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  1. Here is the next unit with the Earth Red base color. The second major color is Earth Yellow, then Sand, with Black finishing up. Here is two shots of the other colors, hopefully one of them shows up the colors well enough.
  2. 1st Company is complete with the added Puma, well except for the Fire Drake basing situation. 2nd Company is complete, except for the base change of the Fire Drake. Next up will be a Desert Camouflage, using the same pattern. Being from the Cold War era, most people have probably never seen these live. I find these patterns more interesting than the current patterns being used by the Army.
  3. 2nd Company The Puma is for the Recon Platoon of 1st Company to make it complete. The plastic base on the Fire Drake just does not cut it. I ordered a bunch of Iron Wind Metals bases to sub for any metal CAV that comes with them. Even though they are a bit smaller I just turn them upside down and they work okay. I think I will do another Fire Drake for 1st Co’s. HQ. Black Watch 2nd Regiment 2nd Battalion 2nd Company 1st Platoon Emperor Rhino Blitz Warlord 2nd Platoon Rhino Starhawk VI Talon
  4. Southern Front 20210320 Allies Sopwith Snipe (Sapozhnikov) Morane-Saulnier Type-N (Gilbert) Spad XIII (Fonck) Raf SE.5 (Bishop) Central Powers Austria-Hungary U.F.A.G. C.I 4 aircraft of Filik 62/S Once again the highly efficient and organized, Central Powers face yet another mish mash of Allied Powers. Even so they are fortunate enough to cause one of ours to explode. After the initial pass through, in the ensuing melee we return the favor with one of theirs exploding. A little further on the Morane ju
  5. Recon section done. Had a hard time doing the missiles without coincidence vision (eye surgery) The vision ports were done in metallic copper. It is somewhat visible in normal view, but it is quite noticeable with flash. 3rd platoon next.
  6. Soooo, I have been laid up this week from work, so I decided to start completing my various CAV paint jobs that were not fully completed. So I pulled out the first Keter case and decided to complete whatever unit that is in it. It is the Verdant Camo for this company. Two platoons are complete (never enough Artillery), one half done. and the attached Recon walkers showing my initial screw up from when I first started. Other close ups, hopefully you are able to see the four color pattern.
  7. MercNews Report 8 Watchman Reporting MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2) 202105022 I bid you greetings; We received an anonymous report; location not stated. It appears this involved the remnants of a Black Cutlass company. The unit was some how cutoff and behind enemy lines. The sector they are trying to effect an escape was screened by the 2nd. Cav.., 1/1/1. The area is heavily wooded and very hilly. Black Cutlass was inadvertently aided by Communications being jammed in the zone, which kept the 2nd. in the dark about enemy activity in their rear area. Evidently Black Cu
  8. Is there a way to permanently remove the side bar? It serves no purpose other than being clutter on the page.
  9. Precursor to Star Fleet Battles, from 1973, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi. Created by TSgt Lou Zocchi, Instructor in RADAR school. Play Test version, similar to the Alien Space game.
  10. I.S.C. vs. Gorns 20210220 I.S.C. Gorn Strike Cruiser Battle Cruiser Light Cruiser Light Cruiser Destroyer Leader Battle Destroyer Escort 2 Destroyers 3 Destroyers 2 Frigates
  11. Encounter with the IJN S.W. Pacific Islands 20201203 (using Standard Rules only) 2 – P47D Thunderbolts (Jugs) 2 – Yokosuka D4Y1 Suisei 2 – Yokosuka D4Y3 Suisei (Judy dive bombers) Two P-47s on combat air patrol over scattered islands we recently captured, encountered four Jap A/C coming in low and fast. Whatever their intent, it will not bode w
  12. Western Front 20201105 Allies Airco DH.4 A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Force), 50th Sqdn. Airco DH.4 R.N. Air Service Sopwith Snipe 1 VVS Raboche-Krest’Yanskoi Armii · Istrebitel ‘Nyi Aviaotryad Axis Central Powers (4) Hannover CL.IIIa Luftstreitkrafte A mixed allied flight on a joint training mission strayed a tad bit too close to the Front and encountered a reciprocal force on a training/recon flight. Not wasting any time the Germans headed for the mixed U.S
  13. Italian Encounter 20201022 Allies: P-51 D Mustang Axis: Fiat CR.42 Falco P-47 D Thunderbolt Fiat CR.42 Falco P-47 D Thunderbolt Reggiane RE.2001 Falco II Reggiane RE.2001 Falco II It is a desperate time of the war for the Italians, throwing up whatever they had available, to halt the Allied advance. The Allies were closing fast. Th
  14. Newest additions: More HVAC(?) structures, and missile silo hatches... a rather hugh one for that bottom hatch. Some Ammo Bunkers (Suet containers that has an end shaped like a door when it gets added later) and another ATC/ADC command structure (Fig Newton container). These are from Nobel Knight Games clearance section and look more impressive as Ammo Bunkers. Maybe the others could be Maintenance structures or whatever, any ideas out there?
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