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  1. Well, it appears they have been dorking with the web site again and I will not be able to post pictures. I have no idea about uploading from a URL, so It will be a discription of the terrain along with the Battle Report.
  2. Unfortunately, after more than twenty years of battles, our group has come to an end due to paranoia generated by the CoVID scam. Those that received the shot are affraid of those that did not, so this will be the end of battle reports. I hope these brought some enjoyment to you observers. The CAV, and Wings of Glory will continue for the foreseeable future. I will be posting more work reports on Black Cutlass' Battle Bord progress and CAV additions.
  3. Hobby Lobby is my source for my scenery and basing materials.
  4. Not much activity lately. The screw up with the recent Black Cutlass board is proving more difficult to correct than I thought. The replacement map copy appears to be of a slightly larger scale. So I will keep that board as mine and start out new for Black Cutlass. So during B.C.’s latest visit, he worked on a squadron of aircraft and infantry to go with them. I gave him my left over aircraft that were the smaller scale, as they looked out of place next to the True Scale aircraft in my force structure. In keeping with his scheme of a “Force of Many Colors” he has been consistent. His infantry is identified by heavies being black and lights are blue. So far just the base colors have been done for all components of his force. His infantry group is composed of: Heavy Infantry w/ Heavy Weapons (Powered Armor Infantry w/ H.W.) 07016 (72249) Heavy Infantry (Powered Armor Infantry) 07017 (72250) Heavy Infantry w/ Light Mortar (Powered Armor Infantry w/ Light Mortar) 07061 (72248) Heavy Infantry w/ Heavy Mortar (Powered Armor Infantry w/ Heavy Mortar) 07062 (72251) Light Infantry w/ Light Mortar (Light Infantry w/ Light Mortar) 07032 (72246) Light Infantry w/ Heavy Mortar (Light Infantry w/ Heavy Mortar) 07033 (72247) x2
  5. An added note, the lower pictured cliff can be stacked on te one in the upper picture. This could possibly be a third airbase.
  6. Well we were in too much of a hurry and we left out a complete level. If you notice on the map above a jagged line around the cut out sections, well, that is another level. Easy fix by making another copy, do the cut outs and just glue over top of everything.
  7. The first module of Black Cutlass' second group is nearing completion.
  8. The base is now operational. In the mean time Black Cutlass showed up and was working on his modules.
  9. Almost done. The base needs to be added, usually done first. Still another round of touch ups, fourth that is. No matter that it looks done, still spots show up when you turn your back on it. The curve is quite noticeable in this shot.
  10. Painting is under way. All parts will be painted, even sides not visible during gaming. The paint helps strengthen the whole structure forming a hard shell. The flash always shows up spots missed.
  11. Well, I think this will be high enough. The weight factor is getting up there. I need to glue down the last few levels and you can see the foam warps. I also noted the sheets are thicker on the lap joint edges, with a noticeable curve in one side. Last step is to paint it.
  12. Seven more levels done and fifteen to go to max limit.
  13. Level 77 for the spires, need a lot of practice making those, holding the right angle, while trying to rotate the piece on the hot wire. Level 57 for the main structure. This will be the heaviest piece yet, about equivalent to three sheets of 4x8 foam board. I am not sure if I will go as high as there is only 3" clearance instead of 4".
  14. Here are more levels added. This may be the highest point. I do have a top piece but it just clears the ceiling by 4". So do I put it on and hope I can move this tank of a module and not knock it off or just go with it as it is....................................... I'll go for it.
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