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  1. 220-221 I am at the 330’ level and I will do only four more levels, bringing it to 350’ instead, and stopping there. Anyone daring enough to attempt this kind of project will find with this type of foam insulation, long narrow strips will warp. It is easy enough to correct so do not worry if you see it happen. I gently counter bend it until I hear a small cracking sound. If it is long enough then I do it in two places so it is gradual in correcting it. Once it is glued down and weighted, all is well.
  2. 217-218 Here is the 310’ level and I have 10” left before reaching the ceiling. I plan to go up half that distance, which will be the 370’ mark and no peak at this point in time. If I were to move the gaming/work table into the Sewing room I could easily have 6 ‘– 8’ peaks.
  3. 215-216 I am at the 285’ level and running out of clearance for my glue bottle weight, but the other weights will suffice. I added a slight overhang in the upper right.
  4. 212, 214 I am only to level 54, to date. It is slow going with everything being piecemeal now. I do not want to get another sheet with so much in leftover pieces. I need to glue more often so as to not lose track of where everything goes on each level. There can be up to ten pieces on a level. I will be stopping at the 70th. level (350’) due to ceiling restrictions. I am not sure it will peak out in 16 more levels, may end up with a flat top.
  5. Just a side note. I am building an Excel Spread Sheet of the X-Wing factions covering 1.0 ships I have access to their Data. An Empire, Rebel, and Scum & Villainy sheets. Details covered will be Nomenclature, Combat Stats, Pilot, Skill Level, Cost, and number of upgrades allowed. I know nothing of 2.0, so I do not know if some ambitious enough could expand on this work. So if anyone would be interested in a copy just let me know.
  6. 209-210 I am at level 50, which equates to only 250 feet high. Radical mountains but not very high.
  7. Easy to do in both cases. Easy to modify the entrance and easy to forget something in a hidden spot such as this one.
  8. 205-208 Here are some shots of scrap usage. Also here is a Cave entrance as mentioned in the prior report. I am at level 44 of the main mountain.
  9. 196-204 These layers are all pieced from scraps. Using the fence and a strip of wood to make usable strips of various widths and not necessarily perfect if the areas are hidden. Also sections such as this can be used to form caves or clefts in the mountain side. Continuing on.
  10. 168-171 WARNING! Do not attempt this type of project in your home… unless you have a bit of patience. I had mentioned it previously, one of the peaks was from a prior project that I screwed up by not maintaining awareness of the proper orientation of the base piece. I almost repeated the same error. As you see here how easy it is to loose track of which direction your orientation is meant to be. Check twice, or more, before you glue it down. It is possible to undo your mistake if the glue has not set too long. Peak two is done and glued into place. The main peak has another level added. I am starting to piece it together where ever possible to use up leftover pieces.
  11. 166-167 Here is another level of overhang. Next will be to continue on completing the peak. Here is the front peak almost completed. I want to add one more level to the base to blend it in better with the base structure.
  12. 162-163 The beginning of the overhang is mounted. I decided to stop here and paint the inside areas before access became too restrictive.
  13. 159-160 Since I altered the original plan from a partially exposed hanger to fully covered, I will go one step further and include an overhang. This piece fits in the back corner where the glue is sitting and begins the partial overhang. I will fit the two wings next with one maybe two more levels of overhang then continue on with completing the two peaks.
  14. 155-158 The mountain is now encasing the hanger. I am thinking I may create an additional peak to the right where the front weight is sitting and have the main peak in the back right corner as originally planned.
  15. Tonight I have opened the back of the Hanger for easy access for Aircraft placement. The minor peak is glued and fitting of the upper levels is progressing.
  16. Project 18 (Mountain 6) Moving right along gluing the levels together. Here is a critical component when doing mountains… back up glue! It is not too fun to run out in the middle of an assembly job. I have had to fill the dispenser once and it is almost to the point of needing it again. It also doubles as a weight. Here work is progressing on the outer peak. The width of one of the access paths is marked and a general outline of the first level to be cut out. I decided instead to use a sheet of paper and press it down on the outside edge of level 25 and then used a marker to draw a line roughly where I wanted the next level to look like, rather than free handing it using the Mark 1 Eyeball. Then I cut it out to use it to trace the design on the insulation for the foam cutter. Here these levels were glued and pressed down by two Diver’s belt weights. Now, here is a rough idea how the peak will look. This is the last level before adding the previously completed peak.
  17. Not that difficult, with numbers on the Drones and color coding for the different strengths, to keep him guessing. Different tactics are required for the Romulans with their Cloaking. The more Drones I can launch the sooner his defense weapons run out of ammo. Psychologically it rattles the I.S.C. more than the Romulans since he cannot escape by Cloaking. Fun it was, especially since not one of my ships was shot at.
  18. Level 25 has been reached. There will be a plan change to use this peak left over from another project. (a screw up) So the plan shows the front peak stopping at the 33rd. level, but now it may reach level 50. Here is level 25 cut out and the Hanger glued in place, now drying. I will now need to stop at this point and glue together all the lower levels. The fitting of the upper levels will be critical to have a tight fit around the Hanger. I do not need anything shifting out of place in the process.
