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  1. This is the Rebellion News Network (R.N.N.) Watchman reporting. We are nearing liftoff time. Just a few in-bounds are clearing area. We will be following a Gozanti Cruiser, in the launch queue. This will be the final leg of my journey. One CR90 is still here, but a C-ROC just moved into our vacated parking zone. There seems to be quite a few YT1300s and Shadow Casters in this sector. Ah, a group of HWK290s. The three HWK290s are prepping for departure also. Last report will be upon arrival at my final destination. Watchman reporting, Good Day
  2. This is the Rebellion News Network (R.N.N.) Watchman reporting. This will be our third stop, the other two being quick outpost deliveries. We are currently deep in the Outer Rim of the Rimma Trade Route. Sorry no specific locations, even though it is a major Port of Call. I see a great deal of activity here. Much commerce in progress, as always happens without the oppressive, tax and tariff, hand of the Empire. Well there are YT1300s, YT2400s, Shadow Casters, HWK290s, Ghosts, Jump Master 5000s, and a pair of Hounds Tooth pulling in. Next, three GR75 Rebel Transports with their escorts and two CR90s. This is what is currently visible, this port being three times larger than we can see at this time. Next report will be upon our departure. Watchman reporting, Good Day
  3. This is the Rebellion News Network (R.N.N.) Watchman reporting. All business transactions have been completed. We are on hold awaiting clearance for departure. The delay, as you see here, appears to not bode well for someone. A VT-49 Decimator, a Raider, and the three Gozanti carriers loaded with a squadron of TIE fighters is in the process of departing the base. We are currently maneuvering to line up in the launch queue. Hopefully their destination is no where near the few Port Calls along our journey, or even my disembarkation point. I will report the out come upon my return. Watchman reporting, Good Day
  4. This is the Rebellion News Network (R.N.N.) Watchman reporting. We are approaching an Empire Customs Port of Entry (ECPoE). Once we have been cleared and any business transactions completed, we will continue on. There will be a few Port Calls along our journey before we reach my disembarkation point. Well while we are landing let us see what Military presence is housed here. It appears there is about a Wing’s worth of fighting craft. Three Gozanti Assault Carriers on the Tarmac, with a squadron of TIEs. Hmmm, must be an important official or Dignitary with an Alpha Class Strike Fighter as escort. TIE Bombers and Defenders. An interesting pair of experimental (?) TIEs. A group of TIE Punishers, Advanced TIEs, and another Lambda Shuttle. TIE Interceptors and, possibly, an Elite group of Bombers and Defenders. Definitely not as strong a presence as at the Scum & Villainy base. We are landing and I will report on our departure. Watchman reporting, Good Day
  5. This is the Rebellion News Network (R.N.N.) Watchman reporting from somewhere in the Distal Reaches. Try as I might, it has been extremely difficult in receiving any audio transmissions. I was adjusting and fine tuning the Randomized Signal Receiver to see if I could expand it to a usable audio signal, but it is quite probable the signal is processed to be received by only those desired. The only thing intelligible was: Outer Rim News Agency, Outer Reaches Branch, the rest of which blanked out. Frequency jumper would explain that effect. We have been confined to the ship for two days now. The plan given is, the ship will be piloted by a base crew to an unspecified location, and then control will be returned to the ship’s crew. The base crew will stay at the port till the ship is two days out, then they will be picked up and returned to their base… The engines are powering up for a liftoff. The Optical Pad is displaying Protectorate Star fighters still patrolling, probably till we are well out of the area. Most of the commercial activity is down to two YT1300 cargo ships. The base is devoid of all activity again, for the moment, with a little distortion from powering up. There is a rather large fighter presence here and my first view of what looks like the C-ROC cruisers. I must shut down the Optical Pad, as covering communication will cease momentarily. Watchman Reporting, Good Day
