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I got into the miniature hobby years ago via tabletop wargames, and subsequently fell in and out of the hobby a few times over the years. More recently, the Bones Kickstarter reinvigorated my interest for the hobby! Currently I'm painting more as a hobbyist than as a gamer.


Coming from a wargaming background, I'm familiar with the "base-wash-drybrush" style of painting, but I'm looking to expand my skills (especially proper paint consistency and layering). I try to post articles on my blog (http://magnusmercury.blogspot.com/) for figures I've completed, and I've been participating in Caffeineforge.com's Monday Miniatures painting challenge.


When I'm not painting, I usually try to get in some time with various computer games. I'm a City of Heroes/Villains veteran (@Jolly-Roger on Virtue), so feel free to PM me if you ever want to reminisce about the "good ol' days" there. :B):

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