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  1. I am going to be using Kickstarter's "newest projects" link to find the project. Will there be a more efficient way?
  2. I have called every craft store in the metro area looking for glass and tile medium. I have yet to find it. Any chains that you know of that do?
  3. Tackiness is bad. I want to avoid that completely. Somehow one of my primed figs never cured even though the others did (same Krylon prime + paint can). I would hate to strip my paint job because it ended up tacky.
  4. I have heard most say, "No gloss. Use matte." Do you prefer the gloss or is that just what is available to you?
  5. Thanks! Very constructive. The mold lines did surprise me. I thought I had gotten them all. Are you suggesting to use brighter yellow, then a darker green wash over the green and yellow, both?
  6. Yes, a Hobby Lobby. They do have Testors, but I only ever see enamels. I will check it out tomorrow to be sure (taking my 40% off coupon, as usual). I like the idea of spray sealers over brush-on, but I will definitely check it out.
  7. Well done. I really like the blackened row of facial spikes. The red glyphs stand out nicely. Did you wash with the red or use a fine brush?
  8. I'm resurrecting an old thread here, but I contacted the creator of this KS in May 2012 and he was very willing to create/sell me bases to order.
  9. Wikipedia is awesome. It has an error rate akin to book-form encyclopedias, but it can be updated when you find those errors. Anyway, I just finished C'thulhu using only craft paints. It's a long story as to why I painted him first without practicing on any rats, but I am very happy with the results. Short story: I painted it for a friend for $5 so I wasn't too worried about getting the gaps filled, etc. Click images to see full size The color is off. The wings and tentacles are mostly pink with a green wash over the top. What I learned: white primer is t
  10. I can't seem to find Testors Dullcote, Army, Reaper, nor Vallejo paints anywhere in town. Any suggestions on products that can be found in a craft store, big box store, or a hardware store? The wrong answer is "order them online."
  11. The copper that coats the zinc isn't an alloy with the zinc. It is pure copper that wraps around a zinc core. I have fun with playing with those properties with my high school students in chemistry class. Whether or not it inhibits mold growth... I haven't researched that beyond anecdotal reports.
  12. MODERATOR- This is a great discussion about paints, but can it be split off into a new thread? I'm looking for advice not philosophical discussions on regulatory laws regarding art supplies.
  13. I made an edit to the first post. Basically, the plumber's epoxy is too coarse and dries too quickly to be useful for gap filling of the minis. It isn't lost cost because I will use it for home repair in the future. It holds paint very well. I ordered some Kneadatite (Green Stuff) on ebay. I think I got a great deal paying $1 per inch (shipping included) for 6 inches of the ribbon-style. That should be all I need for this entire project.
  14. My suggestion is to be transparent with your customers who don't come to this forum to read every thread. Send out communication that goes to affected customers so they can experience your efforts to effectively explain issues as they arise. I over paid for FoN. I discovered it for myself. You had a list of backers receiving these. Send out an email to them or post an official KS update about it. That is true transparency for all your customers.
  15. I really like the pennies to prevent mildew in the palette. I will do this. Soak the pennies in vinegar and salt solution to get them bright and shiny first. You want pure copper to react with the water. Also, I have a box (hundreds!) of cheap bases for my minis. I bought wooden dowels, made a quick cutting jig with a clamp and 1x2, and used the band saw to slice 'em up. Actually, I paid with Coke and Cheetos for a high school woodshop student to get it done for me. I really hope they work out. I know that I will have to do some sanding on them, but I will just clamp a palm sander t
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