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  1. 2nd Cav., 2nd Battalion The 4th company went along quite speedily. As shown, all are detailed as far as I want to go, I do not want to mess with the Camo pattern too much. The lighter pattern seems to, somewhat, actually obscure the CAV unit. An interesting development with the two Dictator '70s. They are different castings. One has more details. In the overhead view you see more detail on the gun tail ends and missile pods. The barrel ends are bored out on one, One upright missile launcher has two more rounds visible. One of the canopies has a hood like structure.
  2. 2nd Cav., 2nd Battalion The company of Armor finished up and on to the 4th company.
  3. Black Cutlass dropped in today to continue his first 3D terrain module, which he completed. Phase2 is his second module, which is almost complete. All of his modules will not have the 3D components glued to the board, due to space limitations. All of the boards can be stacked and the terrain can be put in a bag for easier storage.
  4. Here is the start of the 2nd Cav's Forest Green speckled paint finishing touches.
  5. Correction: This is the complete collection of the 5th and 6th Battalions of the 42nd Black Watch Legion, regular forces, having three companies each. The Blue and White units, mentioned sometime ago, are in the Guard units. The formations include the Dingos painted by Spaztica utilizing his Desert Camo scheme. Eventually I will get around to dealing with shiny finishes with a matte coating. Next up will be the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Cav., that has a forest green speckled camo pattern. The lighter speckled camo pattern units I finished up just recently are the 1s
  6. Phase3 is now complete. A Mechanized Company, Four Lances/Platoons of C.A.V. The blues and greens represent Sensor Arrays. The barrels of the Starhawk VI are not painted as the heat from firing the rotary cannons would just burn off the paint. The green in the rotary cannons represent Tracer rounds being fired. The completed battalion.
  7. More completed. Two plus companies of armor, or for those who prefer long lines of equipment. Blue represents sensory arrays. The white below the main gun barrels is an attempt to indicate energy pulses. Next will be the APCs I just finished and lastly the bulk of the CAV formations.
  8. So, Phase 2, full camo pattern is complete. Phase 3 will be the details; tracks, tires, wind screens, port holes, gun metal parts, etc. Also mounting the hover tanks. The Verdant camo A-10... I mean Tsuiseki, was my lazy way of finding the pattern instead of looking up the A-10 pattern I used.
  9. Sooo, Black Cutlass showed up to day and wanted to learn how to build 3D modules for his house. It has been a while, a long while, since the last one and I had to relearn the proper steps involved to facilitate a smooth assembly as you will see. Base panel: Map print to be cut up: Testing largest CAV to the terrain features to determine what plan to use in cutting out the features; by contour or hex side: Cutting out the terrain features. This is what had to be relearned; cut out the largest feature first and not all the different features all at once. It causes confusio
  10. We are planning to create more terrain modules. I have the foam insulating boards cut length wise up the middle, the photocopied board sections to be cut up for the terrain features, and the base panels, doing double duty as a staging area for CAV awaiting camo paint jobs..
  11. Well, back to the Desert Camo. Phase 1 is complete. Two colors to go as well as basing prep. The Banshees will be glued to their stands when the bases are finished. This force consists of Tsukai Transports, Lance, and Dragoon Armor. Banshee Hover Tanks and Scarab armor. The Command Group of A Spider, Tsukais, Recluse, and a Tsuiseki CAS; Centurions, Scorpions, and Mantises. Centurion, Mastodon, Star Hawk VI, Dictator '70, Ogre, Revenant, and Katanas
  12. A slight interruption with this 2nd. Cav. unit. Since I had it out for a battle, I decided to finish it off when the game was over. It was mostly just the speckled camo and not much else. I also decided to number the tanks to better keep track of who is who and where.
  13. The completed ones in the pictures are mounted on 18"x24" Luan/Lauan plywood, many more to do. The ones completed from now on will not have the elevated sections glued to the board just the ground level terrain, which will make it easier to store the boards and the terrain can be put in a bag. I will mark the bottom of the pieces with the map number to facilitate faster placement. The mountains on the other hand, there is no getting around trying to make it easier to store. I want to make one more with a larger Air Base high up. You can see the problem in: Sculpting, Conversion, and Terra
  14. MercNews Report 9 Watchman Reporting MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2) 202106026 I bid you greetings; Black Cutlass raid on 2nd Cav. Airbase Black Cutlass 2nd Cavalry 1st Armored Company Emperor 528 Centipede HQ Ogre 487 Damaged 17 Wolverine AFVs Gladiator II 322
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