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  1. I received my order today. At first glance it looks like it's all there, but I need to go through them all just to verify.
  2. Oh man, I had a good laugh at some of those recipe names! Thanks for sharing, and definitely backed.
  3. I'm in for this. The gameplay looks interesting, and as Talae mentioned it ties in thematically with Cthulhu Wars (which so far everyone I've played with seems to love). I didn't get the point of the Azathoth cultists, since that's not a playable faction. Maybe they're NPCs or something?
  4. I finally received my physically rewards (all the way from Serbia, apparently), so I think that completes fulfillment for me.
  5. I got a few more games in (2-player and 1-player), and we're having a much better success rate. We even moved on to include Moderate difficulty Spirits and draw for Minor/Major Powers (rather than using the preset lists for Low difficulty Spirits). For anyone trying out the game, I would stress the importance of paying attention to upcoming Invader actions and how you (the players) can collectively counter it. It's easy to get side-tracked trying to take down Invaders across the island, but it's critical to focus on the ones that are actually going to act in the upcoming phase as "high priority" targets. Also, don't forget that destroying a Town generates 1 Fear, and destroying a City generates 2 Fear. We missed that rule our first run through, and it makes a big difference (especially with damage-heavy Spirits like Lightning's Swift Strike, which can blow through Towns very quickly)! I highly recommend everyone give this game a few tries (I honestly think it takes a couple of goes until everything starts to click into place).
  6. To be fair, my last gaming group had the same experience with the Cthulhu Wars base game. It usually only took losing one game to a more aggressive player to realize that they, too, needed to be more aggressive in the next game. I think that's just part of learning the game, especially for players who tend to "turtle". I decided to go in on this, as I like some of the new stuff and as with some others here, I'm heavily invested in Cthulhu Wars. The rule revisions don't bother me, since I'd rather the devs "fix" the game as genuine problems are identified (as opposed to "flavor of the month" type issues). Any game that is currently supported will have a FAQ or other corrections, so I don't think that's any different with the Omega Rulebook revisions. If you have an existing copy (as do I), then it's still a valid compendium of the current rules.
  7. I received my game (which is very nice quality), so I'm good to go as far as fulfillment. I played a two player game earlier today, and I agree with etherial that it's a lot to take in. We got absolutely stomped, so I suspect we were somehow making the Invaders spread more than they should. There's definitely some fun elements here and I look forward to giving it another try (maybe with a different spirit).
  8. I'm still waiting on mine to arrive. I got the shipping notification, which says I should get it tomorrow.
  9. I received by Onslaught 2 package this week as well, and everything looked great. Now I just need to find enough players that I'm willing to have visit my place to play...
  10. Though it does get awkward when you get a package notification and you aren't sure what to be excited to get home and open...
  11. Harker is on my must-have list. That relic...
  12. I ran some numbers last night and it's about a 60% discount on the resin figures (I didn't check the v1.0 plastics). If you're looking to grab some random models (whether or not you're interested in the game), this seems like an excellent time to do so.
  13. They're listed as 30mm scale, though a big caveat on the 1st Edition plastic figures as the scale on those seemed to vary significantly on some of the sculpts. I'm excited that they're resculpting so much of the line, though I'm not terribly experienced with resin figures. Edit: I just noticed that the "pledge manager" lists the base sizes, which should give you some idea of the size of each listed figure.
  14. The Sundown Enforcers have a somewhat Warzone feel to them with the chunky armor style, which I like. The cowgirl seems a bit out of place to me, though; are Westerns a common anime/manga theme?
  15. I'm definitely interested in this, especially to see what additional figures may be unlocked. Soda Pop has discontinued a lot of the previous figures and the resculpts should get everything in the same scale!
  16. I received my core set as well, which consists of four boxes. I didn't realize we were getting so much stuff with the core pledge! Does anyone know if there is a list of references for the Arcadia Quest heroes? A lot of them are nods to pop culture, but the names are similar to Cockney rhyming slang in that they're a step removed so it's hard to figure out what the "source" might be unless you immediately recognize it.
  17. I think the instructions were aimed specifically at First Edition players in the sections where it states (in bold) that Heroes do not lose their coins when they are KO'd. It's a big change from the original rules, but the emphasis on that factor might be confusing if someone wasn't aware of the previous version.
  18. I received my core box today, no shipping notice. I know I still have the conversion pack and (I think) the Inquisitor faction. Glancing through the rules, it seems that the gameplay itself is largely unchanged with the exception of how coins and skills work. You don't lose coins or purchased skills when a hero is KO'd, so there should be less time required to build back up to fighting strength. There's also an interesting rule that when your crew gets to the enemy deployment zone and there's no one there to contest them, they're taken off the board and get a bunch of 3+ hits on enemy heroes and objectives. That definitely adds importance to protecting all of your lanes, instead of just focusing on a couple and leaving the third as a freebie win for your opponent.
  19. This. I imagine they compared the costs of storage for all of the completed items to the cost of shipping them separately, and found they were close enough to choose the latter.
  20. Somehow I completely missed the fact that there was a Blaine figure for the KS, as it looks like it was only an add-on.
  21. The original estimates on the pledges show September 2016, so... I guess it depends on expectations? (I don't mind delays as long as we're still getting regular project updates, but I know timeliness counts for a lot more to some people.)
  22. You mean "you don't need another core set right now", but who knows what games you might be playing a year from now? The core set could have the perfect miniatures for it, if only you had pledged for it!
  23. I picked up my Wave 1 package last night, which had almost everything: rule books, novel, dice, gaming mat (which is huge), and most of the miniatures. I think the only things I'm waiting on are some vehicles in Wave 2. The only downside is that the package was shipped to my previous address. That may have been my fault for not updating my address in the Pledge Manager, but I went back to check and it looks like the original Pledge Manager link doesn't work anymore. I've opened up a support request on this, but if anyone else has updated their address recently I'd appreciate knowing where it needs to be changed. Edit: I just wanted to add that my package came via FedEx, and I was provided a tracking number. Mantic is definitely taking steps to ensure better awareness of packages being sent out, so kudos for that.
  24. Somehow "cherry pick" seems to turn into "chop down the cherry tree"...
  25. I'm not a fan of deck-building games, but I would totally read this if it were a comic/graphic novel.
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