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  1. Looks like I may have another job for you beside Infantry.  Do you still have all the different paint schemes of mine?

  2. Greetings;

       I was wondering if you ever were able to create CAV construction tables for CAV 2?  I have yet to get to that version though, as we are still working on CAV 1

    1. Vil-hatarn


      I was working on a system, yeah. I never got around to a final balancing pass (and also made some rules revisions of my own in the process), but it's 95% playable as-is if you're interested in taking a look.

    2. Watchman
    3. Watchman


      I was wondering about tonnage being left out?  It seems it would impact the mobility factor. 

      My main interest in tonnage, in an unrelated purpose, deals with the bridge loading on some of my terrain modules.  Obviously I can go from CAV I ratings and make up the rest for non-CAV I models. 

      A side note, I have started modifying CAV I rules with CAV III ideas, such as ammo limits, etc.

  3. Greetings;  Some how my e-mail was "hacked", I guess.  Tried to change the password. That failed so now I am locked out of my e-mail and to create a new account I new a mobile phone account to establish a "FREE" account. Now I do not see how it is free when purchasing a mobile phone. So could you send me you current address again through here for the moment?


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