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  1. Hoping to get my tracking email at some point today since I was wave 3 but I know that it can take up to 48 hours for the tracking to go live so I just have to be patient.
  2. Haha maybe you got my mountain set Talae. It was in my packing list but I was told that was a mistake and my painted mountains would ship with my grand citadel whenever it comes in.
  3. I got my first shipment, I got my sorceror's sanctum, a trebuchet, the citadel roof, and a small round crenelations pack. The uh mountains, grand citadel, additional watchtower and everything else I guess will ship at some other date.
  4. If you don't mind my asking, who sent the first email to you re: packages being prepared for shipment. Sometimes my spam filter catches dwarven forge as spam - so I've been keeping an eye out in my spam folder for my notification, but it'd be helpful to know what email address to look out for.
  5. Seeing the full figured wizard is really awesome and it'd be great to see RBG continue to offer a diverse range of body types in Mr. Manor's range.
  6. I am always pushing for more of his elves. I think that I have all the RBG elves in my collection including some hard to find out of print ones. I think his elf range really captures the look and feel of AD&D Larry Elmore style elves so it hits a lot of the right notes for me.
  7. It's awesome to see Mr. Manor revisiting some of his other factions. I love myself some Viking inspired northerners (none finer in the business when it comes to that then Mr. Manor) but it's really awesome to see him make up some more heavily armored types and his wizards are just aces.
  8. I think I check my email roughly 2,000 times a day to see if I have a shipping notification
  9. You really nailed the fur on that guy. I especially like it on his boot wraps it offsets nicely with the leather wrapping color you chose. It also works really well with the grey tunic. Eagerly awaiting the words describing how you came to paint that fur
  10. I think that she's actually wearing some sort of fur vest and that those sides are the bottom lining of the vest. If you look closely in between the bags in her midsection you can see similar fur texture.
  11. There was a new update today with some more WIPs on the sculpts, including I believe the long awaited Sculpt # 20 (should be the 18th or so photo down in the update if I am correct) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1103158358/warbands-of-the-cold-north-iii/posts/1704427
  12. I was definitely getting a Banner Saga vibe from these sculpts! Looking forward to seeing these sculpts develop, I'm having a hard time picking my front runner but I really like Female Warrior C and Male Mage B.
  13. Awesome! I've been painting up all of my previous Warbands figures and those were some of Tre's best, but it looks like he's honed his craft even more with this one!
  14. I was planning on not backing because the pin up stuff isn't a big draw for me. But the combined might of Kev and Tre is too much to resist.
  15. No problem! I know I'll get it soon enough, the miniatures were what I was longing for the most and I have them cleaned and ready to be primed.
  16. Got mine when I returned from GenCon. Really great models (no shocker there). Wish the postman hadn't shoved the package through the mail slot but I don't think anything was damaged. Now to patiently wait for the separate sending of my t shirt
  17. Still don't have mine yet - but that's ok because I'm at gencon so I can't play with them yet anyway!
  18. I'm torn between the monk and the ranger for my favorite ( while as far as the miniatures shown are concerned ). They're both just oozing with personality and look like they'll paint up great.
  19. Maybe you can post some more teasers for us while we all wait? I'm ready and eager to back this one and see what you've got in store for us!
  20. Filling out my pledge manager was easy, Warband pledge, one of every optional item! Now to try and wait patiently for the items to arrive D:
  21. Nice to see an update, hopefully this one can get back on track without any other difficulties that have plagued it so far.
  22. Every time I think I'm done making miniature purchases on the year Tre comes roaring back with something else to pry away my dollars. A Red Box Resin Dungeon Monsters line, to fit in with my other RBG goodness? Yes please! After all my warband from the cold north needs something to fight them in long forgotten dungeons where men and women fear to tread...
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