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  1. Here is the JoRs plus those from "CAV Rules" Journal of Recognition 1 Archer Assassin Badger Bishop Blitz Challenger Conqueror Cougar Dictator 60 Duelist Falcon Fenri Ghost ` Gladiator II Hedgehog Hunter Infantry (Regular) Infantry (Heavy) Jaguar Kahn Katana Kikyu Knight Lance Mastodon Ogre Panther Poltergeist Puma Raptor Regent Rhino Scorpion Sovereign III Spartan Specter Spider Starhawk V Sultan Talon Thug Tsuiseki Tyrant Vanquisher Warlord Whisper Wight Wraith Wyvern Psyro (Drone A) Psyro (Aggressor A) Psyro (Aggressor B) Journal of Recognition 2 Ashigaru Banshee Baron Butcher Centipede Centurion Chancellor Chieftain Czar Despot Dictator 70 Dingo Dragonfly Dragoon Emperor Flail Ghast Harpy Hornet Kharl Longbow Lynx Malefactor Manticore Mantis Merlin Naginata Nomad Outlaw Overlord Raider Revenant Ripper Ronin Ryoshi Sabre Sabretooth Scarab Spike Starhawk VI Stiletto Thunderbird Tiger Tsukai Vindicator Warden Wolf Wolverine Errata reprints: Fenri Hunter Katana Lance Vanquisher Wyvern CAV Rules APC Assassin I Challenger Dictator Gladiator Heavy Infantry Infantry Kikyu Knight Lance Launcher Panther Puma Poltergeist Regent Rhino Scorpion Specter Sovereign III Starhawk V Tsuiseki Tyrant Vanquisher Warlord Wraith These from the "CAV Rules pdf" have different values.
  2. If someone does not beat me to it,I will list both JoRs after work today.
  3. Looks like I may have another job for you beside Infantry.  Do you still have all the different paint schemes of mine?

  4. Greetings;

       I was wondering if you ever were able to create CAV construction tables for CAV 2?  I have yet to get to that version though, as we are still working on CAV 1

    1. Vil-hatarn


      I was working on a system, yeah. I never got around to a final balancing pass (and also made some rules revisions of my own in the process), but it's 95% playable as-is if you're interested in taking a look.

  5. I am thinking on redoing the 3D boards by cutting out the elevated portions on the Contour Lines instead of the hex sides as it currently is, thereby making the terrain less restrictive. Yes the BT sheets came in quite handy, not to mention they copy well on lighter paper for cutting out the elevated portions.
  6. MercNews Battle Report 6 Watchman Reporting MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2) 20200326 I bid you greetings; There is a field report coming in of a small, but intense, battle presently in progress. Current location has been CLASSIFIED by request of the 14th. Cav. The force structure of each is as follows: 14th. Cav. Dictator 70 Archer Ogre Scorpion Mastodon The next unit, due to its varied scheme and colorful nature, must be the Pirates: Black Cutlass (2) Wights (2) Rhinos Talon Both units being reinforced Platoons, the first with Artillery support and the second with ECM/ECCM support. Black Cutlass is advancing on his left flank taking full advantage of maneuver space and cover. The 14th is wending its way up the mountain passes. Unfortunately the slower units ended up in the lead. (Turns 1 – 4)It appears the 14th made a tactical mistake sending the Ogre and Scorpion up the left hand pass, as will become apparent. The Dictator is in position to open fire on the closest Wight, but the hits cause no damage and Wight returns fire and caused 1 hit. (Turn 5) The Archer is next to prosecute the same Wight, and again the fire did no appreciable damage. The Wight returned fire but was wide of the mark. The Mastodon reaches firing position and sends an AP (Armor Piercing) round down range and does 1 damage point on the same Wight. (Turn 7) Once again the Mastodon shoots at the Wight with another AP round, but causes no significant damage. The Wight returns fire but once again misses the target. The second Wight pops up and takes a shot at the Archer obtaining 1 hit, but the Archer returns fire and also scores 1 hit on the second Wight. (Turn 6) Rhino #1 comes in range to shoot at the Mastodon with no effect. The Mastodon returns fire with AP and scores 2 hits on Rhino #1. (Turn 7) The Dictator comes under fire and is hit 2 times, whereas the returned fire from the Dictator has no effect. (Turn 8) The first Wight again shoots at the Dictator and hits 2 times, and in return Wight #1 takes 1 hit. The Dictator scores 1 hit on the Talon, but when it