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  1. It just seems like some trolling to me... I agree with Ampersandrew; Bryan's response seemed very professional. Hopefully he and the rest of the Reaper crew know that the vast majority of us support and applaud their efforts regarding the massive Bones campaign, and maybe we'll get to see another one (though I can't blame them if the answer right now would be, "Hell no!" )!
  2. I have some old Ral Partha plastic elementals that I got several many years ago, for exactly that reason. They're great for pick-up-and-play, and they're something that cannot be replicated with paint. It would be great to see Bones versions of common "summoned" creatures/items, like elementals and walls of [whatever], as they can be used in multiple different games.
  3. I'm not a manufacturing expert, but I would think that the situation you described would indicate a big problem somewhere in the manufacturing process. There probably shouldn't be rampant waste on a level that outpaces the "good" product... (not counting the first few runs while everyone is learning how the injection machine works, tuning it, etc.).
  4. I was thinking along similar lines. Even once the KS fulfillments are complete, I imagine Reaper will be getting several more shipments to get the Bones retail distribution rolling. I know they said the KS shipments come first, but knowing how many shiploads are expected might be misleading.
  5. Keep in mind that even if Reaper does know what's in a shipment, it isn't necessarily helpful for us to know. For example, the next shipment might have Nethyrmaul, but it may not (and probably isn't) all of the Nethyrmauls needed to fulfill all the KS shipments. I'm just glad to know that the process is moving along and that Reaper is staying on top of it all. And also that my L2PKs have shipped so I'll have something to practice on while I wait...
  6. I just read the thread from beginning to end (or up until the current point since it's technically not over). Thanks for documenting the endeavor!
  7. I kind of want to see someone paint that thing up as a broccoli monster... Great....now I've got the "Chopping Broccoli" song stuck on my head. Ok, now I want it to be a diorama between the Broccoli Treeman and and a Lumberjack!
  8. I kind of want to see someone paint that thing up as a broccoli monster...
  9. Back to the OT, I've been trying this and it definitely seems to help get the brush cleaner. Or maybe I'm just paying attention to cleaning my brushes and the second water pot is a placebo, but whatever... it's helping!
  10. I'd like to see more "hirelings", like Oswald the Overladen (though maybe not so... exaggerated). I believe there's an ancient Grenedier set with generic lackeys for a PC group, such as a torchbearer, a couple guys carrying a treasure chest, a spear carrier, another guy driving a piton, etc. Just some basic noncombatant hirelings that an adventuring party might have along to assist with a dungeon crawl. I don't know if gamers use hirelings enough to warrant these being made in Bones (vs. metal), but I think they'd be neat and there seems to be an underrpresentation of "support characters" like this.
  11. I regret missing the actual Kickstarter, as I didn't hear about it until after it was done (though I was fortunate enough to get in on Reaper's awesome post-KS deal). Even though I missed the KS party, I can absolutely say that the excitement and enthusiasm carried over and renewed my interest in the hobby!
  12. Um... I'm not sure that pronunciation comparison works in text...
  13. Yeah, I would rather them focus on getting everything shipped, rather than adding the additional burden of giving us regular reports of "everything is proceeding as expected". With the number of KS shipments involved (not to mention any regular shipments going out), that could add up to a significant amount of time spent reporting vs. working if you look at the total expected time frame for the KS shipments...
  14. I checked out the Plano boxes I have, and they're the 3700 series. Each compartment is about 2-in.2 and about 1.5-in. high, with four rows of six compartments (and you can leave out the horizontal dividers to make the compartment wider, but not taller). Like I said, I got these forever ago, but I'm sure they still have something similar available. Unless you just need a couple (or if you can find them for cheap), you're probably better off going for one of the Sabol ArmyTransport cases or a similar product dedicate to miniatures. They're safer for your minis (foam vs. hard plastic), customizable to the figures you need to store, and you can fit more figures in them. The Plano boxes can get bulky and hard to move around en masse, unless you put them in yet another container ("Yo dawg, I heard you like containers...").
  15. I thought the other figure was a very solid-looking Pit Fiend. But yeah, how can you compete with a four-armed demon...?
  16. The Sabol cases are nice, though if you don't need the portability I don't know if there's a cheaper alternative. The nice thing with the Sabol cases is that the foam trays are made up of little "cubes" of foam that you tear out, so you can customize it to the miniatures you need to store. Other than that, I have a few tackle boxes that I've had for a loooong time, but I only use those to store unpainted minis (or primed, at most). There are some Plano storage cases are pretty good size for most miniatures, but they don't work for oddly-shaped minis.
  17. I kind of regret not getting more, but that's probably only because none of my Bones have arrived. I'm sure once they're here, I'll be overwhelmed and glad I didn't get even more. But yeah, that hydra was sweet. I had just finished painting my old metal hydra from Reaper so I figured I didn't really need another one right away.
  18. I do this, too. It hasn't worked any better for me, either. Same here, though it seems to be a great way to collect dust. Oddly, I think I've painted more of my stored figures than my "on my desk so I'll paint them" figures.
  19. Arrr... take all ye can, give nothin' back! ;-D I'm going to look for those sanding sticks. I've had similar problems with "fuzzing" on some Descent miniatures, which don't seem to be the typical plastic miniatures I've dealt with before (they almost seem like pseudo-Bones).
  20. It's been so long since I made my choices, I had to go find the email as well.-- Vampire x1-- Fire Giants x1-- Ebonwrath x1-- Frost Giants x1-- Figure Case x4-- Demons x1-- Deathsleet x1-- Undead Giant x1-- Fire Giant Warriors x1-- Frost Wyrm x1-- Deep Dwellers x1-- Nethyrmaul x1-- Kaladrax Reborn x1-- C'thulhu x1 So... yeah, near the end for me! But that's ok, it's not like I don't have figures waiting around to be painted in the interim... *cough*
  21. I know they won't full-on melt, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some additional warping to contend with, depending on how everything sits in the package(s). But that just means more time to familiarize myself with my new Bones horde during the "corrective phase", right?
  22. I guess you could blame Jersey Shore for ruining the color orange (or at least not doing the color any favors)...
  23. I don't mind waiting (I'm in the "one of nearly everything" crowd), but I'm mainly concerned about having my box o' Bones delivered when no one is home, and then it sitting out in the Florida sun. I may wind up with one big Bones mutant to dissect...
  24. To be fair, his title is "Instigator"...
  25. True, it's nice to see atypical armaments. Also, I think that's supposed to be a bladed staff, not necessarily at axe (though I'll grant the only difference between the two is a longer haft).
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