  6. This is a continuation of a thread started in "More X-Wing Fun", covering stories for a start until some new pilots are trained. I gave out "The Force Awakens" to a few guys for Christmas and Birthdays in the hopes of expanding the player base. The group at the local game store seems to have vanished. So continuing... This is the Rebellion News Network (R.N.N.) Watchman reporting from somewhere in the Distal Reaches. We encountered a rather strange cosmic anomaly that has thrown us off course; no one seems to know our present whereabouts. The emergency transmitter has been broadcasting our location since we lost our course lock-on. It has been only forty-five minutes but we have been informed of a locating beacon that has started transmitting a positional fix to home in on. Evidently this is not a standard type beacon, not matching anything on the Galactic Navigational Charts… We are, finally, approaching an uncharted planetary body… We have been instructed to close all view ports before we land. I am placing a Remote Optical Pad on the port that should pass all but the closest detailed external inspection. I plan to activate a Randomized Signal Receiver just before touchdown, and possibly obtain some external video… So, a Military base of some sort: a Gozanti Cruiser taking off (?), and Y-wing bombers. Looks like about two squadrons of Kihraxz fighters landing. Here are two rows of Z-95s, which I am unable to determine how many are present. Looks like a standard type of base construction seen elsewhere. Hmmm, there is no visible activity of any kind currently, which I can pick out, inside the installation. Okay we are going down and swinging around just past the base. We have an interesting development, looks like I am picking up stray video signals close by from someone doing a visual scan of us. They seem to be interested in our weapons mounts. Sorry guys nothing new or special here, same-o, same-o. Could this be a dual function base? I see three Jumpmaster 5000s, an YT1300 and a HWK290. Also an air patrol of Protectorate Star fighters. Okay feed was terminated. I will complete the report when we liftoff. Watchman reporting, Good Day
  7. Our Star Fleet Battles run Zocchi, Micro Miniatures, X-Wing, FASA, and Star Trek Attack Wing. As long as it looks close scale wise, we will use it.
  8. Remember I did not say we cannot do it. We need to see if we have the ships to do it, as may be necessary to purchase additional ships.
  9. True but not currently possible with the nature of this set up. But that is not to say we could not take a breather from our 20+ years war to take on an external independent battle. We will need to take an inventory of available ships for the Hydrans, Lyrans, and Klingons.
  10. I recommend checking out the links at the Star Fleet Games web site. There are several links, one of which deals with battle groups, or contact. I am sure they would know of groups or other sources of info.
  11. Interestingly enough, in reading about many different engagements, situations have occurred similar to ours due to the dictates of the wind. Sometimes combatants just sitting in place waiting on the wind.
  12. French vs. Spanish Battle of 20181110 French Ships: Republic Francaise L'Austerlitz Spanish Ships: Santa Ana Heroe We (French Force) got wind of Spaniard ships at anchor in an area we were to patrol. The wind was at our backs out of the North. The Spaniards were setting sail with the wind against them. [This is our third battle, but today we learned a hard lesson about wind and close quarters.] All of us had fairly green crews in terms of sailing. As we entered the bay the Heroe was the first to obtain any headway, but the Santa Ana was having a devil of a time trying to get to us. This left the Heroe taking on two heavy ships alone. L'Austerlitz traded the first shots and sailed on for the Santa Ana. Republic Francaise continued closing on Heroe doing little damage initially as opposed to his broadsides. Heroe was attempting to come about but it caught the head wind and ended up being pushed back in the path of Republic Francaise which resulted in a collision. As this was occurring L'Austerlitz and Santa Ana ended up grounded while unloading broadside after broadside. Republic Francaise was able to fire from the Starboard rear quarter on Santa Ana also. The Republic Francaise and Heroe were able to separate in the meantime, still hammering each other. Republic Francaise eventually ran into the docks and Heroe ended up grounding. The Heroe succumbed soon after which left Santa Ana to face both French ships. Both took quite a bit of damage but Santa Ana could not handle the double pounding. So all ships ended up grounded and it was quite evident why battles mainly happened in open waters. Trying to navigate in close in areas and also fight really puts you to the test of multitasking when your enemy is not just another ship. I am working on an Excel Spread Sheet for the ships I currently own, showing the ships timeline of existence and it’s ultimate out come. I have a tendency to want to know if ships were able to face one another or not.