gets into action and puts 2 hits on the Dictator, that was sufficient to take down the Dictator. (Turn 9) Wight #2 shoots and hits the Archer, with 1 hit and is missed with returning fire. (Turn 10) (Battle ended due to time constraints) Battle Results: Black Cutlass 14th Cav. Wight #1 2 hits Dictator 70 7 hits Wight #2 1 hit Archer 2 hits Rhino #1 2 hits Talon 1 hit After Action Report: 14th Cav. suffered from poor Recon initially. Sending the Ogre and Scorpion on the left hand trail, fatally took them out of action, as not being able to navigate the exit trail off the mountain and instead caused them to traverse to the right hand trail back off the mountain to the valley trail. Had the battle lasted they eventually would have been able to engage. The Dictator rushing out ahead of supporting forces gave the Pirates a primary target to focus on with little hindrance to there attacks. Once the Talon moved into coverage range the Dictator was in for a rough ride resulting in the necessity of punching out of the doomed machine. The only fault I can lay at Black Cutlass’ feet is putting the Talon on the front line as a regular combat unit, thus exposing the unit to the possible loss of the highly effective ECCM capability. (One small, small, concession to the Cav. Commander, was the distraction of running the rules to relearn the rule mechanics since the last battle, of say, a year ago.) This is the Watchman Good Day
  7. The 7th. Fleet is the smallest binder by far as they face the Tholians (You don't mess with us, we will not mess with you.) The largest fleet is the 6th., followed by the 5th. The 6ths first binder is three times the size of the 7th's, as is the 5th's. The Fed has the highest production rate, followed by the I.S.C. During our 20+ year war the Feds have faced only two of four potential enemies, Romulans and I.S.C. Production was geared toward them omitting the Klingons and Andromedans. Production has moved away from having all the fancy different Fed variants and narrowed down to Scouts, mediums, and heavies. As well, all light ships have or are relocating to the Klingon border. The super heavies will continue to be held on to, mostly for the 6th Fleet, but many Heavy Cruiser Types and Drone Cruisers are more valuable for numbers of weapons they can put on target.
  8. Logistics of Star Fleet Battles Federation Forces The extent of my supporting Logistics would be considered overly… complex, shall I say. The other three combatants would be considered minimalists in relation to my efforts. Starting with the Battle Log, where I record all of the various encounters; Listing: opposing forces, ship value, ultimate vessel outcome, combat points and resulting score. Next is the Ship Yard Report. Here I have a list of all ship yards and their capabilities and capacities; a log of ship construction/repair status and at which base currently located and return destination; and a chart with the positions of ships on station along the border. Lastly is the Dry Dock holding ship SSDs of ships under going repairs. The Fleet Logs hold all the ship SSDs, separated by front positioning. There is at least one binder per fleet 1 through 7. A survey fleet is positioned in the Fifth’s binder, all of which are being used as various sorts of carriers during War conditions. With the high Drone content present, the ISC steers clear attempting a left flank run. The Regulation book, of which there are two, consists of all the earlier rules books, updates, and errata. The other is a newer Doomsday rule book. This is our current Battle Map. This is from FASA’s Federation Space game which, in a momentary Brain Synapse failure, I gave away years ago. Considering half of the game mechanics dealing with the economic aspect of our battles came from those rules. The second map is a possible replacement combining Federation Space map with the Star Trek TM map with a more accurate placing. Map three is the most realistic, conforming to the Galactic Disk, which will have the Federation Space map zones and fleet locations over laid as close as possible considering I will be going from a rectangle to a circle. So that is a brief over view of my Logistical efforts. I might add I have a chart(s!) showing all (?) possible Drone types that could be constructed, I think over 1,000 variations. I like to keep the boys on their toes.
