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  1. I decided to add one more company, transferred from the 11th. ACR, the Copper/red unit. Also the completed Support Equipment,
  2. OpFor unit complete: Command Section, 1st. Company,                 2nd. Company, 3rd. Company. ... back to the Support unit.
  3. This is the makeup of the third company I am currently working on, making the OpFor unit a Battalion size... You never know when you will have an Alien invasion!
  4. For a slight deviation I am considering creating an OpFor (Opposing Forces) unit from the Crimson unit, the Steel/Yellow/Red unit and a few unplaced CAVs. It will be an unidentified unit to use if Black Cutlass wants to try out some of my formations against an opponent.
  5. First group of Fire Fighting equipment is ready. There will be another support group. The dishes will go on the Maxim hover tanks at top for mobile SatCom units. These figures are Ral Partha, Wizkids, Tops, Iron Wind Metal, ?, and Reaper. The four Reaper CAV armor may go to fill shortages of figures that will probably never be seen again.
  6. Here is the last of the Almond MercNet CAVs and here are the Base Support Vehicles I am working on now.
  7. Group completed as much as possible due to the lack of MercNet decals. I cannot get a reply from the company, hope they are still in business. One last Platoon/Lance of the Almond color. Next a break from combat units to base support; Fire, Service, and Security
  8. Here are the last two additions from Spaztica for the Steel/Red/Yellow company, it is complete. The Gnomics have pretty much taken the position of the Command CAV. I have yet to do the stats on them though, as they have not shown up in battle as yet.
  9. Here is a preliminary shot of the current group of MercNet I am working with.
  10. Here is the next group of MercNet. Once again, some with flash and some without.As you can see here, the flash has washed out the true color in the upper half. The colors at the feet are closer to being correct.
  11. What is nice about this procedure, with a 4' x 10' table, several of the same type can be used across it. As for the original map sheets I make just the 3D components and set them on and not damage the originals.
  12. choose files...Well let's see how this will work out, something is messed up with the site. The first 17 are mostly complete, just short on the smallest of the MercNet symbols. I will need to order some more Fighting Pirannha decals.
  13. Next up is MercNet. This one is labor intensive compared to what I have tackled so far. More detail to deal with and quite a few CAVs in this unit beyond what you see here. Now... if I could only remember where I put the Decals.
  14. The combined 2nd and 14th Armored Cavalry Regiments remnants are mostly complete. Some bases to attend to and unit markings mostly. 2ndACR: 14thACR: For a brief time a unit painted by Spaztica was with the 14th but that has been since transitioned to the Black Watch Regiment. It did not quite fit in with the Camo theme. Just a few more shots, anytime specific shots are desired just let me know.
  15. In light of the end result, you can now look at it as the result of stagnant pools of murky water. Still good looking work.
  16. This will be Black Cutlass' fourth module, when he makes his next raid.
  17. Black Cutlass made an appearance Saturday and completed his third module.
  18. Well, the company is completed. The Worn Penny is closest. As you can see, the originals appear to have more of an orange cast than red. So a different attempt for another time.
  19. So the end result is Worn Penny comes closest to the original CAVs in color. The other colors can be justified by different manufactures, and/or different production time frame. Now to finish them and complete the unit.
  20. So here they are in their final form, with and without flash. The last two are each in a different color Copper. The first two were Bright Copper and the last two are Worn Penny and Copper.
  21. These two ended up very red, the right more so than the left. Still i will need to make some changes, such as the red almost blends in. I will see about adding more different colored details to break up the redness.
  22. Problem partially solved. The Copper color I am using leans toward red, as you can see from the penny's color. Finding a Metallic Copper without the Red tint will solve the problem.
  23. The Fire Drake is a new attempt. The Metallic Copper with the Vermilion Ink. Overall it appears to be a tab redder than the originals. I will see about other shades of red. There are two other CAVs that need to be replaced that are temp fillers, the Rhino being a Spaztica job I acquired, will allow more chances to practice. These shots complete the unit at this time with the addition of the unit markings. The Ghost's is hidden just under the nose.
  24. So, using a Vermilion from Micheal's, I think this is quit close. The first two shots, with and without flash, for the central square was a Teal color. The next are the horizontal bars 2/3rds the way down, all spots were covered with the previously mentioned Metallic Copper, appears to be a tad too much Vermilion. The same with the last two picture; the ankle shields just above the feet and the two horizontal boxes just above them, and then the vertical bar between the two Teal bars. Practice, this is my first attempt at this procedure.
  25. Cygnwulf, Inarah, and kristof65 appears to be the correct answer. I have a Duelist that I wanted to reduce the number of colors on it, so in a what-the-heck maneuver, I used a metallic Copper purchased from Jo Anne Fabrics. The affect is a close match to the existing color that needs red over it and it will be a perfect match. Once I get the Duelist completed I will post it with the Jaguar and see how close it is.
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