  19. I have reached Level 21. Level 25 is the location of the Hanger.
  20. I am at level 12 at this point. Also the larger Hanger Bay by double of this build.
  21. Well, a year has passed since I last worked on the mountains. I evidently was side tracked, probably X-Wing, Armada, Star Trek Attack Wing, Sails of Glory, WWI Wings of Glory, WWII Wings of Glory, along with Star Fleet Battles... and that is it. No more... he said hesitantly. The local game store closed down so the first three mentioned are now mothballed. So I will pick up where I left off with Project 18: Hidden CAV Airbase in a mountain. So you can see I am at level 4, with 44 to go. I had to rearrange the Sewing Room to make more space available for the next round of mountains. I think I can fit in four more creations, one of which may be a larger mountain Airbase. So, onward and upward.
  22. Inter Stellar Concordium (I.S.C.) - Federation Front Star Date 20190217 (Y194/10) I.S.C. Force Federation Force DNM (Dreadnought, Medium) CAR+ (Cruiser, Heavy, upgraded) x2 NCS (Cruiser, Strike System) NEC (Cruiser, Escort, New) x3 HDD (Destroyer, Heavy) NCS+ (Cruiser, Strike, New, upgraded) x3 NDD (Destroyer, Defense System) x2 NAC+ (Cruiser, Aegis, New, upgraded) FF (Frigate, Fast) (Andromedan DDs subbing for lack of CLs) [Note: I know it has been awhile since the last post, there have been two subsequent battles I did not report on as I have been rather lackadaisical lately since they changed the Forum around. It was set up quite well as I had most things in visible reach, now everything is hidden. Reminds me of work, their motto is: “Fix it till it is broke”. So, enough of my rant, and on with the battle!] The battle is already in progress, (see note above). The I.S.C. is approaching at a fair clip, but the two CAR+s with the NAC+ race out to meet them. The purpose of the Fed maneuver is to close to Drone tracking range. Once in 35 hex range, up to 36 Drones can be guided by the three ships up front. So 5 Drones are launched from the front three ships and then the rest are launched from the ships in the rear, with tracking being transferred to the lead ships. The bulk of the Fed forces are light ships, which would not last long against PPDs. The point being, to use an old Earth saying (my Dad’s), when there is lead in the air, there is danger! The front ships will stay out of effective PPD range to guide in the Drones, while the other ships move up to Drone launching range. With nine ships I have the ability to control 108 Drones. This will turn into a rolling barrage of Drones that will deplete his Plasma-D defenses. Once the I.S.C. sees what is headed his way, he decides to go after the lone CAR+, but I am not going to give him the satisfaction of giving the Cruiser any damage what-so-ever. As we continue to advance upon each other, more Drones are being launched every turn. He decides, albeit too late, he does not have sufficient rounds of Plasma-Ds, or Phaser weapons, for that matter, to fend off all of the Drones inbound, and those that will be launched. All the while I have been hitting him with Photon Torpedoes reducing his shields on the smaller ships. The one CAR+ had fallen back, while the other CAR+ and the NAC+ were flanking the I.S.C. Eventually the Drones were breaching his defenses and started to take a toll on his ships. The HDD was severely crippled, hence we by passed him to return later to take him in tow. Most of the Drones had 12 point warheads, a few 18 pointers. The DE was hit in one volley with 72 points on top of prior damage. At this point all I.S.C. ships were building up speed to disengage the battle.One of the NDDs was taking damage, but the DE was blown away, above. The crippled I.S.C. thought he could sneak back toward our line, but to no avail with his speed down to a crawl. Out come for us, no battle damage to our ship, having not been fired upon. I.S.C. is down two ships, and one to dry dock for repairs. At the current rate of loss for the I.S.C., they will be knocked out of the battle unless they sue for peace with one of us. My guess would be the us with our production rate of Drone Cruisers so high.
  23. This is the Rebellion News Network (R.N.N.) Watchman reporting - addendum. I have just returned from making new contacts. I can see quite a few changes to the Port. The ARC-170s, Sabine, E-wings, B-wings, and A-wings have all left the area. Now what is here: Z-95s have returned, the new T-70s are here, and an additional K-wing. Ah the K-wings, never enough ordnance in my humble opinion. By my count we have 60 Fighters and 19 Bombers present. So over all we have the most amassed fire power in this sector… so far. Till the next mission. Watchman reporting, Good Day
  24. This is the Rebellion News Network (R.N.N.) Watchman reporting. We are home finally. There is quite a bit of activity in progress. First spotted are the E-wings. Next are T-65s followed by A-wings. The inbound non-combat traffic is to the Starboard side, which for this base is S.O.P. They maintain separate lanes for traffic control for access to different areas of the base. In the parallel lane is a Mist Hunter followed by a Shuttle. There is a group of A-wings in the outbound lane and another group to the lower left with Sabine’s TIE here for a stop over. Then there are ARC-170s, a long with some K-wings. Y-wings, T-65s, and T-70s bunched up on the apron, also rumored to have more T-70s on the way. Ah, it is good to be back amongst all of this fire power. Also we have a large group of B-wings. We have circled the field and are in the process of settling in next to the large group of A-wings, B-wings, and Z-95s, which appears to be awaiting clearance for lift off for a training (?) exercise. There goes that group spotted on our first pass over the field, heading out. Here we are at our berthing position. Mission over… for now. Watchman reporting, Good Day
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