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  1. Got my poorly packed replacements, 2 broken items in the lot. I can glue them, only requested replacements because items were missing.
  2. I want the alternate sculpts for the base heroes. I NEED the alternate sculpts, I'm a much better painter since SDE 1.0
  3. Dozens of games and damage already does not speak well to durability or quality.
  4. 2 day shipping notification arrived 5 days ago, nothing else has arrived. Tracking still says shipping label created.
  5. Isn't sharing information such as this the intent of these forums? I appreciate knowing about this kind of thing before backing a project. The community here Is pretty civil, even with delays. Creators can't just expect free publicity here without having delays also advertised. Yikes sorry for the necropost. Didn't notice how old the quote was.
  6. Mini storage shouldn't cost more than the minis it can store.
  7. That kraken will cameo in Rum and bones.
  8. Project canceled after exceeding goal, they plan a relaunch later.
  9. As a stupid American, I try not to pledge for projects in squiggly lines. Fund raise in 'Murican!
  10. I have received nothing. My address change put me at the back of the line. I understand, I gambled on this one not shipping out late and lost. At least CMON beat the year late mark on Wrath-of-kings and got that one to me a week or two before I moved.
  11. Thanks for the video and response
  12. Almost 60 squiggly lines for the base set, how much for set 1 and issue 2?
  13. Any updates or answers?
  14. Looks like you guys have prototypes already, what kind of production and fulfillment experience do you have? What is your base pledge buy in price? Will subsequent issues be paid add-ons? What material will the minis be made of?
  15. This one will have stiff competition with zcide black plague coming out at the end of May. Shipping and comm issues may work in this games favor since CMON is struggling with season 3 delivery and still churning out more campaigns. I don't fault CMON, but the boards on z3 are getting restless
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