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  1. To add to the confusion, even the white bones were made in different grades of softness/bendyness. I believe this has to do with ease of pulling from the mould more than anythng else.

    Generally, minis from Bones 3 and 4 kickstarters are in the "better bones" mix. even if they are white. Look for SKU code of 77320 and above. Apart from this, as @ttuckermansays, look in your FLGS to see the colour of the bones in the blisters.

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  2. It can make sense. Consider that the "same" colour can have different base mixes, for example blacks where some are bluish, some are brownish,  some are greenish when thinned. By the same token, most whites are different shades of offwhite.

    This can be a source to get in tints of colour while still keeping to the rules.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Cranky Dog said:

    Considering Bones are still outsourced to Chinese companies that have multiple clients in addition to Reaper, it is a likely reason.


    Though I would expect streaks instead of the concentrated blue at those tips.

    Just some thoughts:
    the tips of the wings are at the extremes of the parts, which presumably would be innermost on the moulds, so if there were some blue plastic residue it is reasonable that it got shoved in front of the new bones material, and therefore deposited innermost on the moulds. If the residue was in thepipes and not heated through before injecting might this explain the concentration? (presumably the pressure and the heat of the melted white bones would be enought to shape it properly in the mould?)

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  4. I think the "has to be painted in 2021" is a rule made to reduce people posting old photos of old minis, or just grabbing what finished minis they have on the shelf and posting those. The point would be to encourage people to paint their minis.

    I would argue that as long as you finished it in 2021, it is good to go for the challenges.

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  5. 14 hours ago, Auberon said:


    As one of my coworkers likes to say, "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission."  After all, it worked out pretty well for Scale 75.  I believe it was @Pingo that pointed out the majority of customers will be initially up in arms about IP issues, but then go right back to shopping from the offending company. As long as they make a few nice apologies first.


    Not that our hobby is particularly stringent on IP anyway.  Companies such as Reaper don't want to license something from WotC so they sculpt a creature that is immediately recognizable as such and give it a different name.  Nuts Planet makes character busts, and I doubt they are compensating the actors for the use of their likeness.  Heck, the whole GK industry was founded off of the idea of making use of movie studio characters without compensation. 


    For my part, I am not really concerned about blowback from customers; in general the paying public has shown a tendency to be happy to get a certain character or model and not care too much about where they come from. What might be a concern is if the IP holder starts throwing C&D orders about or even copyright strikes against the creators, blackballing the platforms (as has been known to happen) leading to the creators getting shut down or thrown off the platform and effectively dissappearing.

    Or getting sued, and then bankrupted by the financial cost of legal defence. Which also has been known to happen.

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  6. 23 hours ago, SamuraiJack said:

    Shipwreck Golem for AVG for Feb




    The rest is great if you need sea adventure NPC/monsters


    • Slaudrul, the Aboleth - 100mm (1 pose) 
    • Morklos - the Trench God base - 75mm (1 pose)
    • Nautindod, the Shipwreck Golem - 100mm (1 pose)
    • Chuul -  60mm (3 poses)
    • Merrows - 60mm (4 poses) 
    • Morloks - 32mm (3 poses) 
    • Morlok Priest - 32mm (1 pose)
    • Morlok Saboteurs (on Morlok Pouncers) - 32mm (2 poses)
    • Morlok Pouncers - 50mm (2 poses and alternate weapons)
    • Morlok Predator - 90mm (1 pose)
    • Morlok Big Bois - 60mm (4 poses)
    • Triton Tribe Leaders - 32mm (4 unique minis)


    AVG? I cannot seem to find them neither on patreon or just a google search. Could you please spell out their name? What are they called, and which site are they to be found? Thank you in advance

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  7. There does not seem to be a separate thread for those of us that are looking for willing and open minded partners for the various Reaper Challenge League cooperative goals. 


    For my part, I have an extensive collection of unpainted Bones, and a few metals lying about. I am a fast painter so should still be able to get something done in time for January.  

    Anybody else  still looking for RCL-group?


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  8. Excellent work!

    This really is a trip down memory lane :)

    I  had the same set back in ancient times, I made spell-lightning with thin wires from twist-lock strips and glitter. Surrounded the thing with cotton wool to look like clouds or water-spray. Those were the days.

    Sadly, the golden, hard and very brittle metal (I remember it made a crunching noise when bending) was subject to metal fatigue and broke off at the tail. 
    It seems the pendulum-action of the dragon each time a heavy truck drove past the house was too much for it over time, and the dragon faceplanted into the centaur at one point, scarring both for life. I think I still have the set in a box somewhere.

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  9. I have an ender 3. It it very easy to mod, and there are many mods available for free on thingiverse. check out youtube, there are several videos on "favorite mods" and why to use each one.

    I would suggest buying the magnetic mat for the print bed, it makes it very easy to get the prints off the bed.

    also, it prints very well in my opinion. A  good choice for terrain, bases and such. 

    For miniatures you should rather look at an elegoo, anycubic or phrozen resin printer.

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  10. I have adopted the approach that it is better with too much support than too little. Toeing the line will in my experience lead to failures on some level more often than not. Usually it is the contact points between the supportbraces and the actual mini  that are too thin and fail, so I like to up the diameter of those and also add extra thick supports at the lowest point.

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  11. Just now, Ratmaster2000 said:

    Geez and now I am considering Clay cyanide to patreon:( Man, I haven't even set up the printers yet:( But the steampunk is so awesome (really want that dr. jekyll/mr. hyde)


    If you are in doubt, it is always an option to cancel your patreon immediately so you only pay for the month. Those stls usually go way up in price after the patreon-month is over, and that is if they even are available to buy later.

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  12. That bingo is really interesting.

    I would suggest to buy or build a simple desk for the guest room. Lugging a mobile paint station around the house is to invite disaster when you knock it against something and everything on it crashes to the floor.

    Also it makes it less probable to get anything done since it is so much more of an effort to get started each session. easier to do somthign else entirely.

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