  13. French & English battle of 20181027 French: Eveille 64 gun 3rd. rate English: HMS America 64 gun 3rd. rate The wind was from the N.E., which made for a contrary condition for the French. The French were continually were maneuvering to Port attempting to get into open water. They were anchored East of the town before being alerted of the British being sighted. The British were moving in fast having the wind to their back. Once range closed to gun range both sides open up. Unfortunately for the French, even though they were able to open fire first with a full Broadside, the English received little damage in relation to a Port Quarter Broadside that did more damage. They continued to close, with the British pulling ahead due to their position to the wind. At this point small arms range had been reached and both sides letting each other have it. The French still took heavier casualties. It was a repeat for the next phase of fire with just small arms completing the turn. The next turn started out the same until the second phase brought the English to a position to enable them to use their Starboard side guns (as reloading is not completed till the end of the turn.) We are still a little hazy on the mechanics since this is our second game so I believe a few things were a little off, but we will do another one in two weeks. The battle was called due to time restraints and victory was based upon the amount of damage. As evident by the ship status display the English won. But to the French’s credit, this is his first miniatures naval battle. We did two short Wings of Glory WWI battles before this, did not have my camera ready for that one. That was a two part battle with the Allies directed to fly through enemy lines to attack an Axis Aerodrome. The Allies succeeded in getting both planes off the board, but were extensively shot up. Part two was to get back to safety, off the board where they entered. They succeeded once again, with one plane held together with baling wire; one more point, but they made it. Once again this was the Axis player’s third battle of miniature aircraft, so I would say he did quite well experiencing a genre outside his normal range of interests. I had not asked, but these may be his first “War Games.”
  14. Inter Stellar Concordium (I.S.C.) - Romulan Front Star Date 20180901 I.S.C. Force Romulan Force Command Cruiser K8R Heavy Cruiser x4 Strike Cruiser x2 KWR Heavy Cruiser x3 Escort Cruiser Destroyer Leader x2 X- Destroyer Once again the I.S.C. is finding it quite difficult in being the Galactic Police Force, attempting to stop all wars between all races… with war! They are finding the Romulans a particularly tough nut to crack, as well as the Feds. The Feds are facing that problem with a majority of heavy ship construction going to that front. The I.S.C. front can be covered with many Light Drone Cruisers by over whelming the I.S.C.s defenses and at the same time keep them, and the Romulans guessing what type of Drone is coming at them. The I.S.C. moved towards the left flank to face the three KWRs and open fire with their PPDs, but on one of the K8Rs that closed ranks, doing extensive damage. Once fired, the I.S.C. began a retrograde move to keep their front shields toward the Romulans. Eventually the I.S.C. reversed course again and moved up on the Romulans that decided to go at a snail’s pace. Once again shots were traded, Romulans using Plasma Bolts frequently. The Romulans launched Plasmas, hitting the X-Destroyer, purple based ship, obtaining a critical hit on the Warp Drive. (Battle Damage: Code Red cards) This resulted in it being towed for the rest of the turn and the next. The Romulans broke off to recharge with the I.S.C. in pursuit, but unable to do much of anything due to cloaking. The Romulans eventually rejoined battle, allowing the I.S.C. to close in before unleashing a rather large barrage of various sized Plasmas. This resulted in the Command Cruiser and a Destroyer Leader taking damage in their attempt to break off and almost out run the Plasmas. The I.S.C. retired from the area with three damaged ships and the Romulans, one with critical damage. Since the rules changes, years ago for the Romulans, they have been extremely difficult to combat. Even though we have been performing these battles for over twenty years, eventually the Feds will win due to their economic strength; they will out produce everyone else. Technically the I.S.C. is the second in economic power, but has sustained heavy losses. The I.S.C. can be over come with massed Drone attacks, the Romulans will have to be over whelmed by mass ship attacks. Almost all light ships (Frigates and non-X-ship Destroyers) and Carriers have been withdrawn and moved to the Tholian/Klingon/Kzinti fronts. The Fed Fleet grows stronger every year, planning for a minimum of twelve ships per Squadron, time will tell.