  9. Romulan incursion of the 7th Fleet area, next to Tholian Space. Opposing Forces: BCJ+ Cruiser, Battle KWR Cruiser, Battle, New CAR+ Cruiser, Heavy, refit KWR Cruiser, Battle, New CAR+ Cruiser, Heavy, refit KE Cruiser, Heavy, King Eagle CAR+ Cruiser, Heavy, refit KE Cruiser, Heavy, King Eagle CAR+ Cruiser, Heavy, refit KWS New Scout CADR+ Cruiser, Drone, refit KDA Cruiser, Escort CADR+ Cruiser, Drone, refit RR Destroyer, Raven (lost in action) NCS+ Cruiser, Strike, New (Drone) DD+ Destroyer, refit SC Scout K= Klingon variant A new way of engaging the Romulans is being employed with this battle. A more defensive posture will be adhered to throughout this engagement to attempt to reduce the extent of damage received heretofore. We move in quickly, to about 1/3rd overall distance to the Romulan force and halt our advance. Our time is spent finishing the powering up of the Photon Torpedoes, preparing Wild Weasel shuttles, and front shield reinforcement. Once the distance is close enough, and when the Romulans begin to de-cloak, we begin launching Drones of varying Warhead strengths and armor thickness to keep him guessing the extent that he will be required to expend Phaser and Plasma-D resources to stop a Drone. He has a limited Plasma-D compliment then he will have to strictly rely on Phaser fire or Tractor Beams to capture them. The primary plan is to position the Photon armed ships to either flank; Drone Launch platforms with the Scout in the center. This will facilitate the Photons firing across the front into the flanks on the opposite side of the front, using Proximity fuses. It is a rarity to ever use normal Photons against the Romulans or I.S.C. if the Feds intend to survive. (The one time it was used effectively against the Romulans was during a time they were cloaked and I was able to close to point blank range. The Romulan learned that day Normal charged Photons can be deadly at point blank, even without a lock-on. The Feds have never been allowed to get close again.) The first volley is successful with fourteen Photon Torpedoes penetrating a side shield of the center ship (RR) on the right flank. Twelve Photons heavily damaged the side shield on the center ship (KDA) of the left flank. Now to begin backing away to recharge and let the Drones distract him while we gain time to rearm. In the mean time with the Drones homing in, the Romulan gets his Plasma-Ds in action, eventually taking them out but with added expenditure due to uparmored Drones present. The chase is on and we reach a point of being ready to reengage. At a dead stop with Tactical Maneuvering we keep our heavily reinforced shields toward the Romulan advance. He is thrown off by a sudden change in Federation tactics, so much so he opts for using his Plasmas as direct fire weapons, at one half strength at the current range. The shields hold, although the Heavy Cruiser on the far right flank came close to losing his front shield, having been shot at with R, S, and F Plasmas, fortunately not all hit. We fire off another barrage of Photons doing more internal damage to the RR. The next round of the engagement is a, push the Romulans back, until he is recharged then the Feds back off until recharged. In the course of backing off once again the flanks ended up changing sides. Once again we go after the Romulans as they back off to recharge but this time all the Photon ships fire at once at the rear shield of the RR and in a once-in-a-lifetime shot, every Photon scored damage. The RR was blown apart, at which point the Romulans decided to retire from the area. This is a first major victory for the Federation against the Romulans, without losing a ship or suffering heavy damage… or any damage in this case. It was a hard fought battle that hopefully will reduce the loses/damage the Feds have been sustaining.
  10. That would still fall in line with the TM's first group based upon how fast the ships were brought on line. Getting toward the movies era, ships are few and far between.
  11. 1st. commission of 14, 2nd. commission of 16, 3rd commission of 4, 4th commission of 111 as per Star Fleet TM.
