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  1. I love Torg so much. The old PDFs are totally worth it. I'm in on this one.
  2. I was looking for a new KoW army. This looks like it's right up my alley.
  3. I did the same thing. I passed on this because I figured it was just another zombie game. It's a surprisingly fun little game.
  4. The game looks cool. The only negative I have is I love the mechanics for the burning man faction but, those models are ugly to me. It's a moot point though because the other people near me that would play this have all passed due to the price, and i'm not about to buy two armies just so I can play.
  5. Got my GCPS and 2 player starter. Thankfully I got mine all in one. I am so so sad that I did not go in more on the vehicles. Sculpts are pretty nice.
  6. Oooh, this looks good. I really dig these new zombie games that focus on the survival aspect rather than fighting hordes of zombies.
  7. That dragon sacrifice looks fantastic. That's the one model other than the dragon I wanted from the first KS. Although, after watching Beasts of War play it i'm really regretting not getting the game. Seems really fun.
  8. I've managed to run a few games now with mine. The game is pretty fun. I was sort of wish washing on it. Now i'm regretting not getting the exclusives.
  9. I don't think they are the same people. They are just inspired by the homies figs. He was using homies as stand ins when we played since they didn't have their figs complete yet.
  10. Thug Life is a fast paced miniature boardgame of street warfare. Linkie Thug Life is a game for 2 to 5 players. Players take on the role of Bosses using their Thugs to fight for money, power and respect in the Streets. The first Boss to earn 13 Respect points wins the game and the title, “King of the Streetsâ€. The main game includes 53 beautifully sculpted miniatures including (2) pit bulls! 65 colored plastic miniatures bases 5 hood boards 5 respect trackers 2 street dice 1 Big Boss first player skull 1 street board 1 street deck with 101 cards 1 drama deck with 9 cards The sweet spot pledge, linked below, is $75 but there are early birds for $69 still up as I post this. I met Jason and got to play this game last year at the CMON Expo. I can't state enough how ridiculously fun this game is to play. We all picked it up within a round but you can go pretty deep on the strategy as well. My buddies wife ended up wiping the board with all of us in the last two rounds to win. We all walked away wanting to play more of it. It's probably going to be a party game staple with my group.
  11. The mech suit is sorta meh, but man, that alter. I don't even play dark elves and I want that thing.
  12. I finished mine today. So much that I wanted but I had to hold off for now. I'll pick up more once they hit retail. Went with the fantasy medusa for my freebie
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