  15. Retake on the battle. Wings of Glory Western Front 20180721 Rematch Cotton/Betts in an Airco DH.4 vs. a Luftstreitkrafte Albatros C.III Bartlett/Naylor in an Airco DH.4 Meinecke/? In an Albatros C.III In this encounter you will see more activity, especially with guns jamming frequently and a few close encounters. In this battle the allies focused on the Luftstreitkrafte pilot, as once again the axis choose to maintain positions that do not allow for a quick response to another in trouble. A great deal of Dogfighting, and many shots being traded, finally the Luftstreitkrafte taking down Cotton. (Yup, the Husband got the Wife this time.) Bartlett is on his own and can he handle two opponents? He continues to press the attack. He finally moved in behind Meinecke and took him down, but in the mean time the Luftstreitkrafte pilot followed suit and replied in the same manner. Battle out comes is one to one.
  16. Well it has been a month with everyone tied up. Finally we are back at it. Hmmm, changed the Forum I see. Do not like it, but that's me. We go through this at work, our motto is if it is not broke do not fix it. The leadership's motto is, fix it till it is broke, so anyway. Wings of Glory Western Front 20180721 Cotton/Betts in an Airco DH.4 vs. a Luftstreitkrafte Albatros C.III Bartlett/Naylor in an Airco DH.4 Meinecke/? In an Albatros C.III This was a brief encounter, less than a half hour. The allies had a plan of focusing on Meinecke as the axis planes being so divergent, lent to allowing concentration on one at a time, but as you proceed you will see a fortunately placed shot can change everything. Meinecke still flies, with the Luftstreitkrafte Albatros exploding. Now it is only a matter of time for Meinecke, unless he becomes as fortunate as Cotton. (The Wife shot down the Husband… again) There we have it, Meinecke is down.
  17. MercNews Report 5 Update 1 Watchman Reporting MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2) I bid you greetings; Since reporting that the unidentified unit looked familiar, I searched the Archives and spotted a match. This appears to be the 11th. CAV. If so they just received a bloody nose from Pirates!!! This will not look good for them. I fully expect retribution will be forthcoming. This is the Watchman reporting, good day.
  18. MercNews Report 5 Watchman Reporting MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2) I bid you greetings; We have recently returned to a system between 118 Castor and 160 Fornax, about 15 L.Y. out from 118 Castor. We have a Sky High Observer Drone (SHOD) doing a repeat survey of the fourth plant. We are in an area of small mountain ridge lines, broken ground and an abandoned base of some sort. This area must have had some high usage considering the size of that bridge. We have had reports of the Black Cutlass activity; they most certainly stand out in a crowd... Well we are right on target, based upon the information we received on their occupying a base. We find them moving into the abandoned base. It has been awhile since we last encountered them. It appears to be an oversized, combined arms, company of sixteen CAVs, Armor, and Air assets. No indications of where the rest of them may be deployed. It appears their force consists of a Dictator, Duelist, two Wolf tanks, two Tsuiseki ground attack aircraft, a Ghast, two Starhawk V, Chieftain and Despot tanks, two Rhinos, Gladiator, and two Wights. In a brief scan of the area, a company of an unidentified source is moving from behind a small mountain range to Black Cutlass’s front. The identification is thus; there is a Gnomic, Butcher, Katana, Spider, Regent, two Specters, another Spider, Scorpion, two Sovereign IIIs, and one more Spider. Some of these look rather familiar. I have reported before we are trying to track down the 2nd. ACR, 14th. ACR, and the 11th. ACR. Well, let us see what develops here; a rendezvous or an engagement. The bulk of the opposing force appears to moving through the mountain crossover point unawares of what is on the other side, unless, as I mentioned before, this is a meeting. This would not be a good place to become bottled up in. We have our answer as the force moving out on the low lands has come under fire from the Dictator platoon on the right flank of the base. The Gnomic has sustained several hits with Black Cutlass doing a move-fire-move action. The Gnomic does score some hits but does a tactical retreat to survive. The Katana has moved up to open up on Black Cutlass on the right flank. Shots are being traded. The Gnomic’s comm. set was knocked out, resulting in the Katana not being warned of the concentrated fire power. Black Cutlass had, and maintains initiative, which does not bode well for the Katana. Even though the Katana was in cover and hull down, Black Cutlass did extremely well and eventually KO’d the Katana. The Rhino platoon is moving up to the broken ground area, but highly doubtful they will proceed much further as tight as it is. I would say