  12. Star Fleet Battles Ship Roster The oldest ships are the white Federation Heavy Cruisers, Destroyers, and Scouts. The first two Heavy Cruisers are the oldest; one having the barest of detail and the second having an un-keyed stand hole. These were acquired in the 70s. While in Tech School in Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi in 74, TSgt Zocchi was my instructor in RADAR school and I ended up working with him in the beginning of Gamescience formation and was a Play Tester for the Star Trek game that had square cards for ships and a string for range and bearing. I have the Enterprise and a D7 around here; I believe it is a signed copy of the game. Probably half of the Federation ships have the large stand hole, which works far better than the small hole type. I have never broke off a large pin since the 70s. The first row is a collection of various companies’ ships, plastic and metal. Next to them are the Frigates and the very small Heavy Cruisers I use for Police Cruisers. A large force of Zocchi Heavy Cruisers, then Destroyers behind them, next Scouts (you need good eyes to see the difference between the two). Beside those are two Carriers and the Tugs in various configurations. Next the Dreadnoughts, New Light Cruisers, one ship from a time period beyond our game scope, (we stopped at the ISC) Battle Cruisers and Old Light Cruisers behind them. Next picture has the Klingons, Lyrans, and Romulans, and in the way back are freighters and some Kzintis. Note the three painted Klingons near the front were painted by creating the color as per the painting guide, I do not know if the color is now made or if I need to recreate it to finish the job. Next picture starts with the Hydrans, then the Tholians, and the Neo-Tholians in back along with all the Kzintis behind them. Last picture has the I.S.C., Gorns, Wyn, and Andromedans. Originally I had planned to build the complete Star Fleet as per the Star Fleet Tech Manual, and I did acquire the 20 Dreadnoughts but alas it seems the Zocchi ships are no long being sold. I consider them the finest models produced to date. I have not seen another company reproduce the raised shield grid on their ships, only score markings. So if anyone sees the Zocchi ships being sold again let me know so I can complete the force. As a side note, Frans Joseph had a better grasp on the size fleet needed to cover the Federation Treaty Territory. Based upon the TOS and the Star Fleet Tech Manual, the 5 year mission would have been impossible concerning the distances covered, not to mention the rather skimpy force indicated in the the movies to protect such a vast treaty territory.
  13. Ours is a modified version incorporating strategic/economic component from Federation Space. Each game represents one month of actual time, covering travel time to and from the front to the nearest Battle Station and the battle itself. At year's end ship construction is planned for the next year. Battles occur concurrently: Fed vs Romulan, Fed vs ISC, ISC vs Romulan.
  14. Inter Stellar Concordium incursion to the 5th. Fleet Area, Sector 5/I/B/2 20200116 I.S.C. Federation Strike Cruiser (CS) New Mauler Light Cruiser (MCL+) Medium Dreadnought (DNM) New Strike Light Cruiser (NCS+) Strike Cruiser (CS) New Jersey class Battle Cruiser (BCJ) Escort Destroyer (DE) New Drone Light Cruiser (NCDr+) Heavy Destroyer (HDD) New Drone Light Cruiser (NCDr+) New Destroyer (NDD) New Destroyer (NDD) The opening movement has both forces racing toward each other. The aggressive move on the Feds behalf has surprised the ISC commander. The Mauler moved in behind the Strike Cruiser for cover as to not take fire right at the beginning, not that there is much danger of that normally, since no one seems inclined to use Tactical Intelligence to see what is coming at them. The Mauler being used by the Federation has pretty much been a failure due to the need to be close to the enemy to be effective. The force coming to a halt puzzles him. A new defense strategy was prepared but was found unnecessary with the high volume of Drones that could be put on target: 23 each turn for four consecutive turns then 14 for the next two turns while the other Drone Racks are reloaded. This has always un-nerved the ISC Commander which causes him to react with, it appears, excessive caution. His focus is more toward the Drone missiles than their source. His small ships, other than the Escort, are as strong as the Federation’s Light Cruisers. Eventually his defensive Plasma-Ds run out and his Tractor Beams are all in use holding Drones and insufficient Phaser Fire leaves him exposed to several hits, causing damage to three of his ships while the Federation ships withstand a barrage of PPDs relatively unscathed. The ISC decides to perform a retrograde action with the Federation in pursuit. Since the ISC force was backing away, they needed to turn around to perform a disengagement action, and then perform a maximum speed run for one turn thereafter to actually disengage. Two of the Federation ships had flanked the ISC at a distance and were sending Drones into the ISC force with the other ships in pursuit. The ISC did succeed in disengaging, albeit more damage. As long as the ISC Commander never presses his attack against Federation ships and focuses on the Drones we will continue to wait him out until his defensive weapons run out. With the number of PPDs he usually has in his force he could cripple a few ships before I could disengage and retreat off the field of battle.
  15. Greetings;  Some how my e-mail was "hacked", I guess.  Tried to change the password. That failed so now I am locked out of my e-mail and to create a new account I new a mobile phone account to establish a "FREE" account. Now I do not see how it is free when purchasing a mobile phone. So could you send me you current address again through here for the moment?


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