owlbears I have seen. Also it was droopy and askew on it's base. I drilled into the leg from under the base and inserted a long rod to keep it stiff and keeping the talons off the ground. Straightened that c***er out,. Far too much as it turned out. So I glued the original base to the new one at an angle. Maybe the angle should have been even steeper as it is a bit up in the air. At any rate, insane-looking owlbear = joker = clown = parrot. Time to break out the Napoleonic colours. It's pining for the fjords! Beautiful plumage, esquire! Polly wanna Cracker! 77156 Owlbear Bones 1 Core set, 2012 Reaper Miniatures Sculpted by Jason Wiebe Made in Bonesium PVC 50mm base. available from reapermini.com
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