the best they could do is be a covering force on this flank and keep the opposing side from breaking out of the mountains. On the bridge the Regent has come to a halt. It appears to be in a position to observe the low lands to some extent, but has moved no further. The rest of the platoon is continuing to close up. The other platoon has reversed course and is heading back to support the platoon on the low lands. It has moved in to reinforce the first unit. In the mean time the opposing force is opening up with indirect fire on B.C.s left flank (the dice indicate the initial map coordinates designated for bombardment and in some cases where they ended up impacting.) Ahh, it looks like Black Cutlass is following suit and returning the favor targeting the bridge (I think I will need to determine bridge strength for the possibility of knocking it out.) All in all, little damage was done to either side by the incoming rounds. B.C. came out a little worse overall. B.C. did attempt to send the Ghast up the middle for an attack but he received more than he gave. The battle pretty much bogged down. Neither side was willing to press the issue. B.C. was in the worse position having no support. Our SHOD picked up an encoded transmission from the opposing force and in short order received a reply. Evidently B.C. also picked up on the comm. B.C., probably wisely, decided to pull back, rather than find out if it was a call for reinforcements. B.C. clearly was the victor in this battle, severely damaging the Gnomic and taking out the Katana. Who ever they are were clearly complacent going against a Pirate unit. I bet that does not happen again. This is the Watchman reporting, good day.
  19. April 28 2nd. Attempt Allies: British Bristol Beaufighter Mk.IF - Boyd Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I - 610 Squadron Axis: German Messerschmitt Bf.109 K-4 - Hartmann Focke Wolf FW-190 D-9 - 7./JG 26 In this rematch the Brits made a critical mistake with the splitting of their formation. The Beaufighter may have massive fire power but is very limited in maneuverability. I was chasing Hartmann and we dueled until he got in behind my position. At close range his cannon did me in. During this time the Beaufighter took on the 190, hitting it repeatedly then switched targets and went after Hartmann and blew him out of the sky. Now the Beaufighter and the 190 were going at it. It came down to whom would get into position first. It was close but the 190 had the edge by getting in the first shot that gave just enough damage to take down the Beaufighter.
  20. April 28 brief encounter Allies: British Bristol Beaufighter Mk.IF - Boyd Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I - 610 Squadron Axis: German Messerschmitt Bf.109 K-4 - Hartmann Focke Wolf FW-190 D-9 - 7./JG 26 The allies were on a mission to find targets of opportunity. In the mean time a roving patrol spotted the incursion and moved to eliminate the threat. Hartman swung wide, trying to get around the Brits and they were focused on the 190 in a quick and deadly battle with the Beaufighter and the 190 going down. The Spitfire went after Hartmann, who managed to stay out of the fracas. It did not profit him as he ended up in the Spitfire’s gun sights and could not shake him; he went down in flames without firing a shot.
  21. Romulan Incursion 6th. Fleet Area of Operations Star Date: 24 March Situational update in case I had not made it clear as to what “Universe” we are functioning in. To start out Star Fleet Battles occurs in the Star Trek: T.O.S. era at a time before the falling out between Mr. Roddenberry and Mr. Joseph (Star Fleet Technical Manual) and his other work that fleshed out the Star Trek Universe. His work is still evident up to Star Trek 6. So Star Fleet Battles uses all the Federation ships Mr. Roddenberry originally approved and later rejected. So I thought it would be a good idea the give a little history as to why there are different story/history lines in existence. I believe the new universe showed its existence in Star Trek VI when the Enterprise went from Earth, to Klingon, and then to Romulan Space. A physical impossibility in the original universe, as it would take about 90 years at Warp 6 to get to the Klingon capital, and possibly that long to get to Romulan Space, unless Worm Hole travel is being utilized. Space in our own local area is quite immense. With current “visible” technology, I believe it would take about 70,000 years to get to our closest neighbor. So… on to the battle. A quite sizable Romulan force showed up on long range scan so we had time to have all weapons charged and ready to go. Our force consisted of four Drone Heavy Cruisers (CADR+) and three X-Heavy Cruisers (XCX). We faced two Condor-H Heavy Dreadnoughts (CNH), a Firehawk-N Heavy Cruiser (FH-N), a Klingon Type New Heavy Cruiser (KWR), two King Eagle Heavy Cruisers (KE), and a Klingon Type New Heavy Scout (KWS). The visual record starts at the point the Romulans started to