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  1. hello, I am quite new here, and I see several references to a requirement of modelling the base of the miniatures if it is to be considered for the inspiration gallery, and also what governs the using of inspiration gallery pictures as pictures on the miniatures in the webshop. But I seem to have gone blind trying to find an actual wording in the guidelines. Can someone please expand on this / explain the requirements / confirm if it is true or not / show where it actually says anything about this in the guidelines? Thank you.
  2. I think I would like to try this. I will have a rummage in the attic and see if I can dig up that old Mithil Miniatures Smaug I think I have there somewhere. Fitting this year, I think. If I cannot find it, there is always that big box o' bones that probably will arrive here in the pefiphery come May...
  3. I tried this for the first time last night, with the unicorn, the gargoyle and the ghost. I put some freshly boiled water in a cup and dipped just the part of the figure that needed bending in just a few seconds. the unicorns horn actually straightened itself out after just a second or so. Immediately into a nother cup of cold water and it set nicely, the gargoyle's wings were parrallell to each other, and needed several goes before I got the right angle on them. the ghost I wanted to reposition, twisting the stalk so it was to look both more ahead and at a lower angle, thus giving it a rather more sinister look. Today, I find that the unicorns horn is more or less where I want it to be, it has just gone slightly to the right.since yeterday. the gargoyles wings have retracted to a steeper angle, but still much better than when packfresh. the ghost has gone back to being just as it came. So, I will redunk them later, and try to hold them much longer in the hot water and also exaggerate the bend a bit.
  4. I believe Bob Olley sculpted this figure, anyone know for sure?
  5. as long as its people-eating worms and not people eating worms...
  6. I find that slightly watered down pva holds static grass quite ok. Just remember to blow gently over the grass to make it stand on end. I use superglue for tufts.
  7. How about some short haired PC females?
  8. Hello , I for one also got interested in reaper again with the kickstarter, having been out of the hobby for almost ten years. It seems there are quite a few of us prodigal oldboys (and girls) here, at that. I am quite sure that this influx of orders is largely because of the kickstarterers such as myself that only just have discovered reapers absoutely exellent website with all the galleries, forums, inspiration pictures, find-out-the-colour apps and all that are a major part of this. That all the work put into this website is paying off when the masses at last are having a look, as it were. And of course the inexpensiveness of the bones helps. I would expect the influx of orders is mainly new (or new-ish) customers.
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