de-cloak, while advancing across a broad front, and the Drone Cruisers launched the first volley of Drones at seven per ship. The X-Cruisers are prepared to fire their Photon Torpedoes. The main Romulan heavies begin to veer off seeing the approaching Drones heading for them and facing twelve Photon Torpedoes, mean while the Drone Cruisers maintain a safe distance. The Drone Cruisers are maneuvering to remain in the vicinity of the main heavies, also the x-ships now light up one of the Dreadnoughts on an un-reinforced shields. Unfortunately the shields are quite heavy for the Romulans and beyond effective range, (eight hexes) the Photon Torpedoes stand a better chance of hitting using them in the Proximity mode (half strength). Here are some close up shots from a Photo Recon Probe. The heavies continue to pull off with the rest of the other heavies providing a screen. While this was going on two of the Drone Cruisers were sent on a mission to destroy the Scout setting way back. This would be a potential error, not sure if it would have been better to send two X-ships instead. The Romulan screen was maintained to keep the X-ships from getting to the main heavies as the X-ships have a ten hex range advantage over normal Photon Torpedoes. The Drone Cruisers continue to close in on the Scout. This is the point the Feds made a critical mistake by launching Drones at the main heavies thinking to distract them with little effect. They should have held them to use against the Scout. The Scout survived the concentrated Phaser fire and for our efforts both Cruisers ended up in a bad position, even though we were traveling at a very high speed. We launched another volley of Drones, but at this range the Romulans bolted (direct fire mode for Plasmas) their R- and S-type Torpedoes with devastating effect. Our shields on that side had pretty much been rendered useless. As we retreated we split up to try to keep the strongest shields toward the enemy. Our skirmish line reacted a little too slowly in distracting their screening line, once they started to maneuver to head off the two Drone Cruisers. One Cruiser on our right flank succumbed to concentrated direct fire on areas of downed shields. We launched Drones from their front and rear, as well as the Photons were utilized. The second Cruiser passed through their screen but it also went down to concentrated fire and Plasma-Fs. The Romulans broke off the attack with their backs to us, while the rest of our ships closing in. The one action the Romulans learned long ago to not let happen, is let the Feds get to point blank range while they are Cloaked. An attack at that range, even without a lock-on can be very devastating with combined Phaser and Photon fire. Over all the Romulans won with two ships with light damage, while we lost two ships. It is time for more reinforcements in this Sector.
  22. Okay, we tried out this game yesterday. A good many pieces, but most are not used for the basic game. I find this game requires a greater deal of attention to plotting your moves vs. the Wings games or Star Fleet Battles, as you do not quite end up where you think you should.Here is a shot toward the end of this first battle, I in the top position trying to avoid any further engagements being thoroughly blasted. My Ally (my buddies wife) is in the lower position also heavily damaged but did greater damage to enemies heavy ship. The husband, on the other hand managed to skirt most of the battle after damaging my ship. We brought this to his attention, but you know, it was the wind's fault. I ended up limping off toward the upper left (NW), and my buddy's wife sailed into a port, also to the NW effectively ending the battle. Damage wise they came out ahead, due to wind problems. Once we get the hang of this one, I will post more battle pictures. I have not been able to find any other Sea Mats, so I used two WoG Coastal Mats.
  23. I was in a JoAnn Fabrics store just looking around to see what they had that may be useful, such as tools, building materials, storage cases, whatever. I found these cases and thought I would give them a try with the Wings of Glory games for the various tokens the game comes with.
  24. I was in a JoAnn Fabrics store just looking around to see what they had that may be useful, such as tools, building materials, storage cases, whatever. I found these cases and thought I would give them a try with the Wings of Glory games for the various tokens the games comes with.
  25. So, I watched a video for making smoke/fire markers and decided to give it a try.White smoke, black smoke, fire and black smoke, and fire. Most of these are overly large so I will just shred them in half or more. The white ones are closest to what looks good.These were created from the small cotton batts found in some vitamin bottles. I have quite a few of these so I will keep a bunch with all three Ares Games. I think will work out with the Sails of